Characters Who Should Be In Smash: Young Link

Young Link is the character I would most like to see in Smash. You're probably thinking, "Why? There are so many other characters who would be better. We don't need another clone of Link." Yeah, well here me out. It wouldn't really be a clone of Link, or Link at all, at least not his human form. So you remember who there was the brawl character, Pokemon Trainer? If you don't know what I'm talking about, he basically allows to switch between three Pokemons, Charizard, Ivasaur, and Squirtle. Young Link would function like that, switching between Link's Deku, Goron, and Zora forms. Here's how each one would work:

Deku Link: This form would be th quickest out of the three, but have the weakest attacks. Easily damaged by fire attacks as well. The main attacks would be various whips with your hat. I won't go into detail on that, but I will for the special attacks.

Neutral Special: The bubble attack from Majora's Mask. You would be able to charge it up for a short period of time, about as long as it takes to charge up Link's bow.

Side Special: Deku Nuts. It would stun enemies, and possible also warp you, like with Impa and Sheik in Ocarina of Time.

Up Special: Deku Flower. It would go higher when used on ground, but it can float long distances. Also, you may be able to launch Deku Nuts while flying.

Down Special: Switches to Goron Mask.

Goron Link: This form is the strongest, most durable form, but you are slow and have bad recovery. Regular attacks would include powerful punches and the mighty Goron buttcheek.

Neutral Special: Curl into a ball. From here, you can easily roll around and knock of your opponents. Sonic and Jigglypuff have similar attacks. But it would be bad if you went off the edge, as it would hard to uncurl yourself and jump back up.

Side Special: Throw crap. Mostly boulders, but occasionally an explosive Powder Keg and even less often a Rock Sirloin, which would give you health. No one else would be able to steal it, because no one else can eat a rock, now can they?

Up Special: Goron Pound. Powerful attack, but not great for recovery as you go straight down after jumping up and it would have great horizontal distance either. You would be invincible while executing it.

Down Special: Switches to Zora Mask.

Zora Link: This is the most powerful form, but not very resistant to damage. The regular attacks are kicks and swipes.

Neutral Special: Zora Barrier. A protective barrier that damages enemies and blocks MOST projectiles.

Side Special: Zora Cutters. A double bommerang attack that you can aim upwards or downwards. I'm not sure who this would work in a 2D environment though (if you've played Majora's Mask then you'll know what I mean).

Up Special: Just some random uppercut I made up because I couldn't think of anything else. Okayish for recovery.

Down Special: Switches to Deku Mask.

So there you have... I feel like I'm forgetting something. Oh yes, the Final Smash. Well, the Final Smash would be the Fierce Diety Mask. Basically this OP swordsman who fires lasers everywhere. Cool, right?

Extra ideas: I also consider using Young Link's regular form too. He could easily be different from regular Link, just think of all the items Link has! Actually, I'm a little pissed off they just made Toon Link a clone of regular Link when there's so many other possibilities with a character like this. But anyway, Young Link could have fire and ice arrows or something. Also, there technically is another transformation mask. The Giant's Mask. It would probably be the Final Smash and a not so OP Fierce Diety Link would also be available to switch to. But that might make too many different forms, which would be extremely OP. That's probably why Pokemon Trainer was removed for the fourth game.

Anyway, I may do something like this again in the future (it wouldn't be as long, of course, because I wouldn't have to talk about three different fighters in one). Tell me what you think, and give some other ideas of fighters you'd like to see.


He'd be good - Skullkid755

Great ideas! - Brobusky

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