Top Ten Characters That Rip Off Other Characters

The Top Ten

1 Vega Rips Off Jason Voorhees
2 He-Man Rips Off Thundarr

Actually, both were rip-offs of Conan the Barbarian.

3 Draculaura Rips Off Count Duckula
4 M. Bison Rips Off Kato Yasunori
5 Doctor Whooves Rips Off Doctor Who

Doctor Whooves was made as a reference to Doctor Who. - Pegasister12

6 Zangief Rips Off Birdie
7 Chun Li Rips Off Mamono Hunter Yohko
8 Jem Rips Off Lynn Minmei
9 Saber Rider Rips Off Bravestarr
10 Shaggy Rips Off Jughead

The Contenders

11 Blast Off Buzzard rips off Wile E Coyote
12 Fuli from the Lion Guard Rips Off Rainbow Dash

You're mistaken since The Lion Guard is the worst show on Disney Jr.

Fuli is my favorite character from TLG but her personality is similar to rainbow dash. There confident and tough tomboys who both have the power of speed who show pride in their own abilities. But characters like Buttercup from PPG has a personality similar to rainbow dash to and PPG came before MLP FIM. The lion guard isn't a bad show compared to mickey mouse clubhouse and Jake and the Neverland pirates or other crappy shows that give on Disney junior.

13 Sora rips off Cloud Strife

This is a reason why I cannot accept the existence of Kingdom Hearts as a whole; Every one of it's original characters is a ripoff.

Well They Look Similar

14 Coran & Allura (Voltron: Legendary Defender) Rips of Ronduu & Dia (Mighty Orbots)
15 Simba Rips Off Kimba

We all know that by now.

16 Simba Rips Off Hamlet
17 Ono from the Lion Guard Rips Off Reyson from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn
18 Kion from the Lion Guard Rips Off Kodi from Balto III: Wings of Change

Too many people cross Balto over with the horrible abomination known as TLK, and since TLG was made much later than any of the Balto films, it looked like if it's new characters ripped off some of those from Balto just to satisfy the crossover fans and to enforce the dumb cliches over and over.

19 Timon and Pumbaa rip off Ren and Stimpy

Even down to almost having the same fart humor.

20 Tiifu and Zuri from The Lion Guard are ripoffs of Dixie and Sylvie from Balto V 1 Comment
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1. Vega Rips Off Jason Voorhees
2. He-Man Rips Off Thundarr
3. Draculaura Rips Off Count Duckula



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