Top 10 Chase and Status Songs


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1 Blind Faith

One of the best songs I've heard. Good running song, always makes me feel quite good, would strongly recommend.

Blind Faith, Pieces and Eastern Jam are the best. Flashing Lights, Streetlife and Take Me Away also deserve mentions.

Love the video-- oh happy days

This song is amazing. so good live as well

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2 Let You Go

Really good singer in this track. The video is also interesting. I like!

Fantastic song, Would definitely recommend this! Give it a try

Does this music video show what jeremy kyle might be in his normal life.
Let you go is the best song by chase and status.

I wish I could see them live.

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3 Time

This is amazing, how can anything else top it

It is the best chase and status song ever.

First time I heard it, I wanted to play it again and again! - PositronWildhawk

This song is by far the best!

Best chase and status song

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4 Fire in Your Eyes UListen to Sample
5 Alive

What.A. Tune. Song that got me into Chase and Status

Heard this live in Ibiza what a mash up

I feel So Alive

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6 Lost & Not Found

Love this tune

This is my favourite song! I'm shocked it isn't in the top 10

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7 End Credits

No other Chase & Status track hits the level that 'End Credits' reaches, powerful and epic... One of my favourite tracks of all time.

As awesome as Chase and Status are, nothing even comes close to End Credits! This is such a powerful song! Simply amazing

Smash T.V. has to be on this list... You're a muppet! If you hadn't at least got pieces on here I would have hunted you down!

Awesome song, love it to bits, would listen to it all day! Definitely recommended

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8 Brixton Briefcase UListen to Sample
9 International UListen to Sample
10 Pieces

Pieces, Eastern Jam, Saxon and Blind Faith are the best C^^S songs, followed closely by No Problem, Let You Go, Flashing Lights and Take Me Away

I just can't explain it.

It is just absolutly amazing, if you don't like this song
Then you have no soul because it is bad ass

Pieces is amazing

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11 No Problem

Awesome song, you don't need to be a fifa fan to understand that

It's a ace mental dance tune love it

The live version though

Bad ass song but creepy music video

12 Heartbeat
13 Hypest Hype

This song is kinda funny because how tempa t is singing. This is why I <3 tempa t and chase and status
Because they make really good songs. He sings very quick but I can actually sing it.

Great music

Lots of people listen, rave, download, sing and remix
Hypest hype is amazing.

14 Midnight Caller UListen to Sample
15 Flashing Lights

Such an underrated song! Absolutely incredible!

Even if I told you, I know you won't belive that this is the best song ever

Should be higher, absolutely brilliant!

Amazing, get this voted up

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16 Invadors Must Die
17 Hocus Pocus UListen to Sample
18 Sirens
19 Eastern Jam UListen to Sample
20 Embrace

Really good song and has a good beat to it..How did it not get in the charts?

1) Embrace 2) End credits 3) Smash T.V. 4) Let you go 5) Flashing lights 6) Count on me

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21 Count On Me UListen to Sample
22 Prayin
23 Death
24 Take Me Away

MY favorites! Great song by the best. Absolutely love it!

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25 Hurt You UListen to Sample
26 Is It Worth It
27 Saxon UListen to Sample
28 Hitz

Outstanding song, tinie tempah really fitted in the song and he had some pretty cool lyrics

No more idols is by far the best album by chase and status and my favourite album ever.

Tinie tempah really fitted in the song and it is cracking.
Love it.

I hope they make a new album, even though they have just made a new one but still.

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29 Streetlife UListen to Sample
30 Love's Theme UListen to Sample
31 Madhouse
32 Machine Gun

Brilliant song, Pusha T kinda ruins it but even with him its still amazing!

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33 Against All Odds

I prefer the Xample remix, but the original sounds great as well

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34 Pressure
35 Heavy UListen to Sample
36 Fool Yourself UListen to Sample
37 Judgement (Informer)
38 Top Shotta UListen to Sample
39 Music Club UListen to Sample
40 Big Man

Liam bailey is back with chase and status. More badass music
More people raving. I hope you go in very long

You make me love your music more everyday

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41 Can't Get Enough UListen to Sample
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