Best Child Actors & Actresses On Indian Television

The Top Ten Best Child Actors & Actresses On Indian Television

1 Siddharth Nigam

No Words Siddharth Nigam
One and only Sid...
Believe in yourself...

His flexibility is so unique, he acts very expressively and he will always be an innate actor. BE THE ONE AND ONLY.

He is a really good actor and is shining so brightly at such a young age. Being both gymnast and an actor, I appreciate him a lot and hope for his best

One of the most coolest young dude on television... you resemble Emperor Ashoka.. Fan of your acting skills

2 Anushka Sen

Your smile is adorable
Keep smiling
What you want in your life you achieve that

She is cute and talented actor

Ansuhka is very very talented and beautiful she is just adorable in this world...May god she will our next generation miss universe and star in the world.

Awesome, cute and lovely actress

3 Dev Joshi

Yes he is unique from all child actors and actresses because when I visited his instagram account I found that everything related with life hope possibilities and feelings

Best, honest. Hardworking, deserves the first place. He is loyal to his fans always

He is the most wonderful person and future biggest super star

Amazing fabulous and handsome and very hard working actor I love all you dev

4 Jannat Zubair Rahmani

Your beautiful and you get everything what you want in your life
Amazing acting and expression

She is the best... Always wowed us with her performance. She is Such a good actress. I just love her acting and everything she does

LIke a goddess more beautiful among all other child actress

She is most beautiful and cutest girl in the universe...
She is in my heart..
Jannat is my love.
I had never seen like Jannat
She is you Jaanu

5 Faisal Khan

His dancing is just wow,I think that he will the next winner of world dance championship.

After mesmerizing the audience with his superb dance moves... He setting up bench marks in acting too..
Amazing talent... With such super expressions that too in his first show.. And he is so much in character that..
May god bless him and take him to amazing heights..
Keep it up Faisal..

Blowing and up to the point actor and dancer

Faisal Khan is pretty amazing but I feel that Dev Joshi deserves just as much as this. He is extremely amazing and deserves as many votes as possible.

6 Avneet Kaur

Avneet kaur is most beautiful talented intelligent honest cute awesome and my favourite actress

Means you are as much as we say your beaty your smile. I with that may you be my sister

Most beautiful she is like my girl friend so I amaze that both are twins avneet is indian beauty she is my beauty. Avneet is most beautiful. I want spouse like avneet mind it like avneet

She is the cutest child actress

7 Nidhi Bhanushali

She beautiful and gorgeous actress

Awesome actor and also has good fashion sense

She is a good actor and she is very pretty

You are so sweet nidhi

8 Ashnoor Kaur

I am your big fan
You are so cute and your acting is amazing
I like your dressing πŸ₯°

She should be the first one

Adorable girl and also hardworking in her real life

Beautiful & talented girl.

9 Tunisha Sharma

Beautiful actress

Most prettiest and cutest actress

She is nice

Tuni is so cute.

10 Reem Sameer Shaikh

She's like, so pretty, so talented and she has a very nice behaviour as well. And I'm saying that because I know as I've personally met her and seen that she's wonderful. Seeing her in reality shows, with different characters doesn't really define her. She is very different and realistic and my most favourite actor. Love you lots, Reem.

She is the most epic child actor I have ever seen
She is as beautiful as her so as her acting skills
She has a bright future ahead
Love you reem

Beautiful reem sameer shaikh.& number 1 best actress

Beautiful reem

The Contenders

11 Roshni Walia

You are best. keep it up

She is just fab and her acting is very impressive

You are the best.

Roshni is the best

12 Shivam Roy Prabhakar

The one and only actor who talk nicely to everyone love you sir

No doubt he is a fabulous actor and has a dynamic personality. Best as always.

He is the best of all. He always talk nicely. I have met him many times. He is really down to earth person. Overall he is the best.

He should be always on top as I read about his struggle in an interview and a very good actor as well.

13 Amrita Mukherjee

The show"Bade Achhi Lagte Hain" became more famous after her entry.

14 Bhavesh Bhalchandani

Very cute, cool and handsome actor

Very cute and handsome child actor

I love you bhavesh

Cool,dashing,smart, handsome, awesome and superb actor

15 Sumedh Mudgalkar

Instagram followers are always not the talent. Sumedh's talent is apart from others. He is so talented. Fit in every role, made for film industry. Born to be famous. A real, transparent and kind hearted person.

He is extremely talented and hardworking.
The cutest and genuine of all.

Sumedh is the best.
I love you sumedh
Because of his acting Radhakrishn is one of the best serial in India

Superb dancer and actor with great looks and a charming voice. The best ever. Love you!

16 Arshifa Khan

I like your innocent smile and your tik tok videos are awesome

Arishfa is a cutie pie and has a kind heart with a little childishness.

She is my favourite girl and my inspiration cute beautiful tarditinol love you arishfa

She is the best actor, she is cute little pretty girl.. Smart girl she is

17 Yugvijay Tiwari

He's so nice that he even replies me on Facebook so I vote for him he is very kind.

He's better than the others. I believe he's a nice person. Talks nicely. Just wanna met him once in a life seriously.

I like his looks cute and handsome and the way he sings in English accent! Is awesome...

I don't much know about the other actors nominated so I 100% vote for yugvijay tiwari.

18 Aditi Bhatia

You are a mind blowing and your beautiful and cute
Amazing acting skills

Shes full of grace looks

Funny, cheerful and nice human
Love your smile

Very good looking

19 Deshna Dugad

Simple and very innocent smile, effective performance and refreshing talent

Very nice performance also she is very cute and photogenic face god BLESS her for her future

She is very cute and innocent. Best child actress. No attitude and dedicated towards her profession.

She is really very hard-working and extremely beautiful I know that very well as I am her class teacher.She very well knows how to manage studies and her career

20 Rudra Soni

Your. Acting is good

Cute actor and also handsome

Smart and handsome actor

He is so handsome and I always adore him

21 Bhavya Gandhi

You are genius and very intelligent. You were so cute when you were little. You are great

You are very handsome & intelligent and also a very good actor.

He is very cute he is the 1 St best Actor in India television for me

I love tmkoe and you

22 Vishesh Bansal

The most talented actor

I love you as Surya putra KARNA excellent work

You are great actor

He has done many roles and is famous for his role as Budhha as Buddha and Addu in "Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha".

23 Sparsh Khanchandani

Best of luck sparsh love you

Very naughty girl in parvarish serial, cutee naughty

She has worked as young Iccha in "Uttaran". she was even seen in the movie "Meena:Half The Sky. sparsh had played the character of Raashi in "Parvarish" and she was also seen in "Dil Mil Gaye" as Sweety.

24 Aashika Bhatia

She is pretty girl in the world

She is a talened actress and one of the best tik-toker

Nice tiktoks

She is really talented girl πŸ‘§
Better than any other girl child actress

25 Ishita Panchal

She has worked as baby tapasya in uttaran. worked in many films like rama the saviour, bhoot n friends, ek vivahaisa bhi. Serials like naginn, woh rehne wali mehlon ki, amber dhara

26 Ritika Badiani

Your beautiful face and your confident is good in acting
Keep it up!

She is a beautiful actress

27 Sadhil Kapoor

Good n sexy acting

He is best

This chubby actor played the role of Ganesh in Life Ok's "Mahadev".

28 Namit Shah

Namit is best no one is like namit I love him me bestiii

I saw him in Baalveer and Suite Life Of Karan And Kabir. He was so cute in that.

He is an amazing actor...Lukn' very cute in Suite Life of Karan and Kabir! Have done a very good job as Harry Ahuja!

I love his acting he is so cute and sweet he cho cute in the suite life of kabir and Karanas kabir and baal veer as jai veer and also goldie ahuja matric pass as harry ahuja

29 Shruti Bisht

You are so cute&preety. I love your acting. Your smile is very nice. Love you my cute friend

U are cute and nice


love you

30 Sushmita Sen Sushmita Sen is an Indian film actress, model and the winner of the Miss Universe pageant of 1994. Sen was the first Indian to win the crown.

Great human

31 Tara Sutaria

Tara is a singer,dancerand actor. She had worked in oye Jassi, the suit life of Karan and Kabir. She debut in 2019 with Student of the year 2

Jawani song

32 Adaa Khan

Where do I start from... Just love the way you are specially your smile
Keep smile you will always be blessed and supported

She is very beautiful girl

Adaa Khan is Super Gorgeous as Always and We Love her in Naagin as Shesha and We Loved her Character Kaali Naagin, In Positive Role also and Negative Role also, She Rocks Always On Television, and She Is Best Actress in This List 😘

33 Mallika Singh

I thik she is in number 20 she is the most cutiest in the world I like her very much

Most cute
Mine favourite
The cutest in universe

34 Naman Jain
35 Darsheel Safary

Number 1 actor

36 Gracy Goswami

She is best and cutest actor.

She is cutest actress in T.V. show

37 Aakriti Sharma

You are Awesome AAKRITI

She is awesome and I love her acting in kulfi kumar bajewala

She is cute confident pretty girl from kulfi kumaar bajewala

Aakriti is very beautiful. Her acting is fabulous.😘😘😍😍 Her show is also very nice..😚😚

38 Jacqueline Fernandez Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan actress, model, and the winner of the 2006 Miss Universe Sri Lanka pageant.

The most beautiful person on earth

Adorable, superb, cute,girl,acting was ek no

39 Surbhi Jyoti Surbhi Jyoti is an Indian television actress. She is known for her five roles in the TV series Qubool Hai.

Surbhi had worked in qubool hain in zee T.V.
The show was one of the best show in that show she had done 5 roles.She is famous from the name of Zoya. She had also worked in Ekta Kapoor's Naagin series. She is known as naagrani,Bela Sehgal,roohi.
Her nickname is fruiti

40 Ananya Agarwal

She has great acting ability in movies and T.V. shows and she will become a great actress in future I wish she become top actress

She is cute. She is so lucky to be a child actress.

41 Myra Singh

You are so cute and adorable child
You should achieve something in your life

She is very cute
Her role Amyra in Kulfi

Sooo cute yr, love you so much

42 Divyansh Dwivedi

Young child artist
Best child comedian

Best Comic timings

43 Shanaya Kapoor

She is the daughter of actor Sanjay Kapoor. She is a good friend of Suhana Khan and Ananya Pandey. Her cousins are Sonam Kapoor Ahuja, Rhea Kapoor, Arjun Kapoor,Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor.

44 Shivangi Joshi

She is the best actor in television industry ❀️😍 we loves you shivangi joshi.. Your acting such wonderful in my favourite show Yeh rishta kya kehlata... My favorite jodi... #kaira❀️

45 Ruhanika Dhawan

Your smile is really very cute and sweet.

Excellent acting skills...

I love you Ruhi

She is very cute and she does very good acting
she is very intelligent

46 Aakash Nair

He is good actor

He is a good actor. Looking so nice.

47 Sparsh Shrivastav

Sparsh is such a nice actor. His acting was awesome in Shake It Up and Fear Files, he should not be on 26 position but on 1 position. Shake It Up is my favourite show. He looks very handsome.

U R Awesome Sparky. U R My Favourite Actor.

I love you your dance and acting

You're the Best Love Your Acts

48 Shubh Kalra
49 Uswa Anwar

Respect all Artist

She is the best child actor ever she is so so so cute

50 Ojas Godatwar
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