Top 10 Characters in Erin Hunter's Survivors Book Series

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1 Lucky

Lucky is amazing, I have only red the first book and he is alertly my favorite, even if he
wanted to be leash dog! He is way stronger and braver then any survivor dog. Best survivor dog ever! He carded for the leased dogs and his sister so well, and what do they repay him with nothing. Bella and sweet are so bossy! If I were him I would have just left the leash dogs because all of them were being so mean and proud. And after all he did for them! It is not fare!

Lucky is a golden retriever and he is a hunter/beta he is in the wild pack. He is thoughtful, caring, strong, and loyal. He is one of my favorite dogs because he is always protecting leashed dogs and the wild dogs! LUCKY FAN CLUB!

lucky was brave to help bella and her friends after the earthquake he wanted to be a lone dog and I was so happy when he stayed with them he made a great beta.

Lucky will always be my one of my favorites! He's independent, mature, brave, smart, and fearless! He's really changed during the book from a independent Lone Dog to a loving and caring Beta, friend, Sire-Dog, and mate! -#1Survivor fan

2 Bella

I love bella. No context. She is just amazing and sweet and brave and I just love her and oh my gosh you have no idea how mad I was when they killed her.

Bella is so gentle, brave and loyal. I love the romance between her and Arrow! She is so adaptable to changing; from a leashed dog to a pack dog, from a pack dog to her Arrow and her pups. She cared for Storm, and cared about her brother even when he was being rude and annoying. She was an alpha to the former leashed pack, and had stubborn bravery, that I admire. She played a important role in both series, and was the most willing to give up her life as a leashed dog, though she made mistakes, she tried her best. Through and through, she was the best dog in survivors; a true survivor.

Bella is one of the main leashed dogs. She is brave, loyal, and friendly. Bella is one of my favorites! And I also like how her litter-brother is Lucky. She can be brave when the time comes and she has adapted to the wild pack quickly. Bella is fearless and is a good addition to the pack.

she was so brave to take on sweet in a battle to become leader I do think it was stupid to lead a pack of foxes to sweet and the others but she was still a great character.

3 Martha

She's so kind and patient. I love her gentle nature and the way she stood up for storm and her brothers even when the wild pack didn't want them

Martha has been a Mother dog to all of the dogs! We were probably all emotional when she died in the storm of dogs. I will miss Martha very much when I read the gathering darkness. I think she has been one of the kindest dogs in Survivors and cares about Storm so much. She is like the mother dog to storm. I think that she deserves to be more books. Now Martha is with the spirit dogs. We will all miss Martha for a long time and sorry for the spoiler!

Martha is by far one of the best characters in survivors, she is smart, brave, carefree, sweet, kind, and on top of all that a awesome Mother-Dog to Grunt, Wiggle, and Lick! She really changed from a scared leased dog to a caring water-dog, Mother, and Packmate! I think we can all agree we cried when she died in the Storm Of Dogs! -#1Surivor fan

Martha is brave, kind, gentle, and sweet. She has saved many lives like Bruno, and Thorn and Beetle, and probably many more! I just haven't got that far. It will be tough times in the storm of dogs.

4 Mickey

Mickey is a black and white farm dog. Mickey is my favorite dog out of them all! And that is because he is caring. He is also good with dogs, is a good hunter and still cares about his long-paws. I don't think he is credited enough in the book! I wish he was in it more often. Go Mickey!

5 Bruno
6 Sunshine

I love sunshine, she deserves a long rant and more votes! She used to be a leashed dog, and had a hard time adapting to the new wild dog way of life. But she still tried her best, and still kept her cheer! She is such a sweet omega, and never complained about her job, unlike most omegas who are upset about their place in the pack social class. Sunshine doesn't even mind having to eat last, since she is a tiny dog and doesn't need too much food. She is so sweet to the pups, and truly cares for them. Sunshine was also one of the only dogs who trusted storm and believed her story after the bad dog incident with breeze. I adore sunshine, she is definitely my favorite character, and I hope she gets higher on the list!

She is always so cheerful and happy! and she tries to fight to get a higher rank

7 Storm! She is such a interesting character to read, and I loved her arc. Ever since storm was a puppy, she had been unfairly judged based upon her heritage of fierce dogs. Only lucky and a few others truly accepted her at first. As she starts to grow, her brother wriggle dies and fang turns to side with the fierce dogs, while storm stayed loyal to the wild pack. Storm especially is struggling with knowing how dangerous she is when she rips off terrors jaw, just when she is a little puppy.After the storm if dogs, one of her greatest mother figures, Martha dies, which is really sad. Everyone also begins to trust storm, feeling more relaxed about her and finally accepting her as their packmate. In the next arc, suspicion rises as a bad dog start to kill and terrorize fellow wild pack members, and eyes start to fly to storm. Storm is distraught by the murders, and is determined to prove her loyalty, and get to the bottom of this. A bunch of stuff happen, and I am too sleepy to ...more

I love Storm. The wild pack assumes she's evil just because she's a fierce dog. But despite their mistreatment, she still goes back to warm them about breeze. She doesn't hold grudges against them for not believing her but instead helped them to find Lucky's pups when they realised they were wrong. Why isn't she number 1?

I LOVE STORM! She is the best character! Her brother tries to kill her and her pack and yet still cares about him! I hate Fang by the way. Wiggle's death is one of the saddest deaths ever. And so is many others, I mean, a lot of them made me cry. In warriors, Hollyleaf's death made me cry so hard. Anyway, Alpha was so rude to her, but I do feel bad for him. But, like, Savage? Seriously? She had such a tragic past, I also hate BREEZE.


EXCUSE me, why isn't Storm up here? She is the #1 hero! (In my opinion) and I love her so much, she is my favorite Survivors character. She killed Blade and Breeze, while overrated LUCKY did nothing. And just because she was a Fierce Dog, they thought she was the murderer! So biased! She is an amazing dog, and if they make more Survivors books, she should be the alpha. (No offense, Sweet.) I've been wondering, who would make a good pair wit her..., but I honestly think she fine single. I LOVE Storm!
-Holly (variation of Hollyfoot)

8 Daisy
9 Sweet

Sweet is such a loyal friendly and swift dog. How she is loyal is she respects Alpha and does what he does and shares his voice and command. Sweet is a friendly dog because she is always willing to talk with a packmate and give help to those who need it. Another way I love her is she's so swift, fast and gracefull too. She's brave to fight the leashed dogs and stand with her pack. Sweet really does bring out her Sweet name

Sweet is caring, brave, smart, and loyal. She has been a good Alpha and is loyal to the pack. She has been a main character in the book and she is very brave. She has always been on Lucky's side.

She is caring, kind, and loyal. Why is she 8 and behind bruno, sunshine, daisy, mickey, martha, bella, and even lucky! Storm or her is my favorite charecter.

Sweet is awesome! She is such a great mother and leader!


10 Alfie
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11 Fiery

Fiery has been a loyal dog to all of us! He was very brave when the longpaws killed him. Sadly Beetle and Thorn has no Father. I think we all were sad in the end. Farewell, Fiery!

12 Moon

I loved moons novella. I think her story is super good, and I really ship moon x fiery and I hated it when he died, and I think he could have been a decent alpha if he had challenged the wolf alpha. Moon really cares for her pack, and refuses to give in to being driven out by the wild pack. She is also strong, and knows when to suck in her pride and accept that joining the wild pack is the best solution. She and fiery really care for each other, and it was so sad when he died. Moon is a great character!

Moon has a big heart! She cares about her packmates! Although things got pretty rough after Fiery died. Moon is caring and helpful and has always been there. She know many things as a former Wild dog.

13 Whisper

He liked Storm so much and then died. RIP Whisper...

He was nothing but loyal to Storm and did not deserve to be killed

14 Twitch

Twitch has lost one leg but he is still strong and brave! Usually Twitch is one of the #1 favorites. He is very kind and helpful. He helped on the mission to save fiery! Poor Twitch does not have Spring anymore as a litter-sister.

He's really wise and patient. I admire him for coping so well on 3 legs

15 Arrow
16 Spring

Poor Spring died in the Endless lake. It was too late for Martha to save her. She was always on Twitch's side. She was a great addition to the pack don't you think.

17 Snap
18 Wiggle

(Spoiler) Wiggle is ADORABLE! He might of died sadly but everyone will still love him

19 Alpha
20 Thorn

I think it was sad that he grew up without a dad but he still was happy go thorn

21 Breeze

I think Breeze is the traitor in the pack. Anyone on board? Tell me when the new book comes out, I have to know.

Traitor is right! But she is really good at acting nice. She is very sneaky and I think she is a very bad dog.

22 Morningstar

Yeah there is a Morningstar in survivors.

It is one of blades dogs.

23 Whine
24 Star
25 Moon's Mother
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