Fictional Queens

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1 Galadriel (The Lord of the Rings) Galadriel is a character created by J.R.R. Tolkien, appearing in his Middle-earth legendarium. She was one of the greatest of the Eldar in Middle-earth, and surpassed nearly all others in beauty, knowledge, and power. She was also the bearer of Nenya, one of the three Elven rings of power. In film,... read more

I doubt anyone would complain if she called herself queen but she is only known as "lady Galadriel".

2 Frigg (Norse Mythology)
3 Guinevere (Arthurian Legends)
4 Hera (Greek Mythology)
5 Regina Mills (Once Upon a Time)
6 Daenerys Targaryen (A Song of Ice and Fire) Daenerys Targaryen is a fictional character in George R. R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels, as well as the television adaptation.
7 The Snow Queen (The Snow Queen)
8 Queen Amidala (Star Wars) Padmé Amidala is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, appearing in the prequel trilogy portrayed by actress Natalie Portman.
9 Elsa (Frozen) Queen Elsa of Arendelle is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd animated film Frozen.
10 Clarisse Renaldi (The Princess Diaries)
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11 Arwen (The Lord of the Rings)
12 Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) The Queen of Hearts is a character from the book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by the writer and mathematician Lewis Carroll.
13 Moccamori (WitchSpring)
14 Queen Sectonia (Kirby: Triple Deluxe)
15 Lucy Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia) Lucy Pevensie is a fictional character in C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia series. She is the youngest of the four Pevensie children, and the first to find the Wardrobe entrance to Narnia in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.
16 Susan Pevensie (The Chronicles of Narnia) Susan Pevensie is a fictional character in C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia series. Susan is the elder sister and the second eldest Pevensie child.
17 The White Queen (Alice in Wonderland)
18 Queen Elinor (Brave)
19 The Evil Queen (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs)
20 Jadis (The Chronicles of Narnia)
21 Queen Genevieve (The Princess and the Pauper)
22 Queen Tara (Epic)
23 Titania (A Midsummer Night's Dream)
24 Marceline (Adventure Time) Marceline the Vampire Queen is a fictional character in the American animated Cartoon Network television series Adventure Time, created by Pendleton Ward.
25 Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones) Sansa Stark is a fictional character created by American author George R. R. Martin. She is a prominent character in Martin's award-winning A Song of Ice and Fire series.
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