Top Ten Characters That Need a Spanking

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61 Timberly Johanssen - Hey Arnold

Spank Wolfgang too

That's what she gets for being a crybaby.

Who wants Curly on this list too?

62 Chris Thorndyke - Sonic X Chris Thorndyke - Sonic X
63 Hoho - Ni Hao Kai Lan

Someone needs a monkey spank

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64 Felicity King Pike - Road to Avonlea V 2 Comments
65 Sarah - Ed Edd N Eddy

Bend her over a bed and use a bath brush then a pure leather cord and a belt for 5 minutes that's what she needs.

She needs one for attitude towards ed.

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66 Sam - iCarly
67 Four - Seven Little Monsters

He's manipulative around 5 who can't help himself.

Well he needs one for his bossier. Ess

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68 Karen - Trigun
69 Ellen - Family Guy

That'll teach her for being very demanding and bossy!

70 Bobby - Bobby's World
71 Derek - Bobby's World
72 Kelly - Bobby's World
73 Veronica - Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers
74 Jody Summers - F-Zero GP Legend
75 Hannah Montana - Hannah Montana Hannah Montana - Hannah Montana

I was wrong for saying that. But she needs one sometimes.

Rub then spank her for several minutes

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76 Travis - Old Yeller

That's for bullying his younger brother!

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77 Igglepiggle - In the Night Garden

This is for giving innocent kids nightmares you prick!

More like in the Nightmare Garden.

78 Lucy Vanpelt - Peanuts

That's for being mean!

79 Aaron Bailey - Full House
80 Sam Witwicky - Transformers Movie Sam Witwicky - Transformers Movie
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