Top 10 Characters on Modern Family


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1 Phil

Funniest character ever - Peppapigsucks


Phil is the coolest, kindest and the funniest character in Modern Family

He really is the best. Makes me laugh the most

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2 Cameron

Cam is such an angel!

Cam should be number 1! HE IS HILARIOUS. - kingmugzy

Well isn't it obvious?

Funny mainly as a clowb

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3 Gloria

I am so sad Modern Family is ending soon ever since I started watching the show I have had such a special connection with Gloria the main reason is like how Gloria is Columbian I am Puerto Rican and I am fiercely proud of my heritage and my culture also even though Gloria's been through so much so continues to push herself to help her and her family so I definitely think Gloria deserves #1 on this list.

She is Hilarious! Definitely brings life to what would be a miserable show with Claire's vindictive nature. Totally could have done without Julie Bowan. Should have casted someone else IMMEDIATELY.


I feel like such a donkey mouth!

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4 Mitchell

I love him and his sense of humour!

Even though everyone thinks that Mitch is to sarcastic, but that is what I love about him.

Over the years Mitchel became the character who really make me laugh out loud ö.ö he is just great

Mitchell is so cute.

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5 Jay

Dude come on. He scored Gloria

6 Claire

I relate to her so much

Claire? no she is mean and hypocritical and controlling

7 Luke

Clever and clueless, immensely charming, such a beautiful relationship with his father
( Phil ), not a mean bone in his body.
Brilliantly performed by Nolan Gould.
Possibly the best kid ever on a T.V. show

"I got scared when the cabinet didn't fall down. "
How can Luke not be your favorite?!?

8 Haley

She’s amazing, should be in the top 3

She was pretty eh in seasons 1-4 but season 5-now she is awesome and great

She should be number 1

9 Manny

He is so boring

Manny is the coolest and has the best sense of humor!

I relate to Manny so much! He's the best!

Many is super boring

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10 Alex


Uh... Because she's awesome? 'enough said.


Agree - Siebren

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11 Dylan
12 Lily

Check season 4 Lily actually got way way funnier

13 Joe


Everything he says is cute

14 Andy
15 Pepper Saltzman

He's 15th?! It's like a house of pain! - my_account107

16 Stella

Stella should be number 1

She should be number 1

17 Shorty
18 Dede
19 Sonya
20 Amber
21 Desiree
22 Ronny
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