Characters That Should Be In Black Ops 2


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1 Ghost

My favorite character! I know you'll say, "He's dead! " Well, he's not. There is a billion clues on YouTube that he is alive and the person who voices Ghost said that he isn't exactly dead. You'll see what I mean. Ghost rocks! - Alpha101

Hi guys! I'm at school right now and I was bored so... HI! - Alpha101

2 Captain Price Captain Price

I love this guy! I mean, he killed Makarove! That takes skill, guts, and lot's of ammo and he has all of it! - Alpha101

3 Alex Mason

Before Dragovitch died he stated that the numbers will never leave him. It would be cool if he's still a sleeper agent and tries to kill an off lemonts target. - Alpha101

Mason is the best.
He will suevive in BO2 if you shoot him on the legs

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4 Frank Woods

He's not dead. He's even in the trailer along with Mason. - Alpha101

I think frank should be in it because he is beast

5 Victor Reznov

Greatest character of the entire franchise by far, if you know what you are talking about. However, if they bring him back to a game as ill-concocted as this one, it would be sacrilege and total undoing of the character as a whole. He would lose legitimacy. - Wopwop

Victor has been in other call of duties and their was really no explanation in firm detail when he died in vorkuta. It would be cool if Hudson was wrong in the first black ops. That he really escape and no one knows where he is. Or like he went under cover and escaped the soviets. I don't know it would be cool if he was mentioned or seen in the Next game that comes out

Simply because he is just a LEGEND that will always be one of some that carry the most honor.

Victor was my favorite, why did they make him die so early

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6 Captian Macmillan

This guy was almost the best character in COD4. I forgot if he's alive or not though. - Alpha101

7 Nickolai Belinski

This guy was actually pretty cool! Soap, Yuri, and Price were better though. - Alpha101

8 Weaver

There was absolutely no explanation to why he isn't in black ops 2. He didn't die. He should have been in it.

I agree. He never died! Mabye he moved back to Russia? Even if he did that would probably add another mission where you find him and he helps you take out Raul. Even if he has a similar role to Karma he could've done SOMETHING.

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9 Sandman

I know he's probably dead but there's a possibility that he isn't. Mayby the signal got jammed and he coulden't hear Price and escaped before the building collapsed. I know that's probably not true though. I wish it was. - Alpha101

10 Dragovitch

It would be cool if he was alive and he tried to controll Mason again. - Alpha101

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11 Frost
12 Bowman

If woods got to they should of made bowman alive. They could have made a clone like Castro at the start, and is he still alive? Hmm

Bowman should have lived using a clone like Castro. And they made woods live and dragowitch stuffed a grenade in his mouth! It's really not fair and sorta racist because he's one of 2 major characters that died (reznov) and he's the only black guy.

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13 David Mason

He is in it! Ha! But he's the best one in it!

14 Tank Dempsey

He is my favorite from zombies.

15 Gaz

Even though he's Ghost and Sgt Wallcroft he's still the best

16 Takeo Masaki
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