Top Ten Characters from Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children with the Best Powers


The Top Ten

1 Bronwyn Bruntley Bronwyn Bruntley

I love his power he has bees living in him - Disneyfan9090

Bronwyn is amazing I have not read the book yet I am betting it is good becuse the movie was awesome I have no idea why it only got 63 on rotten tomatoes.
Rotten tomatoes sucks even if she is barley showed in the movie she still is amazing becuase she was one of the only peculiars that hurt Barron also she killed one of the hollows with the unicorn and trust me that was amazing if you have not watched this movie I am saying you have to watch the movie and read the book before you do. People say it is diffrent than the book and that is not a bad thing. I also love her hair. - Disneydude

2 Hugh Hugh

His powe is bees living in him what is 😎 but also scary in one way it depends on what way you 👀 at it. His power would come in useful as it did in the movie even if he is a side character he is not my favourite but he is pretty cool if I had one peculiar power I would choose claire’s - Disneydude

3 Jake
4 Abe
5 Claire
6 Millard
7 Olive
8 Enoch

I hate Enoch he is just one of the worst characters the other peculiar are awesome the best would be the twins anyway hind power is amazing but he is a terrible charcater olive is almost as bad as he is

9 Emma
10 Miss Peregrine

The Contenders

11 Horace Horace
12 Fiona
13 Twin 1
14 Twin 2
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