Characters You Would Love to Watch Fight Each Other to the Death

don't you ever want to watch people kill each other i know i do (not real people just so you know)

The Top Ten

1 Batman vs Ironman Batman vs Ironman

I think Iron Man would win. - TheFourthWorld

I'd say ironman would win - toptendudes

Batman so hell bats suit will rope uronman - FreeKeyWorld

2 Superman vs Goku

Superman already destroyed Goku twice in Death Battle, Goku has limits Superman doesn't. - egnomac

I'll go with Superman. He's overpowered. - TheFourthWorld

Superman would destroy goku in this fight - toptendudes

Super wins - FreeKeyWorld

3 Captain America vs Wonder Woman

Captain america would probably win - toptendudes

Wonder woman wins - FreeKeyWorld

My favorite Marvel character and my favorite DC character! :D
I love Captain America, but to be honest, I think Wonder Woman would win. She is a demi-goddess, while Captain America is just a human (with enhanced abilities). - TheFourthWorld

4 Hulk vs Green Lantern

If green lantern uses his imagination rightly than he can win - FreeKeyWorld

If green lantern uses his imagination rightly than he can win - FreeKeyWorld

Green lantern would probably win but barely - toptendudes

5 Venom vs. Carnage Venom vs. Carnage

I give this one to carnage - toptendudes

6 Galactus vs Anti Monitor

Gotta give it to anti monitor on this one - toptendudes

7 Batman vs Spider Man

Spider man would win this - toptendudes

8 Flash vs Quick Silver Flash vs Quick Silver

Flash would murder quicksilver easily why did I even put this on the list - toptendudes

9 Odin vs Ares

I think Ares would win easily. - TheFourthWorld

Gotta give this one to Ares - toptendudes

10 Ghost Rider vs Scorpion

I'd say scorpion would win - toptendudes

The Contenders

11 Wolverine vs Batman

Wolverine has gotta win this - toptendudes

12 Scorpion vs Akuma
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