Top Ten Child Appropriate Vine Users

Another list guys! These people are better for your children.

The Top Ten

1 Thomas Sanders


Best EVER! - PhoenixAura81

Thomas Sanders is just awesome in general, and his Stewie impression is great!

He's like the best vinah

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2 Amymarie Gaertner

Her dancing sucks. I hate her.

Her dancing is actually good. This girl is EXTREMELY pretty and smiles all the time and inspires other people to follow their dreams. What can you not like about her other than her dancing? But it's your opinion. - JaysTop10List

3 Eh Bee
4 Christian DelGrosso

Christian is an awesome viner, but he's not child appropriate. - MontyPython

He f bombs why is he here? - Milkmustache

5 Jerome Jarre

He is awesome but pretty inactive - Milkmustache

6 Brandon Bowen

Not anymore... - JaysTop10List

7 David Lopez

Kids wont get Juan jokes, but at least he doesn't swear - rankist

HOW IS HE NOT NUMBER ONE?! (Or 2. Thomas Sanders is funny.) - dipperpinesfangirl618

8 Batdad
9 Aaron Doh

He is HILARIOUS plus his vines would appeal to children with all the yelling/screaming/noise - Milkmustache

10 Joel Johansson

The Contenders

11 Brent Rivera

I love the way that he doesn't curse

12 Meghan McCarthy
13 KingBach
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