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141 Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash Rainbow Dash is a female Pegasus pony from the popular 2010 kid's show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. She represents the element of loyalty is one of most well known characters of the show. She may be a little mean sometimes but she still does what is best for her friends .

Hell no

Rainbow Dash is a pony but she ate a transformer in a death battle like wow she is one of the best mlp chaters She is my 2nd Fluttershy is my first favriot mlp chater.

142 Ludwig Von Koopa Ludwig Von Koopa Ludwig Von Koopa is a villain in the Super Mario Franchise. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Koopalings and has a pompous and arrogant personality. He is said to have all the powers of the other six Koopalings. He can clone himself, cause earthquakes, teleport, and shoot lightning bolts from more. V 2 Comments
143 Plasm Wraith
144 Andross
145 Mr. Resetti Mr. Resetti

Naw, Resetti was an annoying Assist Trophy in Brawl. Don't add him.

V 1 Comment
146 Dark Samus Dark Samus
147 Inky
148 Exitebike Driver
149 Mother Brain
150 Ms Pac-Man
151 Jason Voorhees Jason Voorhees Jason Voorhees is a character from the Friday the 13th series. He first appeared in Friday the 13th as the young son of camp cook-turned-murderer, Mrs.
152 E-102 Gamma
153 Nabbit Nabbit V 1 Comment
154 Geno V 1 Comment
155 Bender Bending Rodrigez

imagine using flame farts, guns, strength to bend anything, and then everytime he is stunned he is on the ground until he can get up

ok ok the last one would just be hilarious - nightblazer534

156 Morrigan Aensland Morrigan Aensland Morrigan Aensland is a video game character from the Darkstalkers series of fighting games by Capcom, introduced in Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors in 1994.
157 Michael Myers Michael Myers Michael Myers is a character from the Halloween series of slasher films. He first appears in John Carpenter's Halloween as a young boy who murders his older sister, then fifteen years later returns home to murder more teenagers.

One he isn't from Nintendo two he kills people and three I admit he should have a new video game but not this one

158 King Boo King Boo V 1 Comment
159 Princess Eclair
160 Pink Gold Peach

She can race around for her smash ball, Replace Iggy With Her

No, just stop. She never deserved to be in MK8, and is confirmed for Mario Sports Superstars. And if she gets in Smash 5, I will never forgive nintendo. - ChiefMudkip

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