Best Child Actors & Actresses On Indian Television

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1 Siddharth Nigam

One of the most coolest young dude on television... you resemble Emperor Ashoka.. Fan of your acting skills

Siddharth Nigam is awesome! Love him!

I love your acting so much

Cool, Dashing, Smart, Handsome, Awesome and Superb actor.

It is in my bucket list that I wanna met him at least once in my lifetime.

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2 Faisal Khan

After mesmerizing the audience with his superb dance moves... He setting up bench marks in acting too..
Amazing talent... With such super expressions that too in his first show.. And he is so much in character that..
May god bless him and take him to amazing heights..
Keep it up Faisal..

Blowing and up to the point actor and dancer

Faisal Khan is pretty amazing but I feel that Dev Joshi deserves just as much as this. He is extremely amazing and deserves as many votes as possible.

Great dancer and actor

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3 Anushka Sen

She is cute and talented actor

Awesome, cute and lovely actress

Cute, hot and good actress

She’s awesome

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4 Dev Joshi

Bast and Cute child actor in television...

You have my vote Dev Joshi + I love your acting

Best child actor. Love you very x145668999742 much

You are cool and also handsome

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5 Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Oh! Jannat you are so so so so so so cute...

Jannat you are so cute... You are a great actress

Jannat I also want to be a great actress like you.

Jannat you are the most best Actress in the world

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6 Nidhi Bhanushali

She beautiful and gorgeous actress

Awesome actor and also has good fashion sense

You are so sweet nidhi

She is a good actor and she is very pretty

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7 Roshni Walia

You are best. keep it up

She is just fab and her acting is very impressive

You are the best.

Roshni is the best

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8 Bhavesh Bhalchandani

Very cute, cool and handsome actor

Very cute and handsome child actor

I love you bhavesh

Cool,dashing,smart, handsome, awesome and superb actor

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9 Yugvijay Tiwari

He's so nice that he even replies me on Facebook so I vote for him he is very kind.

He's better than the others. I believe he's a nice person. Talks nicely. Just wanna met him once in a life seriously.

I like his looks cute and handsome and the way he sings in English accent! Is awesome...

I think it's Yugvijay only? He removed Tiwari last year right?

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10 Amrita Mukherjee

The show"Bade Achhi Lagte Hain" became more famous after her entry.

The Newcomers

? Aakriti Sharma

She is cute confident pretty girl from kulfi kumaar bajewala

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11 Tunisha Sharma

Beautiful actress

Beautiful actor. good acting in fitoor

Tuni is so cute.

Tuni so cute.loved your acting in Fitoor

12 Reem Sameer Shaikh

You are so cute reem

Best child actress on indian television

She is so so cute

You are so cute

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13 Vishesh Bansal

The most talented actor

You are great actor

He has done many roles and is famous for his role as Budhha as Buddha and Addu in "Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha".

14 Sparsh Khanchandani

Best of luck sparsh love you

Very naughty girl in parvarish serial, cutee naughty

She has worked as young Iccha in "Uttaran". she was even seen in the movie "Meena:Half The Sky. sparsh had played the character of Raashi in "Parvarish" and she was also seen in "Dil Mil Gaye" as Sweety.

15 Ashnoor Kaur

she rocks

So cute

16 Avneet Kaur

She is the cutest child actress

I love you avneet

Sooo cute best ever and loooking awesome and best child actress ever I had seen

17 Rudra Soni

Cute actor and also handsome

Your. Acting is good

Smart and handsome actor

Rudra soni will provide tension to all bollywood celeb in future

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18 Bhavya Gandhi

You are genius and very intelligent. You were so cute when you were little. You are great

You are very handsome & intelligent and also a very good actor.

He is very cute he is the 1 St best Actor in India television for me

I love tmkoe and you

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19 Sadhil Kapoor

Good n sexy acting

He is best

This chubby actor played the role of Ganesh in Life Ok's "Mahadev".

20 Ishita Panchal

She has worked as baby tapasya in uttaran. worked in many films like rama the saviour, bhoot n friends, ek vivahaisa bhi. Serials like naginn, woh rehne wali mehlon ki, amber dhara

21 Shruti Bisht

You are so cute&preety. I love your acting. Your smile is very nice. Love you my cute friend

U are cute and nice



22 Namit Shah

I saw him in Baalveer and Suite Life Of Karan And Kabir. He was so cute in that.

Namit is best no one is like namit I love him me bestiii

He is an amazing actor...Lukn' very cute in Suite Life of Karan and Kabir! Have done a very good job as Harry Ahuja!

I love his acting he is so cute and sweet he cho cute in the suite life of kabir and Karanas kabir and baal veer as jai veer and also goldie ahuja matric pass as harry ahuja

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23 Ritika Badiani

She is a beautiful actress

24 Aditi Bhatia Aditi Bhatia

Shes full of grace looks

25 Naman Jain
26 Sumedh Mudgalkar

Superb dancer and actor with great looks and a charming voice. The best ever. Love you!

Amazing dancer as well as actor!

He is the cutest...and a gifted artist

I love you!

27 Ruhanika Dhawan

Your smile is really very cute and sweet.

Excellent acting skills...

I love you Ruhi

I really love you ruhi I always watch your show yhm

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28 Sushmita Sen Sushmita Sen Sushmita Sen is an Indian film actress, model and the winner of the Miss Universe pageant of 1994. Sen was the first Indian to win the crown.
29 Aakash Nair

He is good actor

He is a good actor. Looking so nice.

30 Sparsh Shrivastav

Sparsh is such a nice actor. His acting was awesome in Shake It Up and Fear Files, he should not be on 26 position but on 1 position. Shake It Up is my favourite show. He looks very handsome.

U R Awesome Sparky. U R My Favourite Actor.

I love you your dance and acting

Your comedy acting was Impressive in Shake it up, U as a young charles in Maha Kumbh was the best and your rude acting in Balik Vadhu as Kunda was the Best Ever

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31 Uswa Anwar

She is the best child actor ever she is so so so cute

32 Arshifa Khan

She is the best actor, she is cute little pretty girl.. Smart girl she is

The best child actress I know is arshifa one of my friend

33 Gracy Goswami

She is best and cutest actor.

She is cutest actress in T.V. show

34 Ananya Agarwal

She is cute. She is so lucky to be a child actress.

35 Aashika Bhatia Aashika Bhatia

She is really talented girl 👧
Better than any other girl child actress

36 Shubh Kalra
37 Darsheel Safary
38 Ojas Godatwar
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