Top 10 Cheesy Jokes Relating to Video Game Characters

The Top Ten Cheesy Jokes Relating to Video Game Characters

1 Why does Ganon hate surfing the Internet so much? "There's too many Links" - Zelda
2 What is Captain Falcon's favorite drink? "Falcon Punch" - F-Zero

I love cheesy jokes, I love video games, this is both of those combined - Martinglez

3 What does Smash 4's announcer always order at Papa John's? "MASTERfully made pizza...AND...CRAAAZY bread!" - Super Smash Bros.
4 I'm not gonna "Raichu" a love song - Pokémon
5 What does Shulk say whenever he eats oranges? "I'M REALLY PEELING IT!" - Xenoblade
6 What is Lemon Bread's porn name? "Lemon Breasts" - Undertale


7 What is Little Mac's favorite type of hamburger? "Big Mac" - Punch-Out!
8 What do you call a genderbent Handsome Jack? "Handsome Jill" - Borderlands 2
9 How would Alphys describe what she goes through emotionally in her bathroom? "Draining the lizard" - Undertale
10 How did Cloud feel about being added into Smash Bros? "He was on Cloud nine" - Final Fantasy VII

Is that a Mang0 reference? - SmashBall

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11 What is Alphys' favorite type of ice cream? "Senpaice Cream" - Undertale

One of my favorite jokes from Alphys Höek, although I honestly don't know why the pun hasn't been used more often. - xandermartin98

12 What did all of the Quiet fanservice in Metal Gear Solid V do for you? "It most likely gave you a Solid Snake" - Metal Gear Solid
13 How would Sans describe the shipping of himself and Toriel? "Sansational" - Undertale
14 What did Joel's Papyrus voice do to my nostalgic heartstrings? "it Skele-tore at them" - Undertale
15 What do you call a skinnier version of Luigi? "Waluigi" - Super Mario Bros.
16 Where did Snowdrake's music career start? "At the bottom; now he's here." - Undertale
17 What would I consider wrong with Alphys' shipping community? "Oh, I would have to say a whole AMALGAMATION of things" - Undertale
18 Alphys' interspecies lesbian romance is to "Undyne" for - Undertale
19 What do you call someone who uses his frying pan as an umbrella? "He's dumb as a Brock" - Pokémon
20 What do you call Gordon Freeman with space armor? "Master Chief." - Halo
21 What would you call Chara if he suddenly turned into a chair? "Chaira" - Undertale
22 Undertale's plot twists are "Asriel" as it gets - Undertale
23 What time is it on Reyn's clock right now? "Reyn time!" - Xenoblade
24 What does Shulk say when he robs the local convenience store? "I'M REALLY STEALING IT!" - Xenoblade
25 What does Shulk say when he drives a car? "I'M REALLY WHEELING IT!" - Xenoblade
26 What does Little Mac prefer to call Doc Louis? "Big Black." - Punch-Out!
27 What is Luigi's favorite type of board? "A Weegee board" - Super Mario Bros.
28 How many women has Mettaton met? "He's met-a-ton!" - Undertale
29 What do you call a green version of Alphys? "Francis" - Undertale
30 What would be a good comedy film for FNAF? "Freddy Got Fingered For Five Nights" - FNAF
31 What would you call Mettaton if he suddenly decided to become Bayonetta? "Bayometta" - Undertale
32 What is Mettaton's favorite Super Smash Bros. Brawl character? "Metta Knight" - Undertale
33 What would you call an MLG version of Wreck-It Ralph? "Shrek-It Sniper" - Wreck-It Ralph
34 How do Koopas look up information on the Internet? "With their Internet Bowser" - Super Mario Bros.
35 "Nopon" intended - Xenoblade
36 Where do you go on the Internet to look up information about the Nopon culture? "Rikipedia" - Xenoblade Chronicles
37 How is the Metroid series doing right now? "It's right on the Axiom Verge of death" - Metroid
38 How does Captain Falcon pick up hot girls? "He uses his Falcon Dick" - F-Zero
39 How do most if not all of Samus' fans want to see her? "Zero Suited" - Metroid
40 How do you handle all of the emotional suffering that Final Fantasy VII brings? "Barret" - Final Fantasy VII
41 What happens to Sonic when he goes without fapping to R34 of his own franchise for too long? "He becomes blue-balled" - Sonic
42 What is Sonic's favorite side of a coin? "Tails." - Sonic
43 What do you become when you play the Genocide Run? "An interesting Chara-cter." - Undertale
44 What does Big Daddy refer to his penis as? "Big Momma" - BioShock
45 What kind of guy was Viewtiful Joe before he became a hot sexy superhero? "An average Joe." - Viewtiful Joe
46 What do you call a mobster Goomba? "a Goombah" - Super Mario Bros.
47 What type of attitude doe Conker take towards life? "He grabs it right by the Conkers." - Conker's Bad Fur Day
48 What does King Dedede think of Kirby R34? "He DeDeDeems it unacceptable." - Kirby
49 Who is Gordon Freeman's black cousin? "Morgan Freeman." - Half-Life
50 What doesn't rhyme with purple? "Waluigi" - Super Mario Bros.
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