Top Ten Child Friendly Minecraft Youtubers


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181 Yogscast

They Cuss more than a Full Irish Bar

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182 Strawberryjam

... He made a strip club in cube smp though BUT he is a good YouTuber

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183 Bluemonkey

He never cusses and is just so funny!

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184 Exluto

He never swears in any of his videos

185 Logodotzip V 2 Comments
186 Tobuscus

He does say the h word but besides that I love him. I'm not gay. He makes awesome songs like mine the diamond.

He is so strange and random and funny and I love him!
Toby is the only person I know who would sing about a nugget in a biscuit.

187 PeanutButterGamer

He does do Minecraft, if you want proof, search his second channel PBGameplay. He only went far as the crap word.

188 direwolf20

He plays Minecraft and so kid friendly there has been nothing on his channel kids can't watch dire is amazing!

189 EvenTube Gaming

Don't like his channel very much but he does t cuss so that's good.

Doesn't not does t

Why is he on 133? HE IS A KID

There childfrendly he docent curse the main person is a cchild so is another one

190 Aureylian

Why is she ranked so low, she does swear on a few videos. Mostly where she rages or gets scared, but know one is perfect I mean give her a break CaptinSparklez is higher than her and he has cursed way more, just saying!

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191 JackFrostMiner

How he should be number 1 he is the and I started watching his channels yesterday took me a while to hear about him but I have watched 3 whole series already and he is awesome if you consider dang it as a bad word then too bad he says it it's not that bad

Completely clean and has an awesome personality!

His survival series are amazing

Do not say he is horrible he's awesome

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192 Frithgar

Quite new I think but he's got funny stuff on there and never heard him swear!

Never swears, whole family Minecraft videos also some other games

193 Poetplays

Poet does not always say bad words just sometimes I think he is ok.

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194 SnakeDocterChannel V 1 Comment
195 FearADubh

He is EPIC, never swears, only in his videos that he first started in, but know he is REALLY kid friendly. If you are interested, he is best friends with IBallIsticSquid and sort of stampy and they do videos together!

Stay cheesy bro love your new channel

I have never heard him swear.

He is awesome

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196 Miranda Sings

She is more kid appropriate then ihascupqauke. So what shes acting she is kid appropriate and if someone says something inappropriate then she says "first of all watch your language" then she would say second of all and what they were focusing on.

Nobody even knows who this person is. Nobody cares.

She never said a bad word she is kid friendly

She has really stupid stuff

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197 Chrisandthemike V 1 Comment
198 Biggs87x
199 CarFlo V 1 Comment
200 Shannon & Candace

The female version of Good Mythical Morning. Both are kid friendly and are recommended.

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