Top Ten Characters In the Mortal Instruments

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1 Magnus Bane Magnus Bane

If you don't think that the sass of Magnus Bane is utter perfection, you're one of the lucky few who hasn't had their heart stolen by him.

Can you simply describe the perfection that is Magnus Bane? If you don't love him, stop lying to yourself.

He's my favorite character, even though I'm only on book five of the Mortal Instruments. - Anonymousxcxc

Magnus Bane is easily my favorite character!

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2 Alec Lightwood Alec Lightwood

I love Alec so much

One of the best characters, he was really cranky and stubborn in the first book but throughout the series evolved into a loyal, caring friend

He is nice and belongs to magnes

He is possibly my favourite fictional character ever - he's loyal, and he grows so much through the books/T.V. series - his character development is incredible. He is everything I admire in a person.

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3 Jace Herondale

I'm not fangirling over him, but he's a cool guy. After I read the first book of this series, I thought his father was Valentine (SPOILERS AHEAD) even though it really isn't. The irony in this is that I actually know a guy named Jace Valentine. - Minecraftcrazy530

Jace is so brave and loyal to Clary and his family (Alec, Isabelle...). He is very underrated for sure - anasmartin

My favorite in the books since I started reading. Will never change

Jace is amazingly cool. reckless, smart & pretty hot. love him so much. For me Jace will always be ma number 1.(I'm only commenting on the book,I haven't watch the film though)The BEST book I've ever read.

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4 Will Herondale

I love will he is so cute I mean have you seen him

He is the best and always will be

He is awful at first but I really learned to love him with all of my heart

He's the best. Obviously. There is no other answer.

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5 Simon Lewis Simon Lewis

He is so cute and funny I would love 2 meet him

Adorable little cinnamon roll that is too pure for this world.

Who doesn't love Simon

yes - HufflepuffGeekGirl

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6 Isabelle Lightwood Isabelle Lightwood

Why on earth is Clary higher up on this lost then Izzy?! Like, what? Clary is like Bella form Twilight.

She is so pretty and smart

She is amazing and deserves to be A LOT higher on this list - pjo

Her sass is everything

7 James "Jem" Carstairs

He is so beautiful and wonderful! He has a truly terrible life but he doesn't let that make him bitter. He has the kindest heart he is always trying to share and love with others. He is just so amazing! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!

Whoever keeps talking about The Infernal Devices stop it.

I don't like him because he is stelling wills lady

He is an immortal shadowhunter who got to keep his humanity, how is that not awesome!?

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8 Clary Fray Clary Fray

I honestly can't stand this character. Anything she does, good or bad, just annoys the hell out of me.

What I truly adore about Clary is her humanity (even though she's Nephillim...). She makes many mistakes and questionable actions but people need to remember that without her there would be no Shadowhunter series. She makes mistakes but she has a good heart and is the bravest soul of them all. Going through hell and back, she still has the beautiful smile on her face in the end. LOVE HER. - anasmartin

Go clary she is so in love with jace

Awful protagonist
Mary Sue
Clare develops her horribly
If she can determine someone’s sexuality or recognize her partners heartbeat then how can’t she figure out simon is in love with her?

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9 Sebastian Morgenstern

He is a totally misunderstood character. He did NOT deserve his fate. He just wanted to please his father, who turned away from him. He never got the credit he deserved. He didn't get even a single proper family member! Valentine was a psycho, Jocelyn a baby abandoning monster, and Clary a sister who totally misunderstood her brother and...and...KILLED HIM! Though Jocelyn tries to reason with what she did, I don't see any sense in why she had to abandon Sebastian! He was her SON! Clary didn't even have a shadow of guilt after killing her brother! HOW HEARTLESS! Sebastian was right, Clary did, indeed have a darker side in her. He is the BEST character in the books and the T.V. show as far as I am concerned!

He is (was) an evil psycho but a dam clever one and lets all be honest he made the mortal instruments amazing and was hot as hell and I don't know why I love him as a character so much but I just do.

I'm not saying that he's my favorite...but that's exactly what I'm saying. I feel bad for voting for this psycho

*SPOILERS! * He'e a misunderstood, not to mention hot, character. I mean all he wanted to do was to please his dad, but his dad turned away from him. His mother hated him and his sister killed him. Plus his dad basically ruined the innocent, guileless boy who would've been by giving his wife demon blood! Come on people, Sebastian Morgenstern is a misinterpreted, hot and extremely good looking character who died with a good and pure heart.

10 Tessa Gray

She is brave and awesome

Tessa and will are perfect for each other I knew it from the beging

I love her she is number 1 go Tessa herondale


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11 Jordan Kyle
12 Luke Gracian

He keeps in touch with Clary after her mom dies and that for me is just awing. He cares for her like he would his own daughter and shows that same love to others like Maya. He is brave, smart and a loyal character who never questions the people he loves and never abandons them - anasmartin

Yaaas he’s so great

13 Raphael Santiago Raphael Santiago

I love raphael a lot, he's one of my favourite characters - pjo

Weirdly I actually very much appreciate Raphael in both the books and series. - anasmartin

I didn't exactly like him in the books, but he is phenomenal in the T.V. series.

14 Jessamine Lovelace

Her flower card is a bay leaf.

"I Change But In Death"


I feel bad for her I mean she just wants a husband

I absolutely love her

Stahl! This person isn't from TMI

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15 Gabriel Lightwood
16 Maia Roberts
17 Valentine Morgenstern Valentine Morgenstern

He is the coolest character in the series

Ew, who would vote for a creep like Valentine. - Anonymousxcxc

18 Jocelyn Fairchild
19 Emma Carstairs

Feisty, blonde mini Jace.

20 Henry Branwell
21 Matthew Fairchild

He is just absolutely amazing, my favourite character and he should be number 1 on this list. Absolutely hilarious he is.

22 Lydia Branwell
23 Charlotte Branwell
24 Lilith

Even though she is the mother of all the demons, she still cared about Johnathan.

25 Imogen Herondale
26 Seelie Queen

She is a powerful know it all

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