Top Ten Child Friendly Minecraft Youtubers


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201 kawaiisweetworld
202 AsherAwesome TV V 1 Comment
203 The Minebox

I watched his videos! I don't think there is curse words but he is Family Friendly! I guess kids watch him! He so child friendly!

205 Tilly08
206 Caley2325
207 PowerChordGames

He is an absolutely awesome guy! You've probably never heard of him because he's not a very popular YouTuber, mainly because he doesn't upload as frequently as others on YouTube. He NEVER swears, like literarily never he doesn't even say words like damn or hell, but he does say the word crap. He is child friendly too and he mostly plays Minecraft and other games too like Need for Speed, Drive Club, The Amazing Spider Man, Mario Kart 8, and... If he ever manages to upload a video of a rated M game, like Skyrim or Tomb Raider, or a game that can be sort of inappropriate for kids, he gives a warning in the beginning of the video, saying parents strongly caution and stuff like that. What are you waiting for? Go subscribe to him and make him one of the most popular YouTubers out there because in my opinion, he totally deserves it. He also makes high quality videos!

208 CraftingMods
209 Vanossgaming

Just awesome but doesn't play Minecraft and swears all the time

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210 Spacetime Adventure

Cutest Minecraft couple! They never swear! And are very positive fun and creative! Even their comments sections are kept clean. Very good content especially there Spacetime series. So good!

Max & Suzie are awesome! They are so engaging with their fans and their survival stories are so cool

211 HeyImBee

HeyImbee is very funny and she just reached 200k a few weeks ago

Bee or Bianca is very child-friendly and NEVER swears, when she edits her videos she makes sure bad words are blocked out

Awesome person


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212 Idiocity Duffy

He may not be famous but he is kid friendly he dose not have good equipment but I've never heard him cuss and will post content for all ages

213 KyliePlaysMc
214 The diamond DUO

Very child friendly. Doesn't curse ever The diamond DUO are children who want to entertain all children.

215 ChooChoosGaming

I can't believe that this guy isn't 3rd he only swore in his lepra play series but that was his 1st ever series he is Irish

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216 jrh724

Cool as can be!

217 Bluejaydave
218 Seven Snow (Seven3117g)

He is like a bit of Amish and other Minecraft YouTubers. He maybe just starting out, but he's against swearing for shure. He trays uploading as much as possible

219 Khi Brown

Never heard of them before

220 CoCo Productions
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