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21 Scott

Well he in my opinion is the best antagonist with the most character beaten only by Alejandro and in his debut season he got so messed up by Zoe and fang and in his second season he was only eliminated because of himself technically he unleashed Mal who didn't help him like he said he would any way Scott has gone through so much that he needs a million dollars to get a better life he lives in a dirt farm and hints that he poor by saying back on the farm it's a burlap sack with small animals inside

Do nit bring Scott back for season 7. He's really gross looking and annoying. It's a let down for Courtney fans that they would make her kiss someone so disgusting. They could have at least paired her with someone better looking. Scott is an annoying redneck. Do not bring him back. Ever! I'm ashamed as a Courtney fan of the disgusting pairing. Bleh!

Most of the Season 4 cast was bland. I only watched it the full way through because of Scott. I liked his tactics as an antagonist and the humor behind everything that happened to him on the island (except for Eat, Puke, and Be Wary and Brain vs Brawn, that was not cool and pretty sadistic of the writers).

Well he was quite the problem but ya know

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22 Trent

Bring him back and make him healthy! He should be over Gwen and in it for the money, but Gwen should think he still likes her. They should remain just friends! I JUST WANT HIM BACK HEALTHY AND HAPPY

I want Trent to be more attractive with Gwen because I want him to say something thoughtful for her.

I hope for Trent to return for a new season and start a relationship again with Gwen since her and Duncan are over, and for duncan to return with Courtney

Bring Trent back

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23 Ella

I would say Noah, but he was just in the Ridonculous Race for a majority of the time. We now know so much about him that it wouldn't just make sense at add him in the next Total Drama season, at least for a season or two. I have two favorite Total Drama characters. Noah and Ella. Noah, who I just talked about, has had enough screen time for a bit and his plot with Emma has been fully resolved. What about Ella on the other hand? While Noah has been in 30+ episodes of Total Drama (including the Ridonculous Race), Ella has only been in 6 episodes. I just feel like there is so much about her that we don't know about yet. Why is she a princess? What was her childhood like? Will her plot with Sugar ever be resolved? A lot of people see her as this "one dimensional" character who is only there to annoy the crap out of the other contestants with her singing. Imma let you finish, but Ella can sing better than I ever will. I just sound like nails on a chalkboard if I'm being honest. ...more

Bring Ella back for season 7! I love her singing and the whole princess fairytale thing. Its cute. Every girl loves her cause she's basically hipster snow white!

Ella has the best voice on the show! It's so beautiful when she sings. I would love to see this princess come back! Bring Ella back please! She's my favorite princess! No lie.

Such a sweet girl with a really unique set of skills. Would of loved to have seen her compete more if they allowed her to sing. Woukd have been such an interesting Finale.

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24 DJ

That would be awesome if he came back for season 6! (And I said season 6 because according to the wiki, Pahkitew island was season 5.2, not 6) I also kind of want Bridgette and Geoff to break up so DJ and Bridgette can get together

DJ is like my best character he has to come back

DJ should return after he was cursed in World Tour.

He is TOTALLY my favorite character on the show + he's only made to the merge ONCE! It would also be cool if he had a girlfriend. Maybe Geoff will break up with Bridgette and he and Bridge would be B+G. Or maybe he would date a new contestant on the show ( If I were to name a newcomer, I would name her Ellen! )

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25 Lightning

Lightning is a really competitive player and should be back but only with Jo! Those 2 cause so much drama

Lightning is the best and I don't care what anyone says. He won in ROTI and should be back because of how awesome he is and deserves to be back, seeing how he was on All-Stars meaning he is one of the best.

Lightning is sha-awesome! I want to see him again please. More lightning! He's my favorite!

šˇLIGHTIN⚡ SHABAM SHAWAYUM-Protein Powder -I think he should be in season 7
~Posted by Joshua~

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26 Carrie

I think Carrie would do well in the next season of Total Drama.

She is super nice as should have interaction with heather. That would be hilarious

She should have won the ridonculous race

She is le best from le ridoncoulous race

27 Gwen

Bring Gwen back for season 7! I feel like she has so much more of a storyline ahead for her. She needs to get back with Trent though. They were a cute couple, Gwen with Duncan was an annoying and hated pair for most. Gwen can do better than Duncan. Trent is the guy for her, she was dumb to let him go. I hope she will realize and get him back.

Okay so I know it's about timetime they scrapped Gwen and moved on since she's had so much screentime already, but all stars ended so badly for her, and if they brought Trent back she could still have some drama going with him. If only that happened andI they, could end up back I would be totally fine with the writers saying they've done what they can with her character and say goodbye to her for good. Gwen has been my favourite from the start and she was so cute with Trent, it would really be a shame if we never saw her again after her breaking up with her boyfriend, only to gain a new friend that would eventually betray her anyway, All Stars were totally one of her more unfortunate seasons

In my opinion, I think that the season would not be complete without Gwen. She is one of the most important characters in Total Drama, and it would be very sad to see this season go on without her.

I think Gwen should come back to become more strategizing and rub it in Duncan Courtney and Trent’s ugly faces

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28 Tom

He's the best! I really want him to return. Deserves so much more screen time than he previous got. PLEASE BRING BACK TOM AND JEN

Amazing! He definitely needs to return along with Jen! They deserved much more screen time than they got last season

I love Tom and Jen they should be friends with Dakota

Just super awesome and deserves a shot at winning because his Ridonculous race time was way too short, he and Jen have way more potential

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29 Samey

The reason why Samey should come back for another season of Total Drama is because she didn't get to do much on Pahkitew Island. It would be a great chance to show everyone that she's not useless. I think she is better than her twin sister Amy.

Sammy is awesome but I think they should make one season with all the cast on teams

Samey I want to see again and her Amy treats like she's Cinderella

Samey should get a boyfriend that matches her character.

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30 Alejandro

He is the best. I think he should actually win for once, I mean he's the best antagonist total drama has ever seen. I really don't understand y people hate him. Just because he tried to win just like every other contestant wants to. I think people just hate him because he eliminated total heroes like Bridgette and Dj. I like them but alejandro is a genius to think up that smart plan. Even. Though he was a jerk, he didn't deserve to be covered on by lava and be put in a robot suit for a year. That's just wrong.

He's the BEST. He knows exactly how to play the game. Apparently the people who hate him don't even know how to play the game. They say he's "mean" but apparently everyone forgets the fact that in Total Drama, you have to do anything to win. Also, he's an antagonist so...whadd'ya expect? If they bring him back, I'm sure the show would be farr more entertaining. The tricks he pulls are very interesting - Hanah_Ant

I like him also he is so cute and he has to win I fell sorry when heather kick him in the nuts that must have hurt he is very cute thou thanks for making him and I think he is why cuter than his brother jose

He is very strong smart and good looking he is the brains the brawns and the beauty all together he is also very mulipitive and some how always tricks the ladies u think they would've figured out he's trick by now huh

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31 Jen

Jen should come back to compete, because she has the same name of the pink ranger in Power Rangers Time Force.

She is so funny I want her back she was eliminated to early in the ridonculous race


32 Chris

Please bring him back, he is the best host in the whole entire world he also reminds me of my friend they are both mischievous and love to tease Courtney and Duncan

Chris is the best host ever! There's no option not to bring him back! If there is another host than someone is dead!

I think you should bring him back, its funny when he acts cruel and like he's young

Oh come on I can't believe this is here. You gotta bring back chris he is the host! He can and will never be replaced!

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33 Harold

I love Harold! He is the best character on the show! If he gets put on season 7, I will jump up and down screaming and squealing with Joy!

Hello. He needs more development. - sdgeek2003

Harold is awesome! He deserves to come back and finally win, after all the torment he got in the other seasons, he deserves the million.


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34 Geoff

Geoff is one of the people that made the show loved so much! Bring him back! Dude is awesome, He needs to finally win already, and throw one of his famous parties!

Geoff is the party man and also there is bridgette! If she is in he has to!

He is one of the funniest total drama characters he needs to come back

Geoff is the reason I love this show so much. season 1 geoff was the best! he got to where he was because he was fun, laid back and he was a genuine, nice guy. I love geoff and bridgette but I wish they would stop throwing them under the bus and have them do nothing but make out all the time. they're both formidable players! geoff could get far because he's so likable. he even had a cute friendship with gwen! I'm so hoping for the return of the REAL geoff I fell in love with!

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35 Crimson

I really like Crimson. Bring her to season 7. She's like the better cooler version of Gwen! Or more updated anyway! I could really see her shining in total drama season 7. She'd be a fan favorite, queen emo! And I love her style. Too cool.

That would be cool and Loki could be there to

I love her style and everything about her

I'd love to see her and eunnui interact with Gwen

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36 Jo

Jo is a really competitive player and should be back but only with Lightning! Those 2 cause so much drama

Jo is my favorite total drama contestant in the world! She is way better than ever

Do not bring Jo back in season 7. She looks like smiley Cyrus, bleh. I don't see a storyline development for her character either. She's just a character that's there to be there. She has not point. Season 7 needs to have characters with a good plot, not flat characters like Jo.

No way jo is going to total drama again

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37 Shawn

Bring Shawn back for season 7! He reminds me of a walking dead character! His relationship with Jasmine is adorable, and he's an awesome character himself. He needs another chance at the prize money, and he's actually one of the newer characters that's really liked and not annoying!

Shawn should play in the next new season of total drama but even though he overacts of zombies and everything so bring him.

Shawn should return to be reunited with Jasmine.

Dude you watch too much movies zombies seriously

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38 Amy

"Do not bring back Amy for season 7!... " Sorry, but Amy have a lot of potential for become an awesome character and we haven't seen a lot of her. Oh and please don't use WE, you aren't all the people here, use I.

I don't like her but Amy have potential to became a good character. She should be in more seasons along with her sister.

I love the whole evil cheerleader thing! Amy is the best, I want to see more of her, hopefully she will return in season 7!

Please no! I've had enough of her.

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39 Blaineley

I could actually see Blaineley making a really good antagonist. She'd want the money to donate to some charity to boost her own popularity. Good plan, selfish reasons. Plus her Hollywood acting abilities would help her out, and her rivalry with Chris would be awesome!

Blaineley needs to return for season 7! Miss Hollywood's needs a chance to continue to shine, it'd be so much fun to have her back! She's way funny too. Love her Paris Hilton thing she got going on!

Ahem aftermath. Plus the action special. But she does deserve more screen time

Blaineley vs Topher...

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40 Dakota

For crying out loud this girl has been through so much she probably is afraid to leave her home cause everyone would scream at her sense she is a giant monster, I want her to come back get a cure and be the first blonde hair mean girl to win total drama

Hopefully she comes back because I still want to punch Chris in the face and bang my head against a wall while going " bleep bleep bleep"!

Dakota deserves to comeback I bet they will find some way to turn her back to normal.

I wish I had a time machine so I could stop this from happening

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