Top Ten Child Friendly Minecraft Youtubers


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241 MasaeAnela

Of course most of this list are bad minecraft youtubers. - somelifeonaplanet

242 O-Diggity Dog

He Is a Great Youtuber He doesn't curse he never gives up and even when he is losing he still is Happy - CoolGuy54

243 MiniMe53107

It's me so he is awesome! - MiniMe53107

244 Smosh

Always curses and shows censored things and talks about inappropriate things. Still good though!

Smosh is not family friendly, but older viewers may get a kick out of it.

Worst inappropriate says curses they should not even be on the list #SMOSHISTHEWORST

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245 Zexy Zek

Super funny and a kid friendly

He sounds cool ill watch him

A kid friendly Minecrafter

Sexy sex

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246 TobyGames

So funny, never says bad words, super kid friendly but just as funny to adults, like the SpongeBob of YouTubers really.

Your videos are cool

Ow some his the best

He is a hoe

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