Top Ten Best CHERUB Books

The Top Ten Best CHERUB Books

1 Class A

An amazing book, really gripping story line with good characters who you get attached to.

One of the darkest and coolest books I have ever read


The Book was so good I loved the characters and the way the story is told is amazing.

2 Mad Dogs

Best book in Cherub for me

haha penis

Should be number 2 - Ltune356

3 Brigands M.C.

Amazing book! James finally gets what he loves the most- a bike...

Great for a first CHERUB and thoroughly enjoyable throughout.

This is my favourite because Dante is a great character by this stage all the other characters are just arrogant and annoying.

4 The General

Got me back into the Cherub series

Its just the best

Gambling was the best

Should be at least number three although its not a proper mission.. its still a great book

5 Maximum Security

Dis da best cause Australia, and rat is cool smart real. And religion sucks xo

6 The Recruit

This is a great book, not the best in the series, but an amazing book. Whenever teens ask me for recommendations this is the first book I suggest - Ltune356

Mostly, the first of the series is ranked the best, but over here it's another case. Anyways, I agree with this list, and The recruit is AWESOME! - Woozaa

7 The Fall

This book is awesome and very wrong

8 Shadow Wave
9 Divine Madness

This deserves to be third alongside maximum security

Great book. The view from inside a cult is interesting, meeting rat is the best and the conclusion is epic.

10 The Sleepwalker

The Contenders

11 The Killing

Amazing book, should be no.3

12 Man vs Beast
13 Black Friday
14 New Guard

Amazing finale for the cherub series should be second

15 Lone Wolf
16 People's Republic
17 Guardian Angel
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