Top Ten Best Characters in the Waterfire Saga

This is my favorite book series of all time. I strongly recommend for those who like to read. Feel free to message me if you're interested and would like to know more about this series.

The Top Ten

1 Becca Quickfin Becca Quickfin

She is my favorite merl of the 6 🙃 - cosmo

2 Serafina DiMerrovingia

Brave enough to keep hope alive - cosmo

3 Astrid Kolfinnsdottir

The one who does not yet believe, thus has no choice but to decieve - cosmo

4 Neela

One who's heart, holds the light - cosmo

5 Ling

One who sings all creatures songs - cosmo

6 Ava Corajoso

One possessed of a prophet's sight - cosmo

7 Orfeo

The one who vowed to take Alma back even if it took him 1000 lifetimes. - cosmo

8 Vallerio DiMerrovingia

Serafina's and Desiderio's uncle, and he killed their mother, his own sister. But I still like him - cosmo

9 Marco Contorini

One of the only characters that is human. - cosmo

10 Desiderio DiMerrovingia

Serafina's brother, Vallerio's nephew - cosmo

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