Top Ten Best Chess Tactics

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1 Skewer

Skewer is an awesome tactic of attacking two pieces with a long-range piece, with the more important piece (usually a king) in the front, forcing it to move so the other piece in the back is taken. Example would be when a bishop checks a king with a queen behind it in the same diagonal. The side that is skewered is forced to move the king and loses the queen.

2 Fork

This tactic is used by any piece, but most commonly by the knight and queen. The piece attacks two usually undefended pieces and will usually win one, especially if the king is checked at the same time.

A personal favourite (but not when my opponent does it! )

3 Double Check

A great check using a long range piece in a discovered attack while another piece also checks at the same time. It's really powerful because the king that is checked has to actually move.

I use the Double-Check tactic when I have 2 queens, 2-4 pawns, and 1 rock. It is very easy to use, even if it doesn't work, it does get you excited to win!

The best pieces to use, the QUEEN and the ROOK! (checkmate)

4 Zwischenzug

An interesting tactic that involves ignoring a threat to a certain piece or square to threaten something of value to the opponent. It's similar to the saying best defense = good attack.

5 Battery

Using two or three long range pieces backing up on a rank, file, or diagonal.

6 Pin

Used to get two pieces on a rank, file, or diagonal, so that the more important piece in the back is the main target, but it makes the less important piece problematic as if it moves, the back piece is attacked. An absolute pin happens if the king is in the back, because then the piece cannot move as the king would be in check.

7 Discovered Attack

A piece moves out of the way from a long range piece's view to attack what's behind it, sometimes threatening something else. Often a discovered check with the king behind it, or perhaps can even be a discovered defense if necessary.

8 Desperado

This tactic is a sacrificial one which a piece that will be captured basically will take whatever with it. It's a surprising tactic to fall victim to.

9 Deflection

This is usually a threat to an overloaded piece (one that has too much to handle) which removes its defense of something else.

10 Interference

Two pieces are working together by defending each other (say two rooks), but another piece gets in the way. The side that doesn't have the interference obviously used this to their advantage to win material.

I've used Interference many times before

The Contenders
11 Windmill
12 Steamroller
13 Sacrifice
14 Zugzwang

Zugzwang is a tactic that forces your opponent to have 1 or more moves left-but are all bad moves

15 Pawn Promotion
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