Top 10 Chefs from Hell's Kitchen Season 13


The Top Ten

1 La Tasha

Should be at the very top of the list

Delivered my favourite line ever in HK "Chef Ramsey's says we all been lackadaisical, when I found out what that means I'm gonna make sure I'm never lackadaisical again"

Worth a place in final - BogsDollocks

Good chef

2 Stirling

I believed him, deserved a black jacket in my humble opinion - BogsDollocks

Funniest contestants

He is 100, baby.

3 Jennifer

She was a good chef who thought through health issues but I don't think she was better than La Tasha

Was annoying

I think was unlucky with health issues.should have made final 2 - BogsDollocks

4 Bryant

Better than Jennifer

5 Santos

Looked like her stole the black jacket - BogsDollocks

Did not deserve black jacket

6 Sade Sade Helen Folasade Adu, known professionally as Sade Adu or simply Sade, is an English singer-songwriter, composer, arranger, and record producer.

Perhaps 2/3 years to soon - BogsDollocks

7 Fernando

Good cook not chef

8 Ashley

Poor lady

Voted off early but only due to team losing again in dinner service. Unlucky had potential - BogsDollocks

She deserved to get a black jacket over Roe..


9 Roe

So confident for some one so bad.

10 Steve

The Contenders

11 Katie

Came 13th but in this poll in starting her in the 10 because she is better than the men who got by due to circumstances - BogsDollocks

12 Denine
13 J.R.

JR - Just Ridiculous

14 Aaron
15 Kalen


16 Frank

Bad at fish

17 JP

JP-just pathetic

18 Janai

Can't even make risotto. Overcooks it and makes it look like baby food. - RAWdonRamsay

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