Top Ten Chefs From Hell's Kitchen Season 8

The Top Ten

1 Nona Sivley

She won Hell's Kitchen so of course she has to be number one however, she deserved it. She was an underdog and was put up for elimination a lot of times however, everyone else fell in what was sort of a downward spiral bu tshe went the opposite way. Jillian did deserve to be in the final instead of Russel though and Nona probably would've had a lot more difficult time winning Hell's Kitchen.

2 Jillian Flathers

How is she not #1? She's better than Nona.

3 Trev McGrath

Trev earned my love and support but to be honest he had a few bad services. he was a great asset to both teams but his partners hated him and got him sent home although he earned a respectable fouth place

4 Russell Kook II

This guy was the best! He called out Rob for swearing at the prom committee students and sent him to have a smoke, was very nice towards Boris, Berated Nona for threatening to slap Trev, Stopped Rob from trying to start a fight with Vinny during his service to determine whether he wins and took his defeat with more grace than anyone else!

He may be a good cook, but he had a horrible attitude.

Russell does NOT deserve to be on this list. He was a complete douchebag to his team, but he is also a huge sore loser. Just listen to what he says after he loses in the finale.

He was the best chef their

5 Vinny Accardi
6 Gail Novenario
7 Sabrina Brimhall

Why is Sabrina on here? She was a complete bitch!

8 Louis Repucci
9 Rob McCue

Rob McCue!? More like Tub McPoo!

10 Boris Poleschuk

Boris wasn't that great, but he's better than some of these other chefs in a really weak season overall.

The Contenders

11 Lewis Curtis

This guy got robbed. He wasn't even that bad! Ramsay put him on the sushi station, knowing he couldn't do it, just so he could screw him over in order to keep Raj for a little longer.

12 Melissa Doney
13 Emily Kutchins
14 Lisa LaFranca
15 Antonia Boregman
16 Raj Brandston
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