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1 Explode

Still needs a music video

2 Boom Clap

It's the best song I heard Charlie xcx sing.

This song is perfect in everyway. The lyrics are amazing and her singing is just perfect. The song also matches the film TFIOS perfectly and the video... God the video is just amazing. It was great seeing one of my fave singers in of my fave places!
Love it - its_lizxox

Eh e acabou - Joaopuffle1

3 Break the Rules

Really this should be number 2 after boom clap great song - bosssauce

This song is so catchy! Should be number 1 or 2 at least

I think this is one of the best Charli XCX songs

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4 You (Ha Ha Ha)

It should be 1 - RockStarr

5 Fancy
6 SuperLove
7 After the Afterparty
8 What I Like

This one needs to stay at number one.

9 Grins
10 Need Ur Luv

The Contenders

11 Hand in the Fire
12 Nuclear Seasons
13 Sucker
14 You're the One
15 Stay Away
16 So Far Away
17 Take My Hand
18 Lock You Up
19 Red Balloon
20 Breaking Up
21 Doing It
22 Gold Coins
23 Famous

This is my favourite catchy song, video is cool. Should be in top 5

24 Die Tonight
25 Caught In the Middle
26 Black Roses
27 Cloud Aura
28 Just Desserts

Lol,i thought this was in the Top 5

29 London Queen
30 Body of My Own
31 Hanging Around
32 I Love It
33 Boys
34 Out of My Head
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1. What I Like
2. Boom Clap
3. Fancy
1. Boom Clap
2. Break the Rules
3. Fancy
1. Boom Clap
2. You (Ha Ha Ha)
3. Fancy

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