Top Ten Chefs from Hell's Kitchen Season 14

The Top Ten

1 Meghan Gill

One of the most consistent chefs on the show. She's definitely the type of person that Ramsay is looking for to lead the kitchen.

One of the best HK contestants ever! Ramsay definitely made the right choice to pick Meghan as Season 14 winner.

2 Milly Medley

Aside from his disgusting beard, he's definitely one of the best. A very talented chef with a lot of passion.

Should be in the final 2

Passionate, a decent leader, nice beard, and isn't afraid to owe up or point out mistakes. If he was in any other season in my opinion, he wouuld have won.

3 Torrece "T" Gregoire

Should not have been in the final, stole a chance from both Michelle and Milly - BogsDollocks

T is a extremely a good chef at Hell's Kitchen and I thought she won it

4 Michelle Tribble

Just got stronger and stronger and by black jacket time looked like more than a dark horse. Team never took seriously due to age but on the pass was the best in my humble opinion.

How T made the final over Michelle & Milly is baffling, I vowed to stop watching if t won it. - BogsDollocks

Loved her, she should of won.

5 Alison Rivera

Josh: Only gets sent home after five consecutive nominations.
Alison: One bad night: "You are not ready to be my next head chef."

6 Josh Trovato

I don't know about this one. He deteriorated in both cooking and attitude. He went from funny and charming to arrogant and delusional.

While I think he went home at the right time ("like a baboon"), he was definitely really energetic.

I was so sad when he went home, he was my favorite - MerlinHaynes

I actually liked Josh. Dunno, his arrogance is kinda charming to me.

7 Randy Bell

It's a real shame he went on a downward spiral later in the season. He could have been one of the top contenders.

I feel like chef made a mistake to let him go. He is an awesome and smart guy with great attitude. The best person & chef I have seen on hell's kitchen. I am just glad he is doing great now after the show.

8 Bret Hauser

It's a good thing he's skilled because he was one of the worst contestants attitude-wise.

Even though he was a sore loser during challenges, I don't remember his attitude showing up during service at all. In fact, I felt that he was sort of blossoming as a leader, but we didn't get to see him grow as much as say, Michelle, because of his back. - VultureOnAcid

Good leader - Fralee16

9 Nick Peters

Nick was kind of up and down, but he was a strong competitor.

10 Christine Hazel

The Contenders

11 Adam Livow

Decent Competitor - Fralee16

The most underrated Chef in Hell's Kitchen history

12 Sarah Baumert
13 Brendan Pelley
14 Mieka Houser
15 Cameron Spagnolo
16 Chrissa Schmerler
17 Michael Dussault

Michael very very useless and the worst mistake was hiding a burnig pan underneath the fish station

18 Monique Booker

An absolute joke. She used canned sauce for her signature dish, she was a weak link overall, had an awful attitude, and always acted like she was the victim.

They must, like in X factor auditions look for someone thick as pig muck for every season. Season 14 I give you Monique. - BogsDollocks

Using jar sauce to chef Ramsay is not a clever idea


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