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61 Frisk - Undertale Frisk - Undertale

It's a child!, How can you sexualize a child!

62 Penelope Pussycat (Garfield and Friends) Penelope Pussycat (Garfield and Friends) Penelope Pussycat is an animated cartoon character, a cat featured in the Warner Bros. classic Looney Tunes animated shorts as the protagonist of the Pepe Le Pew shorts.
63 Finn (Adventure Time)
64 Jake (Adventure Time)
65 Raven (Teen Titans Go!) Raven (Teen Titans Go!)

Horny fanboys - hunnyqueen09

66 Jar-Jar Binks V 1 Comment
67 Ironman

How? Is it because of that Captain America Civil War? - hunnyqueen09

68 Barney The Dinosaur Barney The Dinosaur Barney The Dinosaur is a purple dinosaur from the TV series "Barney and Friends", as well as the VHS series before that known as "Barney and the Backyard Gang". He was created by Sheryl Leach in 1987, to entertain her 2 year old son. He is infamously known for his "I Love You" song, and his TV series more.

Fans? What fans? - Goatworlds

69 Luna Loud Luna Loud
70 Yoshi Yoshi Yoshi, once romanized as Yossy, is a fictional anthropomorphic dinosaur who appears in video games published by Nintendo.

It bugs me when so many peeps draw Rule 34 of Yoshi, thinking that his tongue should be used for more than just eating. >_< So wrong!

Super rude 4 year old kids. If Yoshi isn't your favorite or one of your favorite characters, YOU WILL BE ATTACKED. - DCfnaf

71 Chowder - Chowder

Chowder Doesn't Even Have A Fanbase

72 Harley Quinn (Arkham City) Harley Quinn (Arkham City) Harley Quinn is a fictional character appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, commonly as a sidekick of the Joker.

Horny fanboys - hunnyqueen09

73 Danny Phantom Danny Phantom Daniel "Danny" Fenton, also known by his alias Danny Phantom, is the half-human/half-ghost protagonist of the television series Danny Phantom. As the ghostly superhero Danny Phantom, he protects the citizens of Amity Park from the dangerous ghosts of the Ghost Zone.

I hate the fangirls on this stupid ghost crap. I mean, come on, Danny Phantom is just a fictional character. Just stop treating Danny like a real boyfriend. You guys always despising that Miraculous Ladybug has awful fanbase but how about Danny Phantom fanbase? The fanbase of Danny Phantom are really bad. They send death treats to the people who hate Danny Phantom by said whoever hate Danny Phantom is idiot, retarded, and should end haters' life. They also make other good boy fictional characters look bad like Randy Cunningham and Cat Noir aka Adrien Agreste. They think those characters are jerks amd has crazy fangirls. Just look the truth: Randy Cunningham fangirls are nicer, tomboyish, and doesn't obsessed with Randy just because he is hot. I like Randy because he is a good character who have a cool, kind, forgiving personality. Even though Randy is a jerk, doesn't mean he is hated plus underrated. Look at Adrien Agreste. Even Adrien is from rich family, he is really kind. Adrien ...more - ChatNoirFan18

74 Widowmaker - Overwatch Widowmaker - Overwatch Widowmaker is a fictional, playable villain hero appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch, developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Introduced in November 2014 at BlizzCon, Widowmaker made her debut in Overwatch, released in May 2016.

Porn - hunnyqueen09

75 Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy Tifa Lockhart - Final Fantasy

True, they only like her because she's got big "jiggle physics".

Horny fanboys - hunnyqueen09

76 Bendy - Bendy and the Ink Machine Bendy - Bendy and the Ink Machine
77 Nanami Chiaki (Danganronpa)

I like the character (not one of my favorites but okay) but for the fanboys who bash on people who don't like her or call her a mary sue (she actually Is one In the DR3 Despair anime, heck how the other characters seemingly worship her Is weird) and call them heartless should shut up. They can have their opinions and you can have yours, so learn how to accept that not everyone has to love your waifu. And also, Chiaki won't care If you defend her 24/7 and gush over her like a real life Hifumi, why? Because she's not real. She's a fictional character. She won't cry If someone hates her, she won't die if someone makes a flame rant on her and nothing would happen to her to begin with! You guys need to get a life and realize that your waifu isn't the point of the world and someone criticizing her is not the end of the world. In short, you guys need to get a life and quit worshipping your waifu as If she's a well developed and well round character (I personally think she lacks depth and her ...more - MLPFan

78 Lucario (Pokemon) Lucario (Pokemon) Lucario is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. Created by Ken Sugimori, Lucario first appeared as a central character in the film Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and later appeared in the video games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and subsequent sequels, also appearing more.

There's too much rule 34 for this character which is annoying.

But it's really strong - Goatworlds

I like Lucario, but not even strongness gives it an excuse from having a fanbase of sick art and a fanbase of people who have made the worst OCs of it. Yes, I'd give it a 9/10 but I deducted 1 from the original rating because of the fanbase. - Swellow

79 Blaze the Cat Blaze the Cat

Also, some fans ship themselves with her. WHAT THE HECK ARE THEY THINKING?!

At first, I thought Blaze was really a cool character who has the potential to rival that of Sonic or Shadow, but even she isn't safe from having an obnoxious fanbase. That is, if her fans are more into classic cartoons rather than video games. Blaze never really appeared in a cartoon series or anything outside of video games and the Sonic comics, so putting her in a crossover relationship with someone like Felix the Cat or *gasp* Mickey Mouse does not seem right especially since both of those characters already have love interests (Kitty and Minnie Mouse respectively). Blaze is also mistaken for a "Mary Sue" when she's not.

80 Krystal (Star Fox)

When Krystal first appeared in Star Fox Adventures, the whole Furry Fandom went nuts over her because of the fact she was designed to be an attractive character. The bad thing is that some of those furries who like Krystal have never played the Star Fox games she's in, aren't even Star Fox fans, don't even know what Star Fox is or who Fox McCloud is, that they prefer to pair themselves or one of their original characters with her or (god forbid) put her a crossover relationship with another series' character instead. She is often blamed for the lack of quality of the recent Star Fox games or how she was portrayed in some scenes or endings in Star Fox Command, which led her fanbase to an all around flame war full of debates, nitpicking and theories. Since the upcoming Star Fox Zero is following the roots of Star Fox 64, Krystal's chances of reappearing is slim, but I would not show any hesitation if she were to appear again, since she still has a small handful of sane fans and her game ...more

Krystal may have a bad fanbase but her haters are even worse.

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