Top 10 Characters from Mermaid Tales

What is Mermaid Tales? Mermaid Tales is a spin-off series of the MyStreet/MC Diaries Universe. I takes place in an alternate world in which characters are either villagers living in the coast near the beach or mermaids. The series has come to an end (hopefully, just the season has ended). So in honor of that, here is my list of top 10 Mermaid Tales Characters. Which one is your favorite?

Note: Don't know what Mermaid Tales is? Start watching and click the link:

Note 2: I do NOT own anything from Aphmau's channel! The characters, the show, and etc. are all rightfully hers! She's awesome!

Last Note: This list will be slight different that the other best character list because some major characters from MyStreet play only small roles in this series.

The Top Ten

1 Aphmau

In this list, I believe that Aphmau is deserving of #1. The other one, Aaron should have been #1, but this time, I really mean Aphmau is the best character in the show. Sure she is annoying, naive, and dimwitted at first, but what do you expect, she's a literal fish out of water. Besides, at the last episode (which I cannot really give details since I would spoil content), she shows that she can really fend for herself. Aphmau is awesome! - listotaku17

I love it how she is so annoying and cute at the same time! She barley knows anything and always messes up and how she called those two boys her sons hilarious! Also how she talked like a sea bunny for a bit LOL!

While they were good characters who didn't deserve to die, their deaths were a bit funny to be honest. - listotaku17

Actually, she shows that she can fend for herself throughout the entire series! - listotaku17

2 Aaron
3 Katelyn
4 Travis
5 Tavari
6 Amber
7 Teony
8 Garroth
9 Zane
10 Ivan

The Contenders

11 Kawaii-Chan

KC & Katelyn were the only likeable characters

Kawaii~Chan ha so adorable! I love her style and her cute voice. Her personality is so likeable!

12 Eric
13 Lucinda
14 Michi
15 Sea Bunny King
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