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41 Ash Duhp

Ash should be In the top 10 with his friend Squid because he never swear however mad he gets at a game. Plus everyone who loves Squid, loves Ash to. Ash plays many games such as Minecraft, Roblox and many more. Ash and Squid are a great team when it comes to gaming together. Plus, he is a Block of CHEESE. Who wouldn't want that?

Ash is good with squid because there are a team. Ash is almost good at parkour, death run is fun when he is around with cheese on his head. Build battle is good when squid is around because they link there ideas together and that is how they win.

He's a block of cheese! He makes funny jokes and makes videos people of all ages can watch. Your hearing this from a ten year old.

Ash does not swear

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42 Ashleymarieegaming

Mild cussing but other wise great content keep up the good work!

There were a few videos where her friends cuss though...

She says no bad words

AcidicBlitzz's girlfriend :) I don't watch her videos, but I watch Acidic Blitzz's (Justin). His videos are amazing, but he does swear.

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43 MinecraftUniverse

I'M looking for child friendly YouTubers and this guy is top notch

Super fun and kid friendly too. Totally for all ages.

He is awesome and super child friendly

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44 Cooper Davis

He's so funny and the best

45 ThatKaiGuy

ThatKaiGuy is family friendly and he never curses or says mean things. All his videos are clean and he is very funny! Sometimes, he gets a little hyper, which is hilarious! - LeanneMcLee

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46 Generikb

Heard him cuss twice - "Damn." Most of the time he uses creative and funny alternatives for names. He has a lot of really interesting, new series going on and is constantly uploading videos. Really great guy in real life too.

He does not swear but has a YouTuber bud who's screen name is bdouble0100 who swears occasionaly

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47 MagmaMusen

I love MagmaMusen! He has some of the most creative builds and he does so many cool things with minecraft blocks! He never curses, so he is definitely one of my favorites.

He doesn't talk he just writes chat on the videos I love him he teaches you so many things and he never swears or puts swears in it.

Magma Musen does not talk in his videos, but his videos are so awesome! Every single week I click on his channel waiting for a new video to come out. In his videos he only uses a text boxes (Mostly orange and black). Love him/her.

He is the 2nd best child Minecraft YouTuber of all time - Sausagelover99

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48 Aphmau

She doesn't really ever swear. She can teach kids imagination with her different role play adventures that she creates.

She only swears when she has too read the words to something but otherwise she is kid appropriate.

I love her but, she don't deserve to be in 53 she has to be in like 12 or 11.She is kid friendly and kid appropriate.

Aphmau changed my life... love you aphmau 😘😘

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49 JemmaPlaysMc

Commenting her to move PewDiePie down 99 spots.

DanTDM's wife. I think that she has stopped uploading. She is very kid friendly

DanTDM's wife. If she's dans wife then she most likely doesn't swear

I love her so much

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50 VenturianTale

They are awesome and kid friendly but they play violent and inappropriate games

WHY ONLY 31?!?! Out of all the YouTubers I've watched, venturian is the only one to turn a sketchy and violent game into a funny game and kid friendly game, but don't go to episode 91 of his fallout 3 series, the only one where he curses that I can remember. but that is the only one. and it's fairly old.

He should be number 1 because he has NEVER sworn in his life ever! Sometimes it may sound like it but He isn't. Understand me!?!?!?!

He will never ever swear! But the game will...

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51 ItsJerryAndHarry

I love these guys SO much! But I wouldn't call then family friendly... Awesome YouTube channel though!

I'll subscribe to them if I get a YouTube account. I showed one of their videos to some relatives once.

How are they kid friendly! The charaters swear a lot and 30% of their speech are expletives! - MChkflaguard_Yt

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52 Rosie833

I love rosie she my idol when I get a YouTube channel she doesn't swear or curse

Same thing as finnball stampy squid amy and more doesn't swear

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53 Snake Doctor 73 V 2 Comments
54 MoreTDM

He is so nice and funny and does not swear at all

It's so funny lil pugs

Dan is the best tuber ever

He's DanTDM he's great

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55 Pink Sheep

He is the best. He is really funny and he never swears

He NEVER swears and he is made my Exploding TNT his videos make me Lol all the time so he is great also #PranksterGangsterNation!

PinkSheep does swear.


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56 Jacksepticeye

He is not kid-friendly. He swears quite a lot, but his videos are really cool.

This guy is not child-friendly. I do not watch him my brother does and he is older than me and he says to me not to watch him because he swears quiet a bit.

Jack is the best in the entire world I watch him every day I even got to the point were I say repeat his introduction


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57 Thnxcya

Thnxcya is one of the best! He nearly never curses and it's not bad at all! He should be at like 5 or something! GO TEAM FANCY LANTERNS!

I love this guy his slime rancher videos or so funny I recamennd this channel KID FRIENDLY!

Thnxcya is a very friendly, British YouTuber who is just straight out pleasant to watch.

Thnxcya is pretty good but I like thinknoodles and danTDM better

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58 LogDotZip

He has only sworn once on his channel I believe and he put a warning in the video's title. Overall a very funny, entertaining, and kid friendly channel!

I have never seen him swear ever. He's even AGAINST non-family-friendly content if you look at his vLogDotZip update video. Speaking about that video, that's the only video where there's swear words. But it was the server players' fault.

He did curse a few times one video but he put a warning

How... he is the best minecraft youtuber better then preston playz he barly clicks bait

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59 ItsFunneh

She has an Excellent YouTube channel

It's funneh. Is awesome she never cussed ever I love her videos!


Is kid friendly never heard her cus at all

Has a cool Minecraft Yander High

Has a super cute Minecraft DayCare I LOVE her channel

60 blitzwinger

Uploads daily and doesn't swear and friendly

He is really funny in every game he plays

I love How he does LBA (Lego Brick Adventures) Where he Fully Completes The Lego Game.

He's a pretty cool person he gets you interested in new video games when I watched his first skylander trap treat video I fell in love with skylander games!

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