Top 10 Characters from Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright is known for it's interesting characters. But which characters from the original game are the best.
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1 Miles Edgeworth

Favorite character

Turnabout Goodbyes, DL-6. Enough said.

ah yes, mr. steel samurai fanboy and tea lover.
the best prosecutor.

2 Phoenix Wright Phoenix Wright, known as Ryūichi Naruhodō in the original Japanese-language versions, is a fictional defense attorney in Capcom's Ace Attorney video game series.

Phoenix Wright is the best!

He's such a cliche >:(

he's always wright

3 Maya Fey

Burger queen in games, turned miso ramen queen in the anime adaptation. Maya's just awesome!

(No hate on the anime or games. None, I just like them both. You can have your opinions.)

Long live the burger queen!

Maya is one of my favourites by far.

4 Detective Gumshoe

He's just so lovable! How could you not?

It's detective gumshoe, pal!

5 Damon Gant

Love this man. He is so badass that it's scary. My boyfriend introduced me to the series and when I told him about how freaked out I got when the game pauses and Gant just stares at you eerily he laughed his ass off because when he played it the first time he thought the game was broken.

Best villian.

6 Larry Butz
7 Franziska Von Karma

How is she not on this list? She is by far my favorite character in the game series.

She's adorable.

8 Godot
9 Apollo Justice

Apollo deserves some love. After Spirit of Justice... wow. They really outdid themselves, really developing his character and making him even more lovable. In other words, HE'S FINE!

Apollo is best boy

Best demonhorn-haired lawyer boi

baby boy, baby
I love him
he's also a real demon with red as the main color and the horns, along with his powers

10 The Judge
The Contenders
11 Mia Fey
12 Ema Skye
13 Simon Blackquill
14 Pearl Fey

How is she NOT on this list yet? Pearl is adorable!

15 The Psycho Bellboy
16 Athena Cykes

why is best girl so low?

17 Matt Engarde

Matt is definitely my favourite, dude. although it's close with Furio being number 2, Matt wins. I like how he seems trustworthy, but that's a façade and he really hired the assassin all along.

Love the dude I even like the effect when Matt negated slashes his face so many times just perfect 👍🏻

18 Lana Skye

The "Rise From the Ashes" case is an extra case only on the DS version, but I love it regardless. A reason why I do is because of Lana Skye. She's protective and loyal to her sister Ema Skye. She may seem cold when we meet her, but believe me, that's not it at all. She's really a good person, but she can't show that side of her when she's under someone else's control.

I love all the characters of the Phoenix Wright games, but Lana Skye especially stands out for me. Lana protected Ema although Ema is soon found to be innocent. She went through around two years of suffering under the control of Gant and returns to Ema at the end of "Rise From the Ashes," and that last scene where she hugged Ema and smiled was extremely heartwarming. I just like her in general (not in that way, folks).

19 Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

He's a beautiful man.

I like his braid

20 Missile
21 Iris
22 Yanni Yogi
23 April May
24 Manfred Von Karma




25 Redd White

His friends call him "blanco nino", which literally means wHITE BOY

I just love it when he shows off his rings,best villain by far

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