Characters who I think should not be in Smash for Switch

The following list is an opinion from the author. If you do not agree, please leave a comment down below so I can see why. Thank You.
Ahhh. Super Smash Bros. One of my favorite game series ever, Since 1999, this series has attracted many fans. And while I think that some (Melee) fans take it way to far when it comes to the game, I do think that it is one of the best fighting games ever. But we all want characters in Smash, and most of them are really dumb choices. So here are characters I do NOT want in Smash for Switch.
Cappy Mario
I know that almost everyone wants Mario to have Cappy with him in Smash, but I think that he should not. First off, Cappy is probably only going to be in Odyssey, unless it gets a sequel, so putting him in the game would soon be outdated(I also think FLUDD should be replaced, but that's for later.). Second, having Cappy would make him overpowered and he'd probably be what Meta Knight is in Brawl. Third, I don't think Cappy fits in Smash. Smash is a fighting game and the Mario in the game is more serious. But if Cappy was in the game, Mario would be smiling, making Mario act like how he is in Mario Kart. If the game was like Brawl, and a casual game, then it would be more reasonable. But considering that there will be a tournament at E3, this seems unlikely. And also, in every Smash game, Mario is meant to be the most balanced and average character, and Cappy would probably affect that in a way.
Paper Mario
Another Mario! Wow! But in all honesty guys, why do people want this guy in Smash? I know he would be different from Mario, but that really doesn't help him too much.There are so many characters that deserve to be in the game more than he does. He has moveset potential, but it would feel pretty weird playing him in Smash.
Seriously, why do people want her? She only appeared recently in Odyssey, and it's not like she'll appear in more games. She is very minor when compared to other DK characters(like Dixie or K Rool).
Daisy is also pretty unlikely, because she isn't as relevant as other Mario characters. And before you tell me, "She was in Super Mario Land!" Yes, but that could have easily have been Peach. And what's worse is that Nintendo only puts her in recent games to expand the roster, sadly. So she isn't that much of a good choice.
And lastly, we have Waluigi. But there isn't that much to say about him that hasn't been said about Daisy. Yes, he has potential for a moveset, but really, almost any character can have a moveset because Sakurai is always making characters unique, so that reason is not very good. Also, for Waluigi, his relevance case is even worse than Daisy's because Waluigi was SOLELY created to expand the roster for Mario Tennis. And he, like Daisy is only in newer games to be another character.
If any of these Mario characters are appearing in Smash, the most likely is Waluigi. But because all of them are very unimportant to the series(if you remove Waluigi and Daisy, nothing changes except for a bunch of ticked of fanboys), I would say Toad would be the most sensible choice for Mario because he's the only main character who has never been playable in a Smash game.
Just because Undertale is coming to the Switch doesn't mean he's more likely. Also, Nintendo is very strict with third parties,(Sonic, Mega Man, and Pac-Man are from companies that are close to Nintendo thus explaining why they are in) so that makes his case worse. And Nintendo has had almost no interactions with Undertale's company at all before Smash, so they isn't a good reason for him to be in it.
Cut Melee and Brawl characters(minus Ice Climbers and Wolf)
I will be very brief with these characters.
• Pichu
No one likes him except for die-hard Melee fans.
• Young Link
With Toon Link in Brawl and Smash 4, Young Link is unlikely.
• Snake
I want him in it, but he's unlikely. He was only in Brawl because Konami requested him in. And Konami sucks now anyway.
• Pokémon Trainer
Charizard is already in the game, and the other two aren't as popular as he is. Ivysaur is only remembered because of Brawl, its 1st and 3rd evolutions are more popular. Squirtle is not that liked, and is only popular because he's a starter and Blastiote would be picked over him. But Blastiote would be a Bowser clone anyway.
The Ice Climbers will probably return due to them being cut for technical issues and Wolf will probably return because fans were really mad that he returned for no reason.
He is a PS exclusive, so he will NOT be in Smash! Same with Master Chief.
Fortnite guy
The fact that someone suggested this makes me very sad.
Steve from Minecraft
Are you kidding me. This guy is requested for really dumb reasons. First off, Minecraft is outdated now. No one plays it that much anymore. Second, How would Steve work? He moves like a classic game characters and I can't imagine how his hitstun animation would look like. And lastly, the third party characters in Smash are from companies linked to Nintendo! Mojang is not linked to Nintendo in any way other than Minecraft! So no Steve.
Now I've triggered some people. Sorry, but while Super Mario RPG is a really good game, Geno is not used anymore. His last appearance was a Mii Fighter costume! He has only appeared in Super Mario RPG and that is probably gonna be his only one from now on. And yeah, Square Enix was involved in Smash 4, but IMO, Cloud is the least likely third party veteran because Nintendo is not as close to Square Enix as it is to Sega, Capcom, and Namco.
Speaking of Square Enix....
But anyway, Sora is owned by Disney, and of all the things I want Nintendo working with, Disney would be second to last.(Illumination takes the last spot). Sora is unique to Kingdom Hearts, and that means he is owned by Disney.
Captain Toad
I hate this character. His game is fine, but the character is annoying. But that's not why I don't want him. I don't want him because he is not relevant. We already have Rosalina as a rep for Mario Galaxy, and Captain Toad would work best as an assist trophy and he could give the character items, like how he gives us power stars in Mario 3D World. I want the main Toad to be in Smash, since he's the probably the most iconic Mario character that isn't in Smash right now.
Shadow the Hedgehog
This probably my most hated suggestion, and not because it's another Sonic rep. But WHY would you choose Shadow as the a second Sonic rep for Smash?! He is not as main a character as Tails or Knuckles or Amy is, and he's not as iconic either. And while Sonic is pretty much the most likely third party franchise to get a second rep, that doesn't mean it's likely. Shadow might be the second most popular Sonic character, but remember that poll was taken years ago, and that it was only a Japanese poll. If Sonic gets a second rep, it will most likely be Tails.
I have said this once, and I will say it again. If the Rabbids are in Smash and Rayman is not, I will freaking kill Ubisoft. Even if the Mario and Rabbids crossover was good, that doesn't mean that the Rabbids are. People have hated the Rabbids for years now and they still hate them .They're sometimes called the Minions of video games- well technically they came before the Minions, so basically, the Minions are the Rabbids of animated movies, but I digress. Rayman is more iconic and is older and more deserving than the Rabbids and with the Rayman Legends special edition being on the Switch, he is likely. But in the words of a certain YouTuber, with our luck, we'll probably have a Peach Rabbid in Smash. Because we just NEED a selfie taking Rabbid to be in the game, right? RIGHT?
no. Please no. M+RKB was good, but that doesn't change the fact that I still hate the Rabbids.

And that's my list. I'll probably make a part two if I feel like it or a list of characters I think should be in Smash for Switch. I know a lot of you will disagree with my opinion, so please put down a comment. Cause I need some one to discuss this with and school pretty much over anyways. Have a good day.


Well now, Daisy has been confirmed, so I was wrong, and all of the cut characters are back so now this post is outdated?. - Drawbox