Top Ten Child Friendly Minecraft Youtubers


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221 stephanieplays

She's funny, nice, loves everyone, doesn't cuse, listen to people in the comments

222 Parzival Gaming

So coolnever swears he does different types of gaming other than one thingHE IS COOL

223 Azzman V 2 Comments
224 Sacconejolys

I know they don't play Minecraft but they are really child friendly
one time johnathan sweared but he bleeped it out that was only one time

225 Charlie Classic
226 Little Carly Minecraft

She's a little like little kelly

She is awesome and has many adventures with friends

She is the same like little Kelly

V 4 Comments
227 TheGamingLemon

I love watching TheGamingLemon he's so funny, but I wouldn't say he's family friendly because he does swear. Anyway I think he's great.

Plays a lot of games but swears in every kind of way but funny

V 1 Comment
228 Grazer10

Grazer10 is an awesome YouTuber he plays with thinknoodles, he plays Minecraft hide and seek.

He is amazing he makes me laugh and I would recommend watching him, "Oh and subscribe to him he is incredible.

229 Jumbo

Jumbo does not play Minecraft but he plays agario and if you don't know what agario is, it's a really addictive game that you should check out, anyway, Jumbo is incredible at agario and you should check him out and subscribe to his channel.

Jumbo says bad words only if he dies at agario but he only says the f word time to time but he never talks in his videos because he only plays music through the whole video

230 Mike7493
231 TheGamingBeaver

I mean, he is entertaining and is a pretty good famed but her is a tiny bit inopropriate, he says a lot of things that kids should not watch, but he would be a favorite for a tween or teen

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232 Juan Gabriel Claravall V 1 Comment
233 Cutiepiemarzia V 1 Comment
234 Oswaldo Olivares V 2 Comments
235 Kaliedow V 1 Comment
236 Mousie
237 Seejaykay Gaming V 2 Comments
238 Kubz Scouts V 3 Comments
239 TheOrionSound V 2 Comments
240 HuskyMudkipz V 2 Comments
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