Top Ten Bahamut Lagoon Characters

This was a fantastic game at the end of the SNES era by Squaresoft, with lots of great characters in it. Let's see which ones were cool.
The Top Ten
1 Byuu

Byuu the main hero and silent protagonist isn't the kind of person with words but everyone in his Dragon Squad admires him and roots for him all the way, even some of his enemies find him respectable, now that's quite nice. His skill with two swords as a Cross Knight help.

2 Yoyo

Princess, later Queen of Kahna, her summoning abilities and her keeping of the Holy Dragon summons in her head make her a great character both in gameplay and in plot.

3 Matelite

In many ways, Matelite is the predecessor to the generally hammy Adelbert Steiner of Final Fantasy IX (remember, Bahamut Lagoon was a prototype for Final Fantasy Tactics). Matelite's a thick-headed armor head, who sells off his own branded armor and has a huge devotion and crush on Princess Yoyo (which really isn't all that well-received), plus his Inspire skill is of great use in-game.

4 Palpaleos

General Palpaleos of the Granbelos empire is the other Cross Knight, and actually the last member to join Byuu's group, he starts out as an enemy working for Emperor Sauzer of Granbelos. But his devoted love for Yoyo, which is received back to him by the princess, is what persuades him to join Byuu's quest. Even better, Sauzer allows him to do it. He's basically on par with Byuu and makes an excellent rival, even winning the girl that either Byuu or Matelite could have got.

5 Taicho

Taicho the leader of the Mahal knights is a decent character, mostly on par with Matelite, but he does get a lot of screentime as a second-in-command to Matelite most of the time. His backstory revolves around the sad loss of his wife Celine and how he was a coward for not handling the situation, but working with Byuu's group proves rather fruitful for him.

6 Sendak

He's a senile old man, self-proclaimed captain of the Kahna dragon squad, but his usefulness stems from his battle ability as he is in fact the other summoner in the game besides Yoyo, that he can also sense the Holy Dragons despite not being the real host.

7 Donfan

I can't leave this guy out, he's quite possibly a great example of a Squaresoft character who is a complete womanizer, someone who lusts for love from the ladies, and always getting in a pinch. He has plenty of hilarious scenes, one of which is optional but proves funny due to him being a spy and still trying to court the Granbelos ladies. He's a lancer in combat, so he has spears but not a lot of range with them.

8 Bikkebakke

The perpetually nervous Bikkebakke is one of three buddy knights that Byuu starts out with, his nervousness is heavily played, and how he tries to make ends meet selling various items, such as books or mushrooms or even Matelite's equipment. But he's basically on par with the other knights.

9 Rush

Rush is a strange fellow in the three buddy knights that Byuu has. He's not really fledged-out until near the end where he has a small rivalry with Matelite for some reason. And then he's forced into being a storekeep where you can buy weapons, armor, and items all at once. Regardless, his combat skills as a knight work out great.

10 Truce

The last knight, perhaps the most boring one but also the most level-headed, Truce has several story scenes, stuff involving thinking on certain whims or accidentally being in the woman's quarters on their carrier. Who knows what's up with him, but at least Truce is just like the other knights, a jack-of-all-trades in combat who will generally be one of the better members overall.

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