Top Ten Characters That Should Be In Super Smash Brothers 5

A countdown to see who should be in Super Smash Brothers 5.

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1 Krystal

She may not have won the Smash Ballot, but that doesn't mean support has to end until the announcement of the next game. If anything, now's the perfect time to rally more supporters.

Support her in the ballot going on right now!

Makes more sense to see her playable than Slippy.

She HAD to have been the actual winner of the Smash Ballot. But of course Nintendo just had to break their "family friendly"/"for kids" image by inserting the most opposite of that extreme character they could get their hands on and pass it off as having won the Ballot (with dubious claims of "within the top 5" and "very popular in Europe" to pretend to justify it). Hope they see the error of their ways and replace that raunchy, cheap so-and-so with Krystal in the nex Smash game.

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2 Mewtwo Mewtwo Mewtwo is a fictional creature from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon media franchise. It was created by Dr. Fuji in an attempt to clone Mew.

If Mewtwo is not added then I will create a hack that adds Mewtwo

Actually, Mewtwo will be added to Super Smash Bros. for 3DS / Wii U with DLC in Spring 2015. - BombBoo256

3 Dixie Kong

Dixie Kong is so cool! They need to put her in more games... Like Smash 5!

Dks popular enough for a third rep and we need more females, she wouldn't be a clone becase she would have good Ariel game and power but not good range or be as fast as diddy well being heavier.

4 Dark Samus Dark Samus

You guys do know Dark Samus is a assist trophy and Ridley is in Brawl... right?

I wish someone would put in Ridley, but if they haven't already they wont.
Dark Samus is a perfectly awesome substitute. Except it would definitely be a clone. That's why it isn't higher. - MystoMesprit

Actually I just realized resizing happens. We were so close in Brawl. I mean, Olimar is the size of a penny and Bombchus are ginormous. They made it so Olimar can hold a Bombchu with one hand! I think Ridley would work. And who doesn't want to play as a giant plasma breathing dragon? - MystoMesprit

Alright, first off, Dark Samus can do plenty of stuff Samus cannot do. Second, Bowser has been seen in Mario games Mario's size, and Olimar has never been seen next to any other characters, so they don't look weird. - PeterG99

5 Professor Layton Professor Layton

I'm really feelin it

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6 Chibi-Robo V 1 Comment
7 Sceptile Sceptile

Sceptile fits the bill perfectly. First off, his final smash is a no-brained, Mega-Evolution. Second we have two starters, a fire type from G1 and a water type from G6, so why not put in a grass type from G3. It wouldn't make sense NOT to add Sceptile to the roster.

8 Wolf

ONLY if he gets a new move set.

Please bring wolf back, but PLEASE make him unique Nintendo!

I really want him in the game

9 Bomberman

I can imagine him being OP throwing bombs everywhere. Heeheehee. - MystoMesprit

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10 King K Rool

Smash needs more bad guys. He works. - MystoMesprit

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11 Demon Lord Ghirahim

I want ghirahim sooo badly ever since skyward sword he rose up to one of my favorite Zelda characters!

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12 Lon'qu (Fire Emblem Awakening)
13 Banjo Kazooie

He would fit perfectly in smash. Plus he a throwback for so many

This character deserves to be in smash Nintendo! He grew up with Nintendo appearing alongside conker (who I think his child self should be in smash, not M+18 version) in diddy kong racing. He then branched off into his own franchise! He could use kazooie for his recovery, use the magic "cheat book" (gruntildas spell book) as there final smash. He needs to be in people. Eminem, Nicholas cage, Goku, and all other non reasonable characters need to stop being voted for. If there is no chance for that character to be in smash, then stop it. Put your votes to a character that deserves it, like yours truly.

14 Andy (Advance Wars)
15 Lyn (Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade)

And playable, not one of those stupid "assist trophies"

16 Rayman Rayman

Nintendo has a nice relationship with Ubisoft. He could be a third-party character. - MystoMesprit

Rayman must include his allies in the Final Smash though. Eg. Globox.

17 Black Shadow

To give him Ganondorf's moveset and Ganondorf his own moveset would be like a dream. - PeterG99

18 Ridley Ridley V 1 Comment
19 Ice Climbers
20 Prince Fluff

Another game that needs more love. (Kirby's Epic Yarn). This guy would give it some. - MystoMesprit

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