Top Ten Characters Who Should Compete In Total Drama Season 7

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1 Noah

Noah is a fan favorite, adding him would boost viewers. Noah was also unfairly eliminated in World Tour and he should make a comeback in the next season. Also, Noah did say at the end of RR that he and Owen have been asked to do a season of a show. However, he got cut off when he was about to mention the show. Also, I think fans are dying to know how the relationship between him and Emma is doing.

Alright Noah Is by Far the Best Character In the Total Drama franchise. He Needs to be in the next season or at least a season from here on out. He's Never made it to the merge! Why? Because he was voted out for stupid reasons.

Let me explain. Alright Season 1 Noah was voted out 3rd because he was being annoying. Yes I understand that I would've voted. Him off to however he's team DIDN'T lose the dodgeball challenge if you slow down the episode right when Harold Cault the the ball it clearly shows that harold did indeed get hit before he had the ball.

And in season 3 it's just stupid first of all the challenge was to optain the Ripper NOT Duncan so Owen and Noah won also even if they lose like they did Duncan was just put on there team and out of all the people duncan could've voted for he choose Noah WHY!

Anyway Yes Noah Should be in a Future season Just Saying.

He's just great.
It would be cool to see him WITHOUT SIERRA
He was my old favourite character and I want to see him being a power house.
I am pretending that sunny muddy sunday doesn't exist. I want more of her.

I think both Noah and Emma deserve to be in the next season of total drama because they're both cool and smart and they are a cute couple. Noah he is funny and in a great guy who deserves to win the money. Emma deserves to win the million bucks also, but I think they should divide it evenly or Noah gives all the money to Emma so her dream of becoming a lawyer will come true. I like to see kitty on the show also.

2 Dawn

Dawn deserves way more screen time she only was eliminated because Scott framed her. She was a great character and made friends but they went when Scott took it all away. I wish Dawn could be in another season she is a great character and deserves more credit

I vote for Dawn because she never got to have a good romance with any of the guys. But if you read fan fiction there are a few of her and Noah. And its actually really cute. The two character you would least expect to like each other, actually but complete one another.

Dawn is such an amazing character, but the producers already said she's not coming back! Which I think that's bull crap! If she was coming back, then the perfect finally would be either Dawn and Noah, or Dawn and Brick! Well I hope you guys all vote for Dawn to come back!

Dawn shoulda be bring back in season seven, or any seasons in the future. She was eliminated way to early, and has hardly had any screen time. Also, I would like to know if she actually started the sanctuary she said she would start when she was booted off.

3 Duncan

Duncan! What can I say he is the worst, most ridiculous cheater ever. I guess in season 1 and 2 he was OK but season 3 was completely a train wreck! The worst thing is he always gets so far for not doing anything. I hate how when he makes an appearance in TDWT he says "All the time when I was on the run, I thought of you" to Gwen but made it seem like he said it to Courtney. WHAT A COMPLETE ANDUTTER LOSER!

Duncan and Dawn. She would see the goodness in his aura, which would antagonize him to no end. It would be a hilarious, unexpected, yet sweet couple. Let's be honest: his relationship with Courtney is toxic to both characters at this point, and his relationship with Gwen is stale since both chose Courtney over each other. There's too much bad blood between the three of them, so Duncan's gotta move on. His exes' input would likely taint his relationship with anyone other than someone who could see the truth for themselves like Dawn (or perhaps Ella, though Duncan's aversion to song makes this pairing seem out of character for him). So while that input affecting all of his friendships and team-building efforts would be valuable entertainment, Courtney and Gwen's frustration at being unable to sway Dawn's opinion of Duncan could also provide entertaining situations. All pairings aside however, Duncan is a boss that regained his mojo and deserves to lie, prank, burn, and bully his way up ...more

Duncan can return in season 7, only if he stops being such an ass To Courtney. Its getting old. He's the one that hurt the poor girl, quit torturing her. You guys have matching tattoos for crying out loud! Kiss and makeup. The constant Duncan and Courtney wanting each other to die is so old. They're nothing like they were in season 1, they're both selfish and greedy now. They let fame change them, it sucks, they were the cutest couple and my favorite characters. Now they both make me want to stick pins in my eyes! But I would love for Duncan to come back, hopefully a little nicer though. He changed in a bad way.

Duncan has been a jerk lately, what happened to his secret soft side? It must be a complete secret now, because he's always just a straight up jerk now. It's mean how he treats Courtney, he acts like he never even liked her. It's weird. He went from chasing her after, with all her playing hard to get, and once her has her he cheats on her and makes he cry. Seems like a waste of time to me, I hate him now. Courtney did not deserve all the mental and emotional, and slight physical abuse Duncan thrust upon her. Courtney is a sweet, caring, nice girl deep down, and Duncan took advantage of that. He's the one that made her go crazy. I would to if my best friend and boyfriend was hooking up behind my back. That has to make her feel bad. It's sad and pathetic the person Duncan became, I hate Gwuncan and they will always be a crappy couple. Duncney was the best thing that ever happened to that whole show, and the only reason I watched it was because Courtney and Duncan had a weird, totally ...more

4 Cody

He's going to compete and he's going to win if he does. I hate Harold, but I agreed with Harold when he said Cody should hit Alejandro in the kiwis when Alejandro and Cody fought for a place in the final two. CODY!

Cody should not return for season 7. His obsession with Gwen is old just like Sierra's obsession with him. They are both alike. All Cody wants is Gwen, and all he does is spend his time on the show avoiding Sierra. Please don't bring him back. Ugh. No.

Cody is a cool character, and even though he's one of the poster characters of Island, he was eliminated 8th. I would of liked to have seen a Cody VS Heather finale for World Tour. No more all stars should return. Duncan ruined Total Drama since WT. Bring back Codester, Noah, ever, Trent, Dawn and Tyler!

Cody's liked by most of the people in the fandom and really deserves character development. Meanwhile we see others return that aren't even likable, Cody gets always left behind meanwhile he's a good character.

5 Mike

Hell no. Mike was fine as an amusing side character in ROTI, who fell to one of the main antagonists before things got really serious. Randomly making him both the main antagonist and the main male protagonist of all stars was a ridiculous decision and overshadowed the few good things in all stars. Besides, even if you like Mike, why should he come back? Unlike even the so called screen hogs of the 1st generation, Mike has had a complete character arc. Gone from being a self doubting, lack of self confidence around girls mpd sufferer to a confident, mentally stable teen with a loving girlfriend. His story has been told in full and anything further would just retread old ground. For you Mike fans, your best bet is to push for him to be in season 2 of the ridonculous race. At least in a fresh environment it may just work.

Mike should come back! Mike is a great character as well as Mal. People are saying that he is boring as himself, but he has had barely any screen time as himself! Also, others are saying that other TD characters should get more story time, but there is plenty of room for other contestants! I disagree with people who say that Mike's story is complete, he now has all the abilities of his personalities, which could make for another great story. When you really think about it, Mike is one of the most interesting and coolest TD contestants ever and he definitely needs to come back.

Mike got all the abilities of his personalities at the end of all-stars, which makes him one of and maybe even the most competent character of the series. Svetlanas acrobatics combined with mantinobas research will be very usefull in the contest.

I don't know why there is so much hate towards Mike. He is such a fleshed out character compared to a lot of the others in past seasons. People say he get's too much screen time but it's because in ROTI he and Zoey were the main couple of the season. And due to his MPD the writers technically had to set up not only just one character but 5 (Mike, Chester, Svetlana, Manitoba, and Vito). Then in TDAS he was the main antagonist of the season as the Malevolent One A.K.A. mal so why wouldn't he get a lot of screen time. I mean so did Heather in season one, so did Alejandro in season 3, and so did Scott in season 4. I'm just saying stop with all the hate towards Mike because honestly I thought he was a fan favorite and should be. Also the writers can always find a way to bring his personalities back if they find just plain old Mike boring. Ha! Mal said that before in All Stars. Good times... Mal/Mike was my favorite character. But getting back to my rant, my last point is that if Mike is ...more

6 Eva

I'll admit, Lindsay deserves it way more but ever only competed once and she has potential to become a very fleshed out contestant. Hopefully if she competes in Season 7 she will get past the merge. My Season 7 Cast:
Lindsay, ever, Courtney, Jasmine, Samey, Amy, Cody, Noah, Ezekiel, Alejandro, Heather, Leshawna, Geoff, Bridgette, Gwen, Trent

she was so funny yet she never came back and there could be many fun rivals with her and I think it would just be good if she was in another season

How many episodes was she in when she was competing, not including aftermath? Like 3 or 4? DON'T BE DOING CHARACTERS LIKE THAT. make her more developed alongside Noah.

Ever was only in 1 season and the first one only. I still remember what she said when she was eliminated. "You guys just lost your toughest player! Without me, you guys have no chance! " Maybe her toughness can help out a team.

7 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pim√Ępotew Kinosewak.

I have to say she deserves to be in it! without her stupid dumb evil twin sister amy I mean if I see amy in this torturing her sister I will freak and I will drive myself crazy! LIKE OMG!

Samey is the most underrated and under-appreciated character. She has so much potential to be her own player and become a big character as she is an underdog and can break free from that and become a friendly, sweet powerhouse. She's so cute and loveable. She's my favourite character in the entire show and she needs to come back and be away from her twin issue.

The reason why Samey should come back for another season of Total Drama is because she didn't get to do much on Pahkitew Island. It would be a great chance to show everyone that she's not useless. I think she is better than her twin sister Amy.

Sammy deserves to be on or win a season WITHOUT AMY. When I first whatched their season I really did believe they would make merge. But they didn't do that. The only time her character got to be developed was when Amy first got the boot.

8 Izzy

Yes! I need Izzy/E-scope/Explosivo to come back! It would be so funny to have her be her crazy self. I would like to see her become friends with Eva.

Izzy was always my fave! Bring her back for season 7! She's crazy, just like she's supposed to be! Her crazy randomness is what makes her a fan favorite! And her and Owen's relationship was cute. Needs to continue, they belong together!

She is very crazy and is eliminated so early. I would like to see her in the top five and more fights with chief. Also IZZY AND OWEN! Have to get back together.

I want her to come back and not be crazy. I want to see her as a somewhat normal person. Please!

9 Brick

cadet that peed himself but yes he could compeete he could be eliminated in ep.11 they go find tresures in a dark place while he piss himself by being scared

he is fun kind and a solger. he is also smelly so could use that to his advantage in challenges. they could do a lot with him honestly so lets see more of him.

I want Brick to come back, because he only competed one season and that was Revenge of the Island.

Brick is loyal,kind and a good team soldier.but jo brakes him up after being so mean to him! That'swhy I think that brick should be a contestant in total drama season 7

10 Lindsay

Lindsay could win a season, Total Drama Island- She came in last during the bike race because of Heather. Total Drama Action- She accidentally eliminated herself. Total Drama World Tour- She was unfairly kicked off after losing the competition vs DJ. Total Drama All-Stars- She once again eliminated herself. I think season seven she should win. She is my favorite character.

Lindsay is my favorite character in Total Drama. I love her character. She's dimwitted, but that's what makes her a hilarious character! She's super sweet and friendly to almost everyone. I was heartbroken when Lindsay was the first voted off in All Stars. She should be in the series way more!

Lindsay should be back for season 7! They are in big time need of a sexy dumb blonde. And I mean her. She's so lovable and hard not to like! She makes the show fun for girls. I also love how every time she opens her mouth I'm laughing, cause I realize how much me and her think alike!

Why isn't she number 1? She's so awesome, she was unfairly eliminated in all the season she competed in, and it would be sweet if she returns to actually make it farther than 6th place, and possibly win

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11 Heather

Heather is smart and is great at being a contestant! If she and Alejandro are both back for season 7 then it will be both thrilling and excitingto watch as they both are the best antagonists in the Total Drama Series and are EXACTLY what they both need for each other

She makes you want to watch the show, it wouldn't be drama without her. Plus if her and Al turn out together, that would be great too. Like put all the paired couples together, then turn them against eachother. But the only way I watch is if I see Heather at least once, but of course she'll make it way past being the first out, I mean her technique is magnificent.

I know she's been in more episodes than any other player, but I still want more of her! She's smart, badass, funny and can hold her own - not to mention that her character development has been great, and that she was one of the few players who wasn't derailed by All Stars

Bring Heather back for season 7! She's great at getting what she wants and always knows how to get it. The others may hate her for it, but she plays the game exactly the way she's supposed to! Plus her and Alejandro and perfect for each other!

12 Alejandro

Alejandro will bring a lot of spice into the season because of his devilish looks and the fact he is the best antagonist in the total drama series, he has both smarts and looks and is EVERYTHING the show needs to make it more entertaining!

He is the best. I think he should actually win for once, I mean he's the best antagonist total drama has ever seen. I really don't understand y people hate him. Just because he tried to win just like every other contestant wants to. I think people just hate him because he eliminated total heroes like Bridgette and Dj. I like them but alejandro is a genius to think up that smart plan. Even. Though he was a jerk, he didn't deserve to be covered on by lava and be put in a robot suit for a year. That's just wrong.

He's the BEST. He knows exactly how to play the game. Apparently the people who hate him don't even know how to play the game. They say he's "mean" but apparently everyone forgets the fact that in Total Drama, you have to do anything to win. Also, he's an antagonist so...whadd'ya expect? If they bring him back, I'm sure the show would be farr more entertaining. The tricks he pulls are very interesting

Do not bring Alejandro back for season 7! He is a player and it is not right the way he does girls. He makes himself hated. He is so fake and nobody likes a fake, manipulative person. Unless maybe it's Heather. Cause that was her thing way before him. Alejandro is just an egotistic knock off! Bye Al.

13 Scott

He's just the most natural villain between Heather and Alejandro. Not to much plot armors like Heather, and not to Godlike like Alejandro. He's the best boi in this show, period!

Most of the Season 4 cast was bland. I only watched it the full way through because of Scott. I liked his tactics as an antagonist and the humor behind everything that happened to him on the island (except for Eat, Puke, and Be Wary and Brain vs Brawn, that was not cool and pretty sadistic of the writers).

I want Scott to win because he is one of the - if not the only - character who has ever needed the money. Most people just wanted to be on T.V., or to make friends, whereas Scott is poor and needs the money. He's funny for the most part, if kinda gross, and he's awkwardly cute.

Scott is all my brothers favorites but not mine now don't get me wrong Scott was ok except for useing mike to his advantage I think he should be in season 7...BUT! I hope someone-Find he's tricking his team and gets him out or if he makes it to finals let it be against Mike/Brick/---Eziekiel- <-Yes I typed Eziekiel on purpose(:
-Posted by Joshua-

14 Beardo

I'm going to be honest: Beardo, Stacy, Leonard, Ezekial, Sam, Katie and maybe Sadie and ever are unless characters, if they come back they're going to be eliminated early.

Do not bring Beardo back for season 7! All his annoying sounds do not make him likeable one bit! They make him twice as annoying!

Beardo's a fun comic relief fodder character who, much like Zeke, deserves a chance to get expanded on.

Bring beardo in the next new season please because he was the first contestant to get voted.

15 Scarlett

Scarlett shoulda been the main villain of PI; I want to see how she'd fare in a new season with everyone knowing how crazy she is.

Yes she should disguise herself. As someone that has been in total drama and when they find out it is Scarlett she should take two episodes to defeat.

Scarlett is amazing and easily the best character in the franchise. Give her another chance to expand on her evilness.

Do it make Scarlett on season 7 it was fun to watch the two episodes to try to defeat her

16 Zoey

I believe Zoey's best moment in the series was when mike left, even though I still like mike, I think their relationship just has had too much focus: Seeing what this underdeveloped character can do on her own and see her interact with other contestants would be awesome!

Zoey is super amazing and I love her so much! I hope I can see more of her soon! Even if it's with or without Mike, as long as I have Zoey, I'll be fine. She is so adorable and I literally love her laugh. If she comes back the first thing I want to hear is her laugh.

Zoey is totally my favorite character, she makes a REALLY cute couple with Mike, she's so sweet and likable, plus she can add some drama if other feelings emerge with another character (even though I ship Mike and Zoey).

Do nor bring zoey back for Season 7! The only times she's liked is when she's flirting with Mike. He's the only reason she was even interesting in the first place, it was all because of their relationship. It was cute. Her, not so much

17 Ella

YES! if there was another world tour Ella would totally sign up! I mean have you heard her singing she would win for sure! I mean she sings like a snow white angel not to mention she is my favorite character! your WELCOME ELLA!

I would say Noah, but he was just in the Ridonculous Race for a majority of the time. We now know so much about him that it wouldn't just make sense at add him in the next Total Drama season, at least for a season or two. I have two favorite Total Drama characters. Noah and Ella. Noah, who I just talked about, has had enough screen time for a bit and his plot with Emma has been fully resolved. What about Ella on the other hand? While Noah has been in 30+ episodes of Total Drama (including the Ridonculous Race), Ella has only been in 6 episodes. I just feel like there is so much about her that we don't know about yet. Why is she a princess? What was her childhood like? Will her plot with Sugar ever be resolved? A lot of people see her as this "one dimensional" character who is only there to annoy the crap out of the other contestants with her singing. Imma let you finish, but Ella can sing better than I ever will. I just sound like nails on a chalkboard if I'm being honest. ...more

Ella should not be disqualified for singing again. Let's give her a second chance. And her love interest, Dave? Dave is a "normal person" while Sky is an awesome girl who made it to the finals of TDPI. I don't know why Sky loves Dave back. Ella loves Dave, and Dave should love Ella back! Go Ella, and Dalla forever!

Ella has the best voice on the show! It's so beautiful when she sings. I would love to see this princess come back! Bring Ella back please! She's my favorite princess! No lie.

18 Courtney

I'm using an online translator, so it should have many spelling errors here, BUT... I really want you to Courtney come back and this time don't destroy the character, What did they do to her in Total Drama All Stars was just a means to eliminate her to leave only the Mike and Zoe, had no way of keeping the main couple if she doesn't leave, Courtney in the All Stars was a lot like the old Courtney of Season 1 and 3 The show was about her, I was really enjoying her and Scott, it was a shame what the writers of the episode did to her, I'm glad that MacDonald was fired and maybe this time it won't spoil the character.

Courtney has always been my favorite character, I don't like her just because she had an affair with Duncan, liked when she was super aggressive in evidence, the episode of the first season, where all participants have to compete to find the purse of 1 million dollars, Courtney was too much, she kidnapped a balloon and almost killed 4 competitors I miss that Courtney, ...more

Let's face it, first of all EVERYONE knows Courtney. If they brought back S1 Courtney instead of making her drool all over guys then the badass level will hit the roof!
Courtney is not doubt very skillfull and competitive, she almost always makes it to the final 4 (let's not count total island where she was booted unfairly) which I really hate cause it seems like the show does her so dirty after all her efforts.
I REALLY hope that with the new season announced, they bring her back AND she will win the damn season because heck she deserves that you can't tell me otherwise.

Bring Courtney back for season 7! She is my favorite, I hope she stands up to Duncan soon, he is such an ass too her. No female deserves to be treated the way she is by Duncan. I know he's a bad boy but in season 1 he wasn't heartless like he is now. Now, he acts like a heartless jerk. It's sad really. Courtney was honestly making him a better person, after they ended he became worse than ever.

I think Courtney should come back with Duncan of course! to make up and be together because you can tell that Duncan still loves Courtney after all those seasons they should get back together and the season would get more interesting if Courtney was in it! courtney is a good competitor to compete against in total drama anyway they should bring her back for the next new season

19 LeShawna

After the horrible, unfair elimination in season one, she never got her redemption. In season 2 people flipped out because she fake cried to get a spa day, but even if she didn't cry, she still did figure out that challenge. I hate that she attacked Heather in World Tour because they became friends and I would love to see her either get the revenge she swore on Alejandro and possibly repair the friendship and become an unstoppable force with Heather

She's a really great character with lots of diversity compared to some of the other characters, and could help bring in more viewers if brought back and left in long enough to develop character. Also she has unfinished business and has never really been fairly eliminated, so she deserves to have a fair chance at least once.

Hello? She was such a strong competitor in the first three seasons and never got to shine the most, even when she made final 5 in TDI. I'd like to see her return because she needs to interact with the new players and needs to develope other relationships with the old players.

I don't get why not many people like Leshawna. She needs to compete way more than she did. She not afraid to get in peoples face if she needs to, but to most people she very nice to. She should be back on season 7 of Total Drama!

20 Silent B

B is a really cool character and has honestly been ripped off so far. I would love to see him back again.
If there is one thing I wouldn't want to see though, it would be him talking aloud. Actions speak louder than words and this guy is proof of that. Also one of my top 6 favourites, possibly even second. So for three episodes that shows just how cool this guy is and why we should see more of him.

B deserves a good storyline, and an actual relationship, and I am not talking about a love relationship, just A relationship. With anyone! A friend, or something, or someone who becomes his translator... He deserves a second chance and could make for an interesting merger.

B is an awesome character and never really got a chance to shine, I still don't get why some people don't like him just because he's a mute. Hopefully he gets a good showing and they remember they don't need to make him talk.

silent B he should still be silent but he should eliminate scott with dakota dawn,brick and sam scott is in last place while b is in 6th

21 Jasmine

Bring Jasmine back for season 7! I love love her accent. She's a pretty girl too. I love her sense of adventure. She's so different than the other girls. I love it! Her and Shawn are the cutest couple ever too! They are a fan favorite and so is Jasmine!

I love Jasmine because she helps on one of her team even though she got eliminated but still she's doing very good by helping Shawn win the $1,000,000 so I confirm to pick her.

I love Jasmine. Although, she didn't have enough fights in season 6. Maybe put her with Jo or someone like that. That would be really awesome

Jasmine has to come back so she and Samey can reunit and help each other out in challenges. Jasmine can also protect Samey from Amy.

22 DJ

He is TOTALLY my favorite character on the show + he's only made to the merge ONCE! It would also be cool if he had a girlfriend. Maybe Geoff will break up with Bridgette and he and Bridge would be B+G. Or maybe he would date a new contestant on the show ( If I were to name a newcomer, I would name her Ellen! )

That would be awesome if he came back for season 6! (And I said season 6 because according to the wiki, Pahkitew island was season 5.2, not 6) I also kind of want Bridgette and Geoff to break up so DJ and Bridgette can get together

DJ does not need to return for season 7. He's had enough screen time! I just don't see his character going anywhere or developing any more than he possibly could have. Its over.

He got so far in season one! Bummer he didn't do good in action.

23 Owen

Owen should not return to season 7. He has had way too much screen time. His character is officially overplayed. He was really only liked when he was with Izzy, anyway. Bring Izzy back!

He is a fan favorite. Of course bring him back, along with Mike and Mal and Heather and Alejandro, if possible. Of course I understand if the show doesn't include everyone's ideas.

No,Keep him out.He is overrated and disgusting. Plus this list is irrelevant since there won't be season 7 since it was comfirmed that season 6 is the final season of the total drama series.

Face it there is no point in putting Noah at the the top without Owen they are such good friends! After I watched the ridonculous race I realised it wasn't just one sided.

24 Tom

He is so funny, nice, amazing and totally hot! He and Jen were so amazing and totally deserve to come back for another season. Let's face it, he got jipped in the first season of RR and has so much potential to retain! He needs to come back, hook up with Jen, and makes some new friends and win! You can't argue because I'm right

Tom is so amazing! He needs to come back and win! He and Jen deserved much more screen time than what they got on ridonculous race

Amazing! He definitely needs to return along with Jen! They deserved much more screen time than they got last season

He has a lot of potential! Maybe too much potential but he deserves to have a lot of screen time!
Just bring him back, please!

25 Chris Chris McLean is a fictional character from the Total Drama Island series as the official host who makes the campers perform a series of challenges for immunity ranging from often humiliating to dangerous.

Hot Just Hot Dude Hot Sweet Accent Everything About Him He Should Have Been A Camper Dudes He Should Have I Bet He Would Have Won Dudes I Bet-Cha

Please bring him back, he is the best host in the whole entire world he also reminds me of my friend they are both mischievous and love to tease Courtney and Duncan

Chris is the best host ever! There's no option not to bring him back! If there is another host than someone is dead!

I think you should bring him back, its funny when he acts cruel and like he's young

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