Characters in the Survivors Books


The Top Ten

1 Lucky

Lucky will always be my one of my favorites! He’s independent, mature, brave, smart, and fearless! He’s really changed during the book from a independent Lone Dog to a loving and caring Beta, friend, Sire-Dog, and mate! -#1Survivor fan

2 Bella

Bella shows independence, maturity, and bravery. Even though she’s suburn she is a amazing role model for her pack and her pups! She risks her life for her pack! She shows intelligence and strong characteristics! -#1Survivor fan

3 Martha

Martha is by far one of the best characters in survivors, she is smart, brave, carefree, sweet, kind, and on top of all that a awesome Mother-Dog to Grunt, Wiggle, and Lick! She really changed from a scared leased dog to a caring water-dog, Mother, and Packmate! I think we can all agree we cried when she died in the Storm Of Dogs! -#1Surivor fan

4 Mickey
5 Bruno
6 Sunshine
7 Daisy
8 Alfie
9 Sweet
10 Fiery

The Contenders

11 Storm

Storm is by far the best character in Survivors. She's intelligent, kind, brave, and adventurous! She's tries her very best to fit into the Wild Pack even though she’s different! She never gives up on her pack when they give up on her! She’s just so lovable even as Lick! -#1Survivor fan

12 Breeze

I think Breeze is the traitor in the pack. Anyone on board? Tell me when the new book comes out, I have to know. - RisingMoon

RisingMoon, I agree!

13 Twitch
14 Arrow
15 Moon
16 Alpha
17 Whisper
18 Thorn
19 Bettle
20 Snap
21 Whine
22 Dart
23 Fang
24 Wiggle
25 Beta
26 Fuzz
27 Chase
28 Ruff
29 Rake
30 Woody
31 Mulch
32 Slash
33 Wind
34 Old Hunter
35 Spring
36 Callie
37 Rush
38 Medrew
39 Hunter
40 Morningstar
41 Blade
42 Mace
43 Dagger
44 Axe
45 Calamity
46 Nip
47 Scramble
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