Top 10 Cheating Enemies In Mario Games

This top 10 list is about Mario enemies that found ways to cheat. When they cheat, they have a higher chance at stopping you. No bosses included.

The Top Ten

1 Dry Bone (Super Mario Bros 3)

This is an undead Koopa. If you stomp on the Dry Bone once, its bones will break into pieces. However, Dry Bones cheat by coming back to life! The bones reassemble together, and the Dry Bones return whole! This is one cheat...that will never die! - Super-Eric1993

Ah yes I remember - bobbythebrony

2 Angry Sun (Super Mario Bros 3)

A desert is a dangerous place to be with an Angry Sun. Instead of staying in its normal position, the Angry Sun cheats by leaving orbit and attacking with all its fury! - Super-Eric1993

And you can't kill it. Even if you hit it in star mode it'll come back after some time

3 Lakitu (Super Mario Bros) Lakitu, known in Japan as Jugem, is a fictional flying character in the Mario franchise. Created by Shigeru Miyamoto, it first appeared in the Nintendo Entertainment System video game Super Mario Bros., where it dropped enemies called Spinies on the stage.

The Lakitu is a big cheater! It avoids getting attacked by flying on a cloud. It also throws spiny eggs down to attack you. - Super-Eric1993

I HATED this guy! - Garythesnail

4 Ukiki (Super Mario 64)

He's... Not really an enemie. If you leave him alone he won't do a thing to you

This cheating monkey is best known for its trickery. If you're not careful, it'll steal your cap. Ukikis are nasty cheaters, even in Yoshi's Island games. - Super-Eric1993

5 Spike Top (Super Mario World)

It cheats by walking on walls and ceilings without falling to its doom. - Super-Eric1993

6 Sledge Brother (Super Mario Bros 3)

The Sledge Brother throws hammers slower than Hammer Brothers. So to make a quicker attack, it ground-pounds to make small earthquakes. That's how this enemy cheats. - Super-Eric1993

7 Circling Boo Buddies (Super Mario World)

When you look at a Boo, it'll be shy and won't move. If some Boos form a circle, then they won't be shy. Circling Boo Buddies cheat by forming a circle and attempt to scare you inside the circle. - Super-Eric1993

8 Pile Driver Micro-Goomba (Super Mario Bros 3)

This Micro-Goomba cheats by disguising itself as a brick block to fool you. - Super-Eric1993

9 Blue Lava Bubble (Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2)

Lava bubbles are meant to stay near lava by only jumping up and down. Blue Lava Bubbles cheat by leaving lava and bounce on land. However, they disappear after a while. - Super-Eric1993

10 Mr. I (Super Mario 64)

I hate how in hazy maze cave there are mr.I's that are in that small ledge areas t b a t it's practically impossible to kill those guys and so they make getting the 100 coin star that much more annoying

This is a big eyeball that can't move. In order for it to attack, it cheats by shooting bubbles (or lasers) out of its pupil. - Super-Eric1993

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