Great British Comedy: The Office

I can accept some American comedy, but the USA version of the office is an embarrassment to TV. With that being said, the original is comedy gold. This is unique, creative and will go down in comedy history. So, in my 3rd post of this series, I will be talking about: the office!

So, you may have heard of Ricky Gervais; or even Steven Merchant. Well, they are the geniuses behind this amazing masterpiece. This was their first show. It is a very plain and boring seeming show. It is a mockumentary about a fictional paper company in Wernham Hog. It mainly follows the main character David Brent, who is in my opinion the greatest comedy character of all time.

David Brent (Ricky Gervais): David Brent is the boss of Wernham Hog, who is very cocky and deluded. He believes he is much popular than he is. He doesn't concentrate on his work at all, rather his main ambition in Wernham Hog is to make people laugh, but fails. People see him as annoying rather than funny, as he believes. He also offends a lot of people with his jokes, getting him in a lot of trouble. In the end of the 2nd series, he was fired, but as shown in the Christmas special, he visits his friends at Wernham Hog on a regular basis. In a comic relief special in 2013, it revealed he became a recording artist and music produce since his departure, recording a song named "equality street".

Tim Canterbury (Martin Friedman): Tim is a regular man who happens to work in Wernham Hog along with David. He hates David and Gareth (David's best friend). he usually occupies himself with winding up Gareth by playing pranks on him. He also attempts to have a relationship with fellow employee Dawn Tinsley, but fails. He wants to leave Wernham Hog. He is a popular member of the office, unlike Brent.

Dawn Tinsley (Lucy David): Dawn is the receptionist at Wernham Hog. She has a fiancé named Lee, who it is revealed to have moved to America with Dawn after David Brent is fired, but comes back for a party (in the Christmas special). Her dream was to be an illustrator, but she works in the office while she attempts to live that dream.

Gareth Keenan (Mackenzie Crook): Gareth is David's best (and practically only) friend in Wernham Hog. He usually finds himself defending David Brent's comments. He has an interest in military. He takes pride in being team leader, but just annoys most people.

Other secondary characters:
Chris "Finchy" Finch: David's friend. He is very mean, sexist and confident. He usually acts like the bully.
Lee: Lee is Dawn's husband who moved with her to the United states of America.
Neil: Neil is the boss of the Swindon branch, and is a lot more liked and popular among employees than Brent is, as he is energetic and professional. Neil eventually fired David Brent in series 2.
Keith: Keith is a fat, unenthusiastic employee who gives one word answers and hates his job.

This is a very unique sitcom, relying on personality rather than jokes. I have been watching this show for 3-4 years and I still love it. This deserves all the tons of awards it gets. Thank you for reading!


There are lots of fans of the Office on this site. But how many are of the British version? You, probably me. And... um... - IronSabbathPriest

Just my opinion, but the U.S. one is way better than the U.K. version - PackFan2005