Characters Who You Wouldn't Want to Find at Your Friend's House

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Jeff the Killer Jeff the Killer is a creepypasta usually accompanied by a picture of a white face looking in to the camera smiling in an unsettling manner. The creepypasta is also usually accompanied by the term "Go to sleep".

He would say "go to sleep" and execute you. - EpicJake

Slender Man

He is tall ad faceless. - EpicJake

Barney the Dinosaur Barney The Dinosaur is a purple dinosaur from the TV series "Barney and Friends", as well as the VHS series before that known as "Barney and the Backyard Gang". He was created by Sheryl Leach in 1987, to entertain her 2 year old son. He is infamously known for his "I Love You" song, and his TV series more.

He scares me. I want to kill him. - EpicJake

Ugly ass dinosaur

Dora Dora is the main protagonist in the show "Dora the Explorer". Her main occupation is exploring with her monkey friend, Boots.

She would say "let's go exploring" and I would say no and kill her.


I would murder him immediately. - EpicJake

Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.
Chucky Doll Charles Lee Ray is a fictional character and the titular antagonist of the Child's Play horror film series.

I don't want an alive doll in my room - EpicJake

Arthur Arthur Timothy Read is the titular protagonist of both the book series and the PBS children's television show Arthur, created by Marc Brown.

Come on Arthur haters, let's kill him so the show will be canceled for good. - EpicJake

Imhotep (Mummy Series)

Seriously, this dude is immortal and so powerful. Damn! He is probably the most powerful character in the entire list!


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Rachel Green Rachel Karen Green is a fictional character, one of the six main characters who appeared in the American sitcom Friends.

Why is she on this list? Seeing any Friends character at my friend’s house would be awesome.

The Djinn (Wishmaster)

It would probably the Djinn disguised as my friend. My friend would probably be dead.

Finn the Human Finn 'the Human' Mertens is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the American animated television series Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward.
Sonichu Sonichu is allegedly the most powerful anime character of all time. He was created by Christine Weston Chandler, mostly well-known as Chris-Chan in the Sonic the Hedgehog community. It's a combination of Sonic and Pikachu, which makes him unstoppable.
Herbert The Pervert (Family Guy)

Don't remind me!

Hannibal Lecter Dr. Hannibal Lecter is a character in a series of suspense novels by Thomas Harris. Lecter was introduced in the 1981 thriller novel Red Dragon as a forensic psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer.


Reggie (Creepypasta)

He would want a taste of my flesh and blood.

Slappy the Dummy

He could have turned my friend into a dummy for all I know. Then he would want to do it to me too.

Willie Scott (Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

Oh my god, all she does is whine and complain. I would get irritated really fast.

Puppeteer (Creepypasta)
Mr. Widemouth
Principal (To Love-Ru)
Bear (Family Party: 30 Great Games - Obstacle Arcade)
Painis Cupcake
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