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1 Brixton Academy 2011

No wonder they had to release this on DVD and cd because it was the best performance by chase and status.
They performed a lot of tracks. (No problem/fool yourself/Eastern jam/smash to pieces/hypest hype/flashing lights were the best performances that night.

This was during the no more idols tour and no more idols is the best album by chase and status.
The only let down of the performance is that they didn't perform heavy because it is a proper rave song but still
It was the best performance by chase and status

Very good!

2 O2 Arena 2013

The new album brand new machine is cracking. Not as good as no more idols but absolute amazing.
Machine gun was the best performance during the show.

They still performed the songs from no more idols and more than a lot.
I hope it comes out on dvd.

3 Glastonbury Festival 2013

Everybody was raving like mad and they were bonkers
There was not one light that was not flashing, they just kept on flashing on and off.

They perform two new tracks from brand new machine which was heaven knows & lost and not found
Next time they are there, I am also going

4 Warriors Dance 2010

Finally they did a performance with plan b actually on the stage
When mc rage announced that plan b was going to be on the stage, everyone screamed.
He actually did really good.

5 Radio 1xtra Live 2013

It was absolutely amazing
They performed there new track count on me with a singer called moko

People were dancing and jumping around

6 Leeds Festival 2013
7 Glastonbury Festival 2011

That was one of my favourite performances ever

Keep making more cool music chase and status

8 Reading Festival 2013

One of the best performences ever in history.
The 3 new tracks they performed was amazing, wish I was there

This should be number 1 because it is absolutly amazing. My friend went there and he
Said it was the best thing ever.

9 Radio 1's Hackney Weekend 2012

What amazing stuff they did that day.

10 Radio 1's Fun Party 2012

It's amazing how much they did in just 1 day! - Silly

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11 Radio 1's Big Weekend 2013

It was the best performance for radio 1 this year

Such amazing music they make

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