I honestly don't understand how anyone hates Duncan, but I guess not everyone likes an anti-hero with lots of development. Frankly, I don't care about the ships. Even though he was originally supposed to be a villain, he became the show's male anti-hero protagonist. I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that the creator said Duncan's design was the most fun to create. I don't get why so many people even like Courtney. She's a huge b****. She's obsessed with perfection and wrote up an entire document to dictate how he should act and be. If you can't accept how a person is, then you have no business dating them. How can ANYONE support her? How would you feel if someone you cared deeply for wrote up a document that dictated how they felt and had to compliment them a certain number of times a day? She can jump into a volcano. Gwen is cool, but she and Duncan had awful communication issues, so that would never work out if they tried getting back together. Someone else suggested ...more

Courtney and Duncan will forever be the best Total Drama couple in the history of that show. To fans, it's a big deal. It's more than just an animated couple. It's our love couple, our fan fiction couple, our fan art couple, our opposites attract couple, and so much more. A lot of the dedicated fans are just waiting for the moment to have Duncan and Courtney together again. We grew up with the show, and Duncan and Courtney was our favorite couple, part of the show, and the reason we all fell in love with the whole opposites attract thing.

I think Duncan because Courtney made him go crazy and they should be a couple and not just fight all the time trust me those to are my favorite and Gwen and Duncan no way I'm not a fan of Gwen she should stay with Trent I love Courtney and Duncan the only reason I watch this show is because of Courtney and Duncan and the drama oh I think Courtney should be able to in 7th season too please let those two come back thanks for reading this

They should bring Duncan back for her can get back together with Courtney you can tell he's crazy about her and Courtney is crazy for him and Duncan is the only person who makes Courtney happy really and Courtney makes Duncan happy and is technically the person who gets Duncan on his soft side it's like the good girl is only bad for him and the bad boy is only good to her so he should be in the new season

This boy makes me so mad. He treats my favorite girl on Total Drama (Courtney) like poo. She's a great girl, she just cared about his well being and didn't want him to end up in jail again, so she tried to make him realize maybe there were a few things he could try harder at, or that would help him be a better person. She didn't want to straight up change his whole bad boy style or look, she just didn't want him to end up a lifelong criminal. People are always complaining oh, Courtney wanted to change him, poor delinquent Duncan, boo hoo.Duncan was going nowhere fast, and didn't care about much of anything. This was somebody who actually needed a little changing, so he wouldn't be a loser all his life. Courtney was trying to help him reach his full potential, so he could go somewhere in life. Yeah, if he was somebody that was so sweet and caring to begin with, it'd be a whole different story with her trying to change him. This guy could have went to juvie for something completely ...more

I do not think Duncan should come back on another season. The guy has been on it 5 times, and made merge in all of them! Plus, there are a lot of amazing characters who can really use some character developments, Duncan's time has come already.

Love this guy, but needs to get back together with Courtney. Worst case scenario, Courtney doesn't make it, let him say something along the lines of "She's back home, rooting for along the sidelines." Because they got back together off-screen. But don't be mistaken, I said WORST case scenario.

I only added this so he and Courtney could get back together. - Turkeyasylum

(Only saw Season 1-2 and Part of 5)I hope Duncan comes back, but he still acts like a Bad Boy, but is a little nice like in season 1. I hope him and Gwen Break Up and Gets together with Courtney again, they are cute and work well together.

Courtney is hot, Gwen is snot. Duncan, do the right thing and get your woman back before it's too late. Courtney would forgive you if you made things right, she loves you.

Duncan is so mean to Courtney. They need to get back together, and he needs to step up and learn to be a real man and not a player. It sickens me to see him act like such a slob, after he was so sweet in season 1. I hate him now.

If Duncan and Courtney don't get back together, I won't watch the show anymore. I haven't watched it since he kissed Gwen. It made me cry.

He went downhill after the breakup with Courtney. Too bad he didn't realize what he had until she was gone. Gwen sucks, boyfriend kissing meanie.

Duncan deserve another shot at a million dollars cause every season Courtney or Gwen gets in his way and I wanna see him in a season without those two girls so we can see him win another time

Duncan has his moments, but all in all I think he's had enough screen time. I wouldn't mind seeing him again, but I think there are plenty of amazing characters who we haven't seen much of.

One of the funniest and coolest characters on the show. He has a lot of screen time for a reason. I cheer every time he's winning

He must return to be together with Courtney, again. If he returns for another season and Courtney not, then he doesn't deserve to be in the mergers. - Yona_db

I would prefer Duncan to return well he is not an antagonist but loves making fun of others and also has a heart back from total drama all stars

Sorry, but Duncan has already won a season, so it's not fair to just send a camper back who's already won a season, unless it's for a good reason (such as they won, but they never won their money). Plus, Duncan is a rude, dis-respectful, and hurting antagonist, who hasn't made it any higher than 5th place in every season he's been in.

Courtney and Duncan should get back together. In all stars, Duncan kept on asking Gwen about Courtney. So, Duncan is still into Courtney.

Super would be if Duncan fell in love to Gwen and again they were to steam. And in a later season they got married.

Duncan should have never gone with Gwen. Courtney is better with Duncan. I can't believe Gwen ditched Trent

Whoever said the Duncan and Dawn thing is a Genius. Maybe not them getting together, but at least have them both in the same season.

Duncan should be one the 7th season because the show would be a total mess if Duncan wasn't there, we need a funny badboy. I wish he and dawn would be together, like he does something to make him like her, but he doesn't accept and slowly starts to like her.

It creases me how someone like Duncan can get someone like Courtney, and then throw her away like trash. He's not a real man.