Top Ten Characters Who Should Compete In Total Drama Season 7


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81 Puffball

They should also throw in Mila, Bobby Joe, and Celia.

That's in battle for dream island!

Who the heck is puffball?


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82 Soudanco

They should rename this character Jade.

83 Sam

Bring Sam back for season 7! He's the cartoon version of Seth Rogen! I love it! Lol. He's soon funny! His relationship with Dakota is adorable!

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84 Jay

Total awesome charter and needs to be without mikey it would be fun

Jay's design was originally for cameron

He is the Cameron of the new season.

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85 Brody

Brody wants to win, so he can "throw the biggest beach bash party in the world, a bigger party than his bro Geoff ever has".

Has lots of potential must be in season 7,8,9 or 10

Would great and funny if Brody was in season 7

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86 Mickey

Mickey is one of my favorites and I would love to return.

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87 Josee

Only bring josee if you bring al

It would be great to have Josee and Jacque compete on different teams.

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88 Laurie

Yes and there we will learn that she is evil

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90 MacArthur

I love MacArthur in Ridonculous Race, she's awesome! She's wild and crazy, and not afraid to be herself. Definitely would love to see her in season 7. She has my vote!

Yes she needs to come back she is hilarious and she should rival heather

She was so close to winning and deserves another shot!

If she dosen't come back I will be so mad but then again she almost won the ridonculous race and if you look at total drama it says 2007-2014 but I want 10 more seasons

91 Miles

I'm a vegan like Miles, and I like the fact that she wants to use the money for a good cause. Bring her back!

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92 Rock

Rock is awesome! I want him to be in season 7 so bad!

Yes! Let's have Rock back for another season.

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93 Rodney

Big Muscular guy but not very smart... He needs to come back!

Rodney should come back, so he choose his true love.

I love Rodney. He's so cute when he acts in love

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94 Sanders

I really like her but Macarthur's better

She is amazing needs to come back

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95 Gerry
96 Poochie

Poochie is the boy with orange hair, Boss, Athletic, Loves Food and weighs 709 pounds

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