Top Ten Characters that Should Not Be in Super Smash Bros. 5 Switch (Excluding the Lion King)


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21 Sanjay (Sanjay & Craig) Sanjay (Sanjay & Craig)

Cartoon Characters would Obviously never Be in Smash Bros. - ToadF1

22 Sora (Kingdom Hearts)

Sora shouldn't really be in smash to be honest, he's more of a playstation character, sora has only been in nintendo handhelds, so I can kind of see why he wouldn't have a spot, but this visitor still has aids - VideoGamefan5

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23 Blooper Blooper Bloopers (Often Referred To Bloobers Until Paper Mario, Though Blooper was in use beforehand) are Squid-Like creatures that are found in the ocean. They made their first appearance in Super Mario Bros., and various kinds of them have appeared in the Mario games since, normally as enemies. Mario Party more.

He wouldn't even be able to do something - VideoGamefan5

How the Hell can he fight?
Shoot ink? - ToadF1

24 Porky (Earthbound) V 2 Comments
25 Princess Elise III Princess Elise III

Lol, Elise Sucks Trash - VideoGamefan5

Lol, elise is terrible - VideoGamefan5

26 Rosalina Rosalina Rosalina, known as Rosetta in Japan, is a major character in the Mario Bros . Franchise . She first appeared in the popular Mario Game, Super Mario Galaxy in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii and later returned for the game's sequel in 2010 . Since then, she has been featured in many main-series Mario Games more.

A Wendy fan put this down

Too Bad, rosalina haters - VideoGamefan5

Too Bad - ToadF1

Lol u mad? eat it Wendy h8er!

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27 Cackletta

Cackletta is overrated as hell, or should I say, C0CKIETT@ - VideoGamefan5

28 Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks Jar Jar Binks is a fictional character from the Star Wars saga created by George Lucas. A major character in Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace, he also has a smaller role in Episode II: Attack of the Clones, and a one-line cameo in Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and the television series more.

Eh. - ToadF1

29 Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips is a character from the game Grand Theft Auto Five (GTAV), a Mature rated game from 2013, created by Rockstar. He is one of the games 3 antagonists. He is the former friend of Michael DeSanta, who he was part of a bank heist with 9 years prior to the main plot. He is known for being more.

Lol, Just Lol, I Like Grand Theft Auto 5 - VideoGamefan5

30 Mr. Resetti Mr. Resetti V 1 Comment
31 Tiger Jackson - Tekken
32 MLG Peppa Pig
33 Peach Peach Princess Peach is a major character in the Mario Bros. Franchise. She is usually the character who needs saved in most Mario Games, but also has appeared as a playable character in the Main-Series Mario Games, including Super Mario 3D World, Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Run, and even starred in more.

Yeah, Too Late, Dumbass Peach Hater - ToadF1

TOO BAD - shawnmccaul22

34 Joy (Inside Out) Joy (Inside Out)

No Explanation Needed - VideoGamefan5

35 Judy Hopps Judy Hopps


36 Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen Lightning McQueen, typically referred to by his surname McQueen, is a anthropomorphic stock car in the animated Pixar film Cars, its sequels Cars 2, Cars 3, and TV shorts known as Cars Toons.

Lol - VideoGamefan5

37 Ridley Ridley

Why do people Want him?
What the Hell? - ToadF1

TOO BIG 4 U - VideoGamefan5

38 Nick Wilde Nick Wilde

What the heck? - VideoGamefan5

39 Scrappy Doo Scrappy Doo Scrappy Doo is the nephew of Scooby Doo. Unlike his uncle Scooby, Scrappy is brave enough to face the monsters.
40 Liv Rooney Liv Rooney Olivia "Liv" Rooney is one of the two main protagonists of the Disney Channel original series Liv and Maddie, along with her identical twin sister and best friend Maddie. She is 16 years old and is the oldest member of the Rooney children. Liv also has two younger brothers and two parents who work at more.
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