Top Ten Chefs From Hell's Kitchen Season 4

The Top Ten

1 Petrozza

He probably would have one if it weren't for Jen!

Hands down the best contestant in Season 4's Ocean of mediocracy to down right abysmal

2 Christina Machamer
3 Bobby Anderson

Bobby had a great attitude and a cooking skill better than jen

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4 Corey Earling
5 Louross Edralin
6 Jen Gavin
7 Vanessa Gunnell

I don't agree with you that she is a great chef, she had good and bad moments. Unfortunately most of them were bad

She was a great chef! Too bad Shayna ruined her chances of winning.

8 Matt Sigel

This guy is one of the worst! His signature dish made Chef Ramsay puke, he served raw chicken to a kid, and he was a complete douchebag.

9 Shayna Raichilson-Zadok
10 Rosann Fama

Should not be in the top 5.

She's a talentless hack!

The Contenders

11 Sharon Stewart

Should not be in the top 10. Her performance on the show was poor.

12 Ben Caylor

No way. This guy is a piece of scum.

13 Bev Gavin
14 Jason Underwood
15 Craig Schneider
16 Dominic DiFrancesco
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