Top Ten Best Characters from Stephen King's the Stand


The Top Ten

1 Randall Flagg

Doesn't have many scenes, but is still somehow the most memorable character in the book

He's a good character, he just gets defeated so anticlimactically I can't vote for him.

2 Nick Andros

Hands down best character

3 Stu Redman
4 Mother Abagal
5 Frannie Goldsmith
6 Harold Lauder
7 Nadine Cross
8 Trashcan Man
9 Larry Underwood
10 Lloyd Henreid

The Contenders

11 Julie Lawry
12 Tom Cullen
13 Judge Richard Farris
14 Glen Bateman
15 Mother Abigail
16 The Kid
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1. Randall Flagg
2. Stu Redman
3. Larry Underwood
1. Randall Flagg
2. Stu Redman
3. Nick Andros
1. Randall Flagg
2. Nick Andros
3. Mother Abagal

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