Top Ten Characters Who Could Be A.D. (Uber A) On Pretty Little Liars

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1 Wren Kim

It's Wren Kingston by the way, Wren Kim is his name in the book. Not being rude or anything just letting you know.

I believe that Wren & dr Rollins is the same guy!

It was meant to be wren but they couldn't get him on set for some reason so Troian Bellisario came up with the idea of it being Alex Drake!

2 Lucas Gottesman
3 Melissa Hastings
4 Alison DiLaurentis

There were MANY clues that Ali killed Charlotte. Everything right now is an act. She believes the people are coming after to take her to hell because she murdered Charlotte. We would never suspect Alison because it's apparently 'too obvious'. We know Ali's acting skills. Maybe she knew that Mary was going to pretend to be her mother and probably saw it as the perfect alibi. We all know everything that Alison is capable of.

SHE IS A BITCH and she is Alison Dilaurentis AD

5 Other
6 Jason DiLaurentis
7 Andrew Campbell

I know it's him. He is Mary Drake's son and Charlotte's brother. I also believe Sara works with him and she is Bethany Young, sister of him and Charlotte.

Andrew, in my opinion, is only really a moron. However, I used to say the same about Mona and CeCe... - DieGedankenSindFrei

It is him I know it he is really smart so he can hack into stuff

8 Spencer's Evil Twin
9 Jenna Marshall
10 Aria Montgomery Aria Marie Montgomery is a fictional character and a central protagonist in the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Shepard.

The are strong clues that point at her but the producers want us to think that she be a but remember when Ali was watching a? compare who Ali looks as Vivian and Aria. I think that Ali was watching aria. all the time shes kissed someone while she was dating Ezra she never got busted for that. I have made observations about the people I suspect could be a.d she is a very strong suspect.and she could possibly have mpd (multiple personality disorder) and she could of knew Bethany because she possibly could have been in radley when there were allegedly in Iceland but a.d does say "act normal bitches" but act normal is a movie from Iceland. plus Marlene said it was someone we least suspected. and a.d writes some of him/her/bitch messages on a type writer which aria would have access to. Marlene replied to someone question about a she said lighting bolt x3 kisses x3 and it was before a release of a new episode and aria wears lighting bolts and kisses in the same episode. and aria is always ...more

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11 Sara Harvey
12 Spencer Hastings

She was Mary Drake's child and the liars thought that Mary Drake's other child was A.D

13 Ezra Fitz

He is always there and he has the lair
knew who there were

14 Mike Montgomery
15 Linda Tanner
16 Cece Drake
17 Gabriel Holbrook
18 Noel Kahn
19 Kenneth DiLaurentis
20 Elliot Rollins
21 Paige McCullers
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