Top 10 Characters on Modern Family


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1 Phil

This is the only time I agree with your number# 1 spot on top tens

Best dad ever. Laugh out loud

Phil is the character that keeps the show running. He's super funny. Phil is and always Will be my favorite character

He's cool

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2 Cameron

Cam should be number 1! HE IS HILARIOUS. - kingmugzy

Well isn't it obvious?

Cam is such an angel!

This is a no-brainer

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3 Gloria

I feel like such a donkey mouth!

So so so funny



4 Jay

Dude come on. He scored Gloria

5 Mitchell

Even though everyone thinks that Mitch is to sarcastic, but that is what I love about him.

I love him and his sense of humour!

Mitchell is so cute.

Over the years Mitchel became the character who really make me laugh out loud ö.ö he is just great

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6 Claire

Claire? no she is mean and hypocritical and controlling

7 Luke

"I got scared when the cabinet didn't fall down. "
How can Luke not be your favorite?!?

8 Haley

She was pretty eh in seasons 1-4 but season 5-now she is awesome and great

She should be number 1

9 Manny

He is so boring

Manny is the coolest and has the best sense of humor!

I relate to Manny so much! He's the best!

He's godlike

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10 Alex

Uh... Because she's awesome? 'enough said.


Agree - Siebren


The Contenders

11 Dylan
12 Lily

Check season 4 Lily actually got way way funnier

13 Andy
14 Joe

Everything he says is cute

15 Pepper Saltzman
16 Stella

Stella should be number 1

She should be number 1

17 Shorty
18 Dede
19 Sonya
20 Amber
21 Desiree
22 Ronny
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