Top Ten Characters That Rip Off Other Characters

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1 Vega Rips Off Jason Voorhees
2 He-Man Rips Off Thundarr

Actually, both were rip-offs of Conan the Barbarian.

3 Draculaura Rips Off Count Duckula
4 M. Bison Rips Off Kato Yasunori
5 Kimba rips off Babar the Elephant

I want fanart of Babar beating up Kimba and using him as a throw rug.

If any of you Kimba fans are going to bash on The Lion King, you might want to look up Babar as well as this little Tarzan spinoff comic called Simba, King of the beasts! Heck, once Simba from that vintage comic I mentioned turned WHITE JUST LIKE YOUR OH-SO-ORIGINAL KIMBA! Tezuka and Walt Disney are rolling over in their graves right now! So just grow up already and get over it, Kimba Fanbrats! No wonder why I prefer Speed Racer, Unico, and Astro Boy, their fans are not as cuckoo [although Astro Boy's fans can go rabid sometimes]!

Poor Babar, while Kimba fans unfairly bash on TLK, Babar is never once considered to be the TRUE JUNGLE EMPEROR DESPITE BABAR COMING FIRST IN 1931 AND HAVING A LOT OF PARALLELS TO KIMBA'S STORY!

Babar 1931[book]:
Loses parent to poachers
is taken in by humans
learns about human culture
returns home
uses human culture to make his land better
becomes king and has many stuggles
Kimba 1950 [magna] 1966 [anime]:
loses parent to poachers
taken in by humans
learns about human culture
returns home
uses human culture to make his land better
becomes king and has many stuggles
Kimba fans might wanna do some research on Babar to see that Kimba is not all that original.

6 Doctor Whooves Rips Off Doctor Who

Doctor Whooves was made as a reference to Doctor Who. - Pegasister12

7 Zangief Rips Off Birdie
8 Chun Li Rips Off Mamono Hunter Yohko
9 Jem Rips Off Lynn Minmei

How? - blackflower

10 Saber Rider Rips Off Bravestarr

The Contenders

11 Shaggy Rips Off Jughead
12 Fuli from the Lion Guard Rips Off Rainbow Dash

More like Rainbow that should die in a trash

You're mistaken since The Lion Guard is the worst show on Disney Jr.

More like Rainbow Trash

Fuli is my favorite character from TLG but her personality is similar to rainbow dash. There confident and tough tomboys who both have the power of speed who show pride in their own abilities. But characters like Buttercup from PPG has a personality similar to rainbow dash to and PPG came before MLP FIM. The lion guard isn't a bad show compared to mickey mouse clubhouse and Jake and the Neverland pirates or other crappy shows that give on Disney junior.

13 Wonderbug Rips Off Speed Buggy


Just look at Wonderbug and you'll see it is too similar to Speed Buggy.


14 Blast Off Buzzard rips off Wile E Coyote
15 Elsa Rips Off Rosalina

No she doesn’t - blackflower

16 Simba Rips Off Hamlet

It literally says whoever put this here it's based off it

17 Tiifu and Zuri from The Lion Guard are ripoffs of Dixie and Sylvie from Balto

Gossip girls, anyone?

18 Sonichu ripped off both Sonic and Pikachu

And you know why it is important to stay original when creating original characters so that you will never be compared to this abomination.

19 Sora rips off Cloud Strife

This is a reason why I cannot accept the existence of Kingdom Hearts as a whole; Every one of it's original characters is a ripoff.

Well They Look Similar

20 Coran & Allura (Voltron: Legendary Defender) Rips of Ronduu & Dia (Mighty Orbots)
21 The Dazzlings rip off of The Trix

I hate you for this MLP Winx Club was my favorite show and you ripped off of it so much.

Why mlp why

22 Kira Yamato Rips Off Shadow the Hedgehog
23 Shimmer and Shine ripped off Jasmine

Not really - blackflower

24 Yaemon Rips Off Richard Diesel.

Trains is better Train Tale SUCKS.

Becuase Train Tale is a HUDGE RIP-OFF of Walt Disney Animation's Trains

25 Nanoha Takamachi Rips Off Kira Yamato

Even though Nanoha came first as she first appeared in Triangle Heart 3 in 2000 but she never became the White Devil we now know and love today until the original Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha in 2004 (2 years after Kira's debut). - PerfectImpulseX

26 Simba Rips Off Kimba

We all know that by now.

27 Bunga from the Lion Guard Rips Off Sticks from Sonic Boom
28 Beshte from the Lion Guard Rips Off Murray from Sly Cooper
29 Ono from the Lion Guard Rips Off Reyson from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn
30 Kion from the Lion Guard Rips Off Kodi from Balto III: Wings of Change

Too many people cross Balto over with the horrible abomination known as TLK, and since TLG was made much later than any of the Balto films, it looked like if it's new characters ripped off some of those from Balto just to satisfy the crossover fans and to enforce the dumb cliches over and over.

31 Timon and Pumbaa rip off Ren and Stimpy

Even down to almost having the same fart humor.

32 Janja from The Lion Guard ripped off Kaltag from Balto and Yak from Balto II: Wolf Quest

He even has a notch on his left ear like those two... I feel like if The Lion Guard's newer characters are ripping off those of the Balto movies just to please the TLK/Balto crossover fans >_< Janja also has Vegeta's hairstyle.

Also, Janja looks like some illegitimate lovechild of Shenzi and Kaltag, being a lead hyena like the former and having an ear notch like the latter. That is just a horrible combination if you believe me. It's like if Lion King fans have the urge to cross over certain characters with those of Balto or whatnot just because they have similar roles or something. Oh wait... For Pete's sake, what just did I type?!

It seems that Disney is trying to please the Lion King X Balto crossover fans with The Lion Guard for no reason.

33 Cheezi from The Lion Guard ripped off Star from Balto and Sumac from Balto II: Wolf Quest
34 Chungu from The Lion Guard ripped off Nikki from Balto and Nuk from Balto II: Wolf Quest

There is no way that a male hyena can be muscular, as hyenas are supposed to be a female dominant species. Chungu is a waste of a character and I really thought he was female at first because of his size and appearance.

35 Axel from Kingdom Hearts rips off Reno from Final Fantasy VII

I still cannot believe that so many fans fell for this ripoff.

You wouldn't believe that so many of us fell for the lie that was "Voltron"! - Interrogator

36 Simba rips off Littlefoot
37 Ginger Foutley Rips Off Pepper Ann

Come on, compare these shows. They're both losers who are always trying to be cool, they both have orange hair, there's actually so many I could go on forever.

38 Go-on Silver Rips Off Bouken Yellow
39 Kyoryu Gold Rips Off Shinken Gold
40 Little Foot Rips Off Bambi
41 Gibson from A.N.T. Farm Rips Off Gibby From iCarly

They’re different - blackflower

Even Gibby's last name is Gibson

42 Stitch Rips off Max from Sam and Max
43 Minka Mark ripoffs Pinkie Pie
44 Megazord (Power Rangers) rips off Voltron (Voltron)

Wattpad @kidges

Not in Legendary Defender, in 84.

Yes, I am the one who added this here lol

45 Green Arrow Rips Off Hawkeye
46 Double x Gundam Rips Off Dancouga
47 Jonathan Joestar Rips Off Kenshiro
48 Konjiki no Yami Rips Off Fate Testarossa
49 Sparky Rips Off Lightning McQueen.

I agree a car's life is a a STUPID RIPOFF OF CARS.

Yeah,Cars is way better than this.

Also Liam the skylanders guy02 HATES Sparky from A Car's Life.

50 Ace Rips Off Dusty Crophopper

Yeah Ot Vinta 3D A.K.A Wings was a Planes MOCKBUSTER.

Animation in Wings:HORRIBLE.

Characters in Wings:UGLY.

Songs in Wings:TERRIBLE.

Also in 2012 a Russian movie was Ot Vinta 3D.

But in 2013 they dubbed an english version called Wings being a RIP OFF OF Walt Disney's Planes.

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