Top Ten Characters from the Movie Platoon

This is one of my favorite Vietnam war movies. It's a very sacred movie while I have the light in my head back then.

The Top Ten

1 Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen)

He's is one of the inspiring forces that makes platoon a great movie because he's a naive,neutral soldier who's still neutral of which side he should be on or what type of soldier he will be. - Kevinsidis

2 Sergeant Robert Barnes (Tom Berenger)

He is a cruel soldier in between Chris decision of what type of soldier he will be damn him for killing Elias and I love his voice I use to mimic his voice same as vito,but thank you Chris for killing Barnes which he has make his platoon unit face like hell by his fullest eternal wrath and blinded anger. - Kevinsidis

Disgusting for killing Elias.


3 Sergeant Gordon Elias (Willem Dafoe)

He is the nice soldier that is between Chris decision of what type of soldier he will be he's like the angel type but sadly he died in a death glance it looks like that he's glorious and worthy to die that way. - Kevinsidis

Best death scene ever

4 Big Harold (Forest Whitaker)

He's a friend of Chris he supports him even when he's wounded which he has something on his neck. - Kevinsidis

5 Bunny (Kevin Dillon)

He is one of the Ruthless soldiers that has persuaded Chris to be a ruthless soldier but when he brutally killed the mentally incapitated Asian Chris just cried for his caused eternal wrath and blinded anger. - Kevinsidis

6 "Rhah" Ramucci (Francesco Quinn)

I think in the deleted scenes He told the stories of Elias and Barnes like the stupid Ego theory.Plus he is one of the soldiers that has also brought emotion upon us. - Kevinsidis

7 Lieutenant Wolfe (Mark Moses)

I like it when he got a reaction from Barnes when he got the wrong coordinates and tells him right in his face that he's like crap and a lost cause mostly of his voice and emotions of why Barnes is the best tempered actor - Kevinsidis

8 King (Keith David)

He is one of Chris friends that has been involved in one of the greatest clues that I ever visualized and noticed.It is Chris diary of his having no topic or no written test that's the greatest clue that Chris is still neutral of his side. - Kevinsidis

9 Sergeant Red O'Neill (John C. McGinley)
10 Sergeant Warren (Tony Todd)
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