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1 Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

Yeah baby! Asuka is the worst!

Emotionally weak, bratty, know-it-all, dishonest, crazy, overconfident, tries-to-act-older-than-her-age, stupid teen. - Pinkarray

2 Rosalina (Super Mario Bros.) Rosalina (Super Mario Bros.) Rosalina, known as Rosetta in Japan, is a major character in the Mario Bros . Franchise . She first appeared in the popular Mario Game, Super Mario Galaxy in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii and later returned for the game's sequel in 2010 . Since then, she has been featured in many main-series Mario Games more.

She cried with her hands over her face. - Pinkarray

3 Dora (Dora The Explorer) Dora (Dora The Explorer) Dora is the main protagonist in the show "Dora the Explorer" her main occupation is exploring with her monkey friend Boots .

I want Yandere to hurt Dora in the worst kind of way imaginable, I want her to make Dora suffer so much that she'll wish she was dead - ZootopiaFan


4 Ritsuko Akagi (Neon Genesis Evangelion)
5 Pico (Boku No Pico) Pico (Boku No Pico) Pico is from the anime "Boku No Pico". Pico was produced by Natural High. Pico (ぴこ Piko) is a blonde boy who works part-time at Tamotsu's grandfather's bar in the summer. He's often shown swimming, usually naked or in a blue Speedo. He has worn girls' clothing ever since Tamotsu gave some to him more.
6 Misato Katsuragi (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Misato Katsuragi (Neon Genesis Evangelion) Misato Katsuragi is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise created by Gainax.

Too strict and she drinks too much. - Pinkarray

7 Sugou Nobuyuki (Sword Art Online) Sugou Nobuyuki (Sword Art Online) Sugou Nobuyuki is a fictional character who appears in the Sword Art Online series of light novels by Reki Kawahara . He is the main antagonist of the Fairy Dance arc .

I 100% AGREE - Nobody101

8 Anna (Frozen) Anna (Frozen) Princess Anna of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.

I feel much rather sorry for Elsa but I'll never ever even feel sorry for that obnoxious, insufferable huge royal pain in the butt at all because that young girl ruined Disney, especially the movie, Frozen! She alway has to be the most all time annoying, irritating, eardrum busting, headache giving insult to Gerda the original heroine of The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen. That Anna's the biggest main reason why Frozen wasn't worth watching at all. In fact, that Anna's the biggest main reason why Frozen was not enough Elsa at all.

Wish she grew up to be less isolated in the modern day setting without Elsa.

Yes I Hate Anna of Frozen
But I Prefer Elsa of Frozen

9 Cosmo (Sonic X)

You only put her here just because you want Tails to be with Cream, which is never gonna happen. If Cosmo died, then Tails should be with Zooey from Sonic Boom.

She cries too much and with her hands, too. - Pinkarray

10 Chandler (The Loud House)

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11 Clementine (The Walking Dead)

Depending on what action you take, she can cry with her hands over her face. - Pinkarray

12 Trina Riffin (Grojband) Trina Riffin (Grojband) Trina Riffin is a main antagonist from Canadian show, GrojBand. She is Corey Riffin's older sister who has anger issues. She has a crush to Nick Mallory. She hates GrojBand with burning passions. Corey sometimes pissed her by ruining her good day to go to diary mode so he can steal her diary for his more.

Great, just what we need, another insufferable tyrannical brat...

13 Kendall Vertes (Dance Moms)

She cried with her hands over her face. - Pinkarray

14 Amanda Killman (Bunsen is a Beast) Amanda Killman (Bunsen is a Beast)
15 Cream the Rabbit (Sonic Games) Cream the Rabbit (Sonic Games)

Cries too much. - Pinkarray

16 Brittany Wong (Star vs. the Forces of Evil) Brittany Wong (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
17 Hikari Horaki (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

She's too nice but also too bratty and also made 'friends' with that jerk Asuka! Asuka doesn't need friends. - Pinkarray

18 Gina Hemphill-Toms (Big Nate) Gina Hemphill-Toms (Big Nate)
19 Numbuh 3 (Kids Next Door) Numbuh 3 (Kids Next Door)

Always hated this kid, she cried with her hands over her face. - Pinkarray

20 Princess Morbucks (Powerpuff Girls Z) Princess Morbucks (Powerpuff Girls Z)
21 Sonichu (Sonichu) Sonichu (Sonichu) Sonichu is allegedly the most powerful anime character of all time. He was created by Christine Weston Chandler, mostly well-known as Chris-Chan in the Sonic the Hedgehog community. It's a combination of Sonic and Pikatchu, which makes him unstoppable.
22 Rosechu (Sonichu) Rosechu (Sonichu)
23 Mufasa (The Lion King) Mufasa (The Lion King)

Why is he in there? Can someone provide a reason why? I mean, what has he done wrong? - Pinkarray

24 Rosie (Caillou)

Or caillou himself

25 Elsa (Frozen) Elsa (Frozen) Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.
26 Duke of Weselton (Frozen)
27 Jar Jar Binks (Star Wars franchise) Jar Jar Binks (Star Wars franchise)

Just like in that IT starring Jar Jar Binks video - ZootopiaFan

28 Cream the Rabbit (Sonic) Cream the Rabbit (Sonic)

She's already on the list - ZootopiaFan

29 Hotaru Takegawa (Hotarubi no Mori e)

She cried with her hands over her face when she was younger. - Pinkarray

Why is she on this list?

30 Waluigi (Mario Series) Waluigi (Mario Series) Waluigi is a selfish, greedy man who works closely with the infamous Wario. He is Luigi's rival and is known as the opposite of him. Waluigi first appeared in the Gameboy Color game, Mario Tennis as Wario's partner. He has appeared in every Mario Tennis game since, still remaining as Wario's wicked more.


31 Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya) Haruhi Suzumiya (Haruhi Suzumiya) Haruhi Suzumiya is the title character and female protagonist of the Haruhi Suzumiya series created by Nagaru Tanigawa.
32 Jeffy (SuperMarioLogan) Jeffy (SuperMarioLogan)

He's a jerk. Yet people still like SuperMarioLogan's characters. Well nit this one...

33 Chizuru Aizawa (Squid Girl) Chizuru Aizawa (Squid Girl)

She's a jerk

34 Hotaru Ichijo (Non Non Biyori)

She cries too much. - Pinkarray

35 Komari Koshigaya (Non Non Biyori)

She keeps worrying about wanting to be a grown up. I think that's unrealistic and sassy! - Pinkarray

36 Kion (The Lion Guard) Kion (The Lion Guard) A lion cub who's the son of Simba and Nala, Mufasa's grandson, Kiara's younger brother, the prince of the Pride Lands, and the leader of the Lion Guard. He's the group's fiercest member. Kion serves as the main protagonist of the series.

The person who suggested all this... do they have something against "the lion guard" or something?

37 Bunga (The Lion Guard) Bunga (The Lion Guard)
38 Fuli (The Lion Guard) Fuli (The Lion Guard) Fuli is a cheetah character from the 2016 Lion King spin-off series The Lion Guard. She is voiced by Diamond White. She is the fastest and only female in the lion guard. She has been described as a confident and tough cheetah.
39 Beshte (The Lion Guard) Beshte (The Lion Guard)
40 Ono (The Lion Guard) Ono (The Lion Guard)
41 Janja (The Lion Guard) Janja (The Lion Guard)
42 Cheezi (The Lion Guard) Cheezi (The Lion Guard)
43 Chungu (The Lion Guard) Chungu (The Lion Guard)
44 Mzingo (The Lion Guard) Mzingo (The Lion Guard)
45 Simba (The Lion King) Simba (The Lion King) Simba is a fictional character who appears in Disney's The Lion King franchise. Introduced in Walt Disney Animation's 32nd animated feature film The Lion King (1994), the character subsequently appears in its sequels The Lion King II: Simba's Pride (1998) and The Lion King 1½ (2004).

Why him? He's a strong, compelling, ambitious, hopeful animal His daddy died and that was sad. What did he do wrong? - Pinkarray

46 Scar (The Lion King) Scar (The Lion King) Scar is the main antagonist of Disney's 1994 animated feature film, The Lion King. He was the second son of Ahadi and Uru — who were, at one time, King and Queen of the Pride Lands — the younger brother of Mufasa, and the uncle of Simba.

I don't know who put him and Mufasa from Lion King up but that is my favorite movie and I really want to know why they are in there? - Pinkarray

47 Nala (The Lion King) Nala (The Lion King)
48 Ed (The Lion King)
49 Sora (Kingdom Hearts) Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
50 Ryoji Kaji (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

He's too calm and a terrible guardian of the kids. He submits to Asuka's requests and doesn't even discipline her anyhow. He is perverted. - Pinkarray

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