Chase Davenport

Chase Davenport carreded my cheek gently as his soft eyes looked into my crystal pools. "Y/N" he said "today i will make love to you" I sobbed. Thats all i have ever wanted "BaesE-e" I chocked out will a sob. "arigato" to took my soft femeinie hands into his large manly calloused hands and lead me to his mothers bed. I kicked my shoes off and threw them at his sister as she watched sobbing. He ran over and judo flipped me on the bed. My arm snapped with a lot snap. "BAESES!!!!" i moaned out. "yea bby" he said through shut eyes. SUDEDENLy ahbulum walked in "Sup f***ers" he said. He bitched slap lil ol baeseies, "f***oong move bitch" he says. "ALBULUMUMUM," he chokes out "how could y-you" I flop around on the bed to get a full veiw of whats currently happening. Albuemum the hunking chunk stood over his f***ing p****y brother. Beasisisisisefbaie sobbed like a lil bitch under his brothers towering glory. Suddenly Ahlumbum turned to me, "sup f***er" he said in a thick southern (latina) accent. "U look so purty babe" I blush. I flip my broken arm towards him in an ovious show of arousel. Sudden Ahbelumim get so hard his 4 ft dick shots out a f***ing hits his brother in the face. Baehes cries out as it hits face and snaps his jaw.He schreeches but is clearly aroused. Alehbumbo looks over to me, his soft hair glistens in the low light of the room. The temperture hastnet dchanged but it feels 10 degrees (C) hotter. He swoons over swaggering his large hips as he walkeds. I moAn at the sight of the hot name. "Y/N...." he says "Your are so beautiful" "I did not hit her, i did not, its bulls***, its not true , i did not hit her, i did nawtttttttt." then he turns to noone but maybe god himself and says "Oh hi f*****" ... tbc(Billy Unger) is f***ing gay and abusive to his poor re3tarded brother, he should be fistshed and killed. Team leader and the second-youngest and a whore of the four. He has incredible intelligence and is so hot and is able to access a vast database of information at any time. Chase can take his weird incest fetish nad poses his poor black brother and his slave(Bree), poor adam has ptsd from this uwu. of his laser dildo a over his siblings with his override application in emergencies. He also has a magnetic app. His senses are extremely powerful, including extremely sensitive hearing and the ability to see through solid matter. He can also create force fields which can be used as a weapon by shrinking them into his hand before launching them. When growing too nervous or angry, he activates his commando app. This app causes Chase to glitch and produce Spike, a second personality who is rude and destructive. Spike has super strength, is almost as strong as Adam, and is skilled in hand-to-hand combat. A second glitch causes him to produce a sonic sneeze when his nose is irritated too much. One of his hidden powers is to manipulate energy around objects to freely move them, which he discovered in "Mission: Space". Another hidden ability is to levitate himself, which he revealed in "Bionic Showdown". Because of the actor who plays him, Chase is also very skilled in anal sex and hand-to-hand combat.

In "Brother Battle", Douglas gives Chase a new bionic ability: a bow staff that's also a laser, which he can create with his fist.

In "Bionic Showdown", it is revealed that Marcus' dad, Douglas, is Chase's creator and not Donald.

In "First Day of Bionic Academy", he becomes a mentor and trains Krane's soldiers to become heroes along with Adam and Bree. When Douglas created the Lab Rats, he was referred to as Subject C until Donald gave him a name.

He was known as Subject C because he was the third Lab Rat created.

By the end of the series, he and Bree take part in Donald's next experiment that involves working with superheroes, as seen in Lab Rats: Elite Force.

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