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1 Prue Halliwell

After she left nothing was the same anymore

2 Piper Halliwell
3 Paige Matthews

Rose mcgowan is by far my favorite actress and all the girls I really love this show is the bomb

Yeah I rather Paige then Prue Because Paige is very funny. And she she can disappear she can go around the world anytime she wants. Prue is a bit moody.

4 Phoebe Halliwell

Yeah Phoebe Halliwell is my favourite character on Charmed. I wish Phoebe ended up with Cole and Phoebe is very beautiful and she is sweet / kind. I'm glad that Phoebe ended up with coop and then they have three beautiful daughters together maybe they have grandchildren/ great grandkids in the future? Phoebe was the only one of the sisters who had the power in the womb. Phoebe is a great beauty as well.

5 The Demon Barbas
6 Leo Wyatt
7 Darryl Morris
8 Chris Halliwell

Well he is a great character he was funny in one of the episodes when Phoebe becomes a genie and Chris made a wish that his parents slept together and what I mean by Chris is a funny character and pages face was disgusted by Chris wish that was a funny scene.

9 Cole Turner

I have to be honest I was disappointed that Cole left the show but I was glad he Returns for season 7 well he's only he was only in for one episode but I was hoping he would return for season 8 so he could end up with Phoebe and then they could get married again have half demon half witches kids and grandkids?

Cole is the best character on this show!

10 Grams (Penny Halliwell)

The Contenders

11 Penny Halliwell
12 Coop
13 P.J. Halliwell
14 Elizabeth Turner
15 Parker Halliwell
16 Victor Halliwell
17 Peyton Halliwell
18 Ben Turner
19 Melinda Warren
20 Charlotte Warren
21 Sam
22 Allen Halliwell
23 Gordon
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1. Prue Halliwell
2. The Demon Barbas
3. Paige Matthews
1. Prue Halliwell
2. The Demon Barbas
3. Chris Halliwell
1. Prue Halliwell
2. The Demon Barbas
3. Paige Matthews

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