Top 10 Characters In Until Dawn

Who are your favourite characters from the PS4 exclusive Until Dawn?
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1 Sam

She is so positive person.(spoiler alert) when mike going to kill Emily with gun sam is the only person who support Emily and Emily was not infected after all.

I think Sam is just a nice person. I would like it to meet her in real life.

If until dawn was a movie, she'd be the final girl

Sam should be number one people she is beast

2 Mike

my dude mikey is badass minus almost shooting em I loved him in the sanatorium because of how he (if you interacted with it) chopped his fingers off bro I know he cried sort of in pain but mann that was sick! I love how he isn't afraid to put his life on the line you know in the lodge at the end he'll blow himself up or whatever goes on I definitely think he is number one and takes over same I just didn't like her she seemed cliché to me

Mike is literally a douche bag jerk with no respect (especially for women)(and chris is like the nerd douchbag version of him, he's just as bad)- he is the worst character in the game to me. I think Sam is the best because she is smart, sweet and caring. I'm so glad she's number 1 or I would have lost some faith in humanity had one of the pricks became number one. I think ashley should be second.

It’s hard to summarize simply, but he’s the everything you love about many classic male horror protags rolled into one character. Going from an cheating, insecure, prom king, jock, to a confidant leader (and all around badass) not afraid to lay his life on the line, or make the tough call to protect the group. This culminated in his return to the Sanitarium.

His character develop borrows heavy inspiration from characters like Ashe (from Evil Dead) complete with double barreled shotgun and self amputation, to Dean Winchester (Supernatural), to even Nathan Drake (Uncharted). He’s everything you love in male protags that turn a sudden crisis into the opportunity to unlock their inner badass (and hero). Awesome example of a classic character archetype and arc that never gets old.

Definitely the badass of this game

3 Chris

love his nerdiness I don't know just do
I love how he jokes around a lot and saves Ashley if you do what I don't like is if you try to shoot Ashley AFTER SHE SAYS SHOOT ME OR WHATEVER he dies cause she lets him in my first playthrough I got him killed and I was so sad I loved having him around.
you know that first interaction at the shooting range and he says I know I'm badass or whatever I immediately feel in love with the character at that point he is great

I think Chris is a very nice person. He cares for Ash and dies horrible deaths. Josh tries to kill him like 20 times for no reason at all. He is also a geek just like me.

Chris is best because he's that typical relatable guy. Some people can't be badass He's basically You when you get in the middle of this scary event.

Chris is my man, he is literally me.
I mean he's kind, funny and overall amazing.

4 Josh

he just... ok I know what he did was wrong but no one really knows what they would do if they lost both of their sisters at the same time and it was kinda your friends fault. you would feel angry and be grieving even if your friends apologise you would still have that feeling off betrayal I guess I don't know. all I know is I love josh so much he is definitely my favourite

Yo he had he had schizophrenia so it made you kind of feel bad for him at the end like in the beginning you were like oh Josh this is some cool dude who doesn't really give a crap and then at the say somewhat middle and your kind of feel like he's not really a bad guy because you sympathize for him in my words I feel like Josh is the most interesting character because of his mental state to me he was not played though enough so it made you feel like as if yo who is this Josh dude and when can I meet him and then when you figure out he just then is something that you didn't expect him to be or maybe you did expect him to be and accept them because he was grieving though and I can see where he's coming from. He didn't wanna KILL anyone. When you think about it if you take out the windigo stuff then honestly no one really really died most of the deaths on here have nothing to do with Josh most of the dads on here have something to do with the windigo killing them if the windigo was not ...more

He was troubled I mean wouldn't we all be if our friends pranked your sisters and they died.Don't hate on Josh.

I feel so bad for Josh.

5 Ashley

Same name as me

She is the best

Better than Emily

Ashley is sooo WHINY. She's the best.

6 Matt

matt is such a nice guy and cares for Emily so much. the only time I didn't love him was the beginning with the prank because of how I feel about Hannah + beth.
I always try to keep him alive due to making sure jess has a friend in the mines

He's a genuine guy, and does his hardest to make sure everyone is happy. He may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he still has some brains to go with his brawn (depending on the choices you make). He also deserves credit for putting up with Emily.

I liked Matt but he was so forgotten after (Spoiler Alert) the radio tower collapsed.

Most caring character of the cast. Wish he had longer screen times

7 Jessica

Even though she’s absent throughout most of the game. Jess is actually a very entertaining character in the game. From a distance she looks like she’s just a dumb blonde and only wants to make love but there’s more to her character than that. 1. Her jokes are pretty funny and she is beautiful and she loves all of her friends (except Emily) and she never wanted anyone to get hurt. She might be a little bit of a pushover but she’s certainly one of the best characters in the game

Jessica developed and matured the most throughout the game, and while she did not get much time, you see her develop from her “time” with mike to her time in the mines. Overall at the end of the game she was the one I felt bad for the most, she was the most traumatized.

Jess are the best developed female, she are awesome

Ayyy she got dat body

8 Emily

The most badass of the group. What? You kill Mike a badass? Nope nope nopy nope. Mike needed a wolf to survive and also a gun and he tracked across stable areas. Emily survived alone and she can survive with or without the flares given by the Stranger. Welp, I love her personality and she redeems herself in the extended version and if Matt harms the deer. I can't hate her. Nope not at all

She went though a lot at the game. She was let for dead by her boyfriend if you try to save her or try to survive on her own if he dies earlier,then she traveled though the mines, came to the Wendigo, got bitten and was almost killed by Mike. Also, you have to hate her. She's the bad girl in the story. I like the bad girls. She's, to me, a very enjoyable character

Emily is way more smart than mike and sam, she kept the game interesting she has more survival skills and a great design, mike and sam are both flat in every way. Emily is the best

I don't know... She is just amazing

9 Beth

I know we didn't know her for very long but out of the time we play as her I really liked her, maybe that's because I love Josh so much but I really think she would of had good character development I guess if we got to know her better. I know that we wont have a story without them being dead but seriously it breaks my heart that she died same as hannah

10 Dr. Hill

Lol Dr. Hill, he's the one that determines your scares XD

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11 Hannah

ok ok I know Hannah needed to die for a story ya know, but I really liked her and beth they just hit me and I was like what if my twin ran out in a snow storm (she probably wouldn't cause she is the smarter one ) would I go after her yes maybe, but if that happened to me about what happened to Hannah I would be humiliated and wouldn't want to see any of my friends I seriously think if Hannah and beth lived I would have them as my favs as well as josh

12 Victor 'Flamethrower Guy' Milgram
13 Eminem Eminem, born Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is an American rapper, actor and music producer born on October 17, 1972 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Eminem has sold over 300 million records making him the bestselling hip-hop artist of all time. In addition to his solo career, he is a member of D12 and (with Royce more.

He is one of the best white rappers (or at least one of the better ones).

What? Eminem isn't an Until Dawn character.

What the fudge is he doing here?

Eminem. Best until dawn character. Loved the part when he.. uh.. he..

14 Wolfie

bro how many games do you play that you get to have a wolf as a friend, please tell me.
I juat love animals and wolfie is no exception I love him soo much mike was so lucky to have a friend who was in the sanatorium with him even if it is a wolf.
I could never let him die he was too amazing in my opinion

Wolfie is best character!

He looks cute

da best

15 Bess

Um her name is Jessica/Jess...notice Jess not Bess

This is misspelled

16 The Stranger

He was added 2 times on this list

17 Flamethrower Guy
18 Jess

Jessica is already on the list

19 Makkapitew

Without this guy, or girl, Hannah would not be as strong as she is as a wendigo. But I wish you saw him die in the actual game and not the events of the past. This guy is the cause of the game people, apart from josh. Vote for him. He is so cool in the inpatient when you play as him. And the ending where you chase Hannah and Beth and see everything from a wendigo's point of view. It made me feel as if I actually was a wendigo. Wait a minute... I am a wendigo. I am. Yes! I AM A WENDIGOO!

The strongest Wendigo

20 Radio DJ
21 Dan T.
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